It's a pleasure to welcome Saint Bengt of the Church of the Third Revelation:

My real first name is Bengt, and all I wanted was for the lad to send me a picture of him holding a sign that said "In Bengt We Trust."

... I did actually call both "Harrison" and "Pastor David" several times via Skype (I made sure to call around 3am SA time), and the country code was South Africa. They had different numbers, but it was obviously the same person that answered. This led to a really interesting dynamic, because my relationship with each persona was different...

All in all, it was an interesting and entertaining experience. Since then I've had about 5 more hit me up. Maybe I'll start a photo album?

- I eventually assumed the role of the fictional McLovin from the film Superbad. When the lad asked for a scan of my license, I sent the picture of McLovin's fake ID to him -- I even doctored a picture of me with McLovin's face later on. He eventually send me the picture of him holding the sign. Anyway, keep up the great work.

Mrs. Susan Shabangu, South Africa's Deputy Minister of Safety & Security
Ms. Harrison Shabangu, her son(?)
Pastor David, summoned into existence when the Lads need a character reference
Barrister Larry - appears only by mention
Barrister Norman Berger - appears only by mention
Philip McBeeperson - who becomes McLovin, who is really Bengt

Key scamalicious elements highlighted for the scam-o-challenged.

Mrs. Susan Shabangu
Sent: Fri 2/06/09 7:51 AM

TEL: +27-737168909

Dear Sir/madam

First, let me start by intro ducing my self as MRS SUSAN SHABANGU , a mother of three children and the Deputy Minister of Safety and Security since 29th April 1996 to date under the auspices of the President of South A frica MR THABO MBEKI.

After due deliberation with my children, I decided to contact you for your assistance in standing as a beneficiary to the sum of US$30.5M (Thirty Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only) You can view my profile at my website click on, Contact Information, then click on Deputy Minister, and click on Safety and Security finally , click on my name Susan shabangu and read about me .

THE PROPOSAL, after the swearing in ceremony making me the Deputy Minister of Safety and Security, my husband Mr. Ndelebe Shabangu died while he was on an official trip to Trinidad and Tobago in 1996.

After his death, I discovered that he had some funds in a dollar account which amounted to the sum of US$30.5M with a security and finance institution in South Africa of which I will divulge information to y ou when I get your full consent and support to go for a change of beneficiary and subse quent transfer of the funds in to you a c omfortable and conducive account of your choice.

This fund emanated as a result of an over-invoiced contract which he executed with the Government of South Africa. Though I assisted him in getting this contract but I never knew that it was over-invoiced by him. I am afraid that the government of South Africa might start to investigate on contracts awarded from 1990 to date. If they discover this money in his bank account, they will confiscate it and seize his as sets here in South Africa and this will definitely affect my political career in government.

I want your assistance in opening an account with bankers through my banker so that this fund could be wired into your account directly without any hitch. As soon as the fund gets to your account, you are expected to move it immediately into another personal bank account in your country. (N.B)
If you are willing to help can you send this informations:

1)Your international passport or driving linece ( Scan Copy )
[Don't ever do this. Often the request for paperwork is just a red herring, to make it seem as if some real deal is going forward; but they can use it as collateral to scam someone else, and at worst attempt identity theft]
2)Your telephone number and fax.
3)How old are you?
4)Your country?
5)Are you married/single?
6)Do you have an account that can carry this found?
7)In which of works of life are you?
8) In which profitble field will i invest main found?

I will see to it that the account is not traced from South Africa . As soon as you have confirmed the fund into your account, I will send my eldest son with my At torney to come to your country to discuss on business investments. For your assistance, I am offering you 20% of the principal sum which amounts to US$6,100.000.00 (Six million One Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only) However, you have to assure me and also be ready to go into agreement with me that you will not elope with my fund. If you agree to my terms, kindly as a matter of urgency send me an email. Due to my sensitive position in the South African Government, PLEASE DO NOT CALL ON THE OFFICE LINE, BECAUSE OF THE SENSITIVITY OF THIS TRAN SACTI ON EXCEPT OF THE ABOVE DIRECT LINE.

I prefer you send me email than call. All correspondence must be by email to my private email address ,, if you want to speak with my Banker that is fine and okay by me. You will have to send down you private telephone /fax number so that i can forward it to him to reach you from time to time this is for security reasons. Please I do not need to remind you of the need for absolute Confidentiality of this transaction must succeed. If you do not feel comfortable with this transaction, do not hesitate to discontinue.
Thanks for your ant icipated co-operation a nd my regards to your family.

Deputy Minister of Safety & Security,
South Africa .
TEL: +27-737168909

[There is actually a Mrs. Shabangu, who has held posts in the South African government. This is NOT her. The above is your basic "Help a widow make off with her husband's loot" letter, spun off the famous "Mrs. Mariam Abacha" letter. If this is not obvious, read the FAQ and other helpful pages reachable from the main page of this web site. If they don't help, please unplug your computer. This is not meant to be cruel.]

Dr. Philip McBeeperson

[Bengt invents an identity and replies.]

Sent: Tue 2/10/09

Dear Susan,

Imagine my surprise when I received your email! The lord Jesus Christ truly works in mysterious ways. God bless us both for this opportunity. Let me take this time to tell you how excited I am about helping you in your time of need, as I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around. My dear wife Agnes recently passed, God rest her soul, and I wondered whether I could care for my own aging health and provide for my adult children with the money I received from her life insurance policy. With the generous offer you are extending, I know that my days of worrying are over, and that I can live out the rest of my retirement in peace. Unfortunately, I am unable to receive phone calls to my apartment complex, however I am looking forward to your prompt response. I understand that due to your position, confidentiality is a must, and I will keep our business dealings an absolute secret.

God bless you,
Dr. Philip McBeeperson
Ms. Harrison Shabangu
From: my son ( [really, this was the address]
Sent: Tue 2/10/09

Dear Dr. Philip McBeeperson,

Thanks for your mail and all that you have sent to my family so that you can give a help to us, may God bless you, your family and all that your are doing in life, my sons telephone number +27 737-168-909.

My name is Harrison Shabangu, the first son of Mrs. Susan Shabangu and late Mrs. Ndelebe Shabangu, i will be glad to know if you can come down to South Africa so that you can sign all documents and been a living wittness of your self in this transaction, my mother did not want to come out in full on this transacation due to her possion in our state/ country so please can you send the following so that we start and finish this transaction in good faith.

1) Your full name first and last name?
2) Your international passport scan ?
3) Do you have and account that can carry this found?
4) In which field are you?
5) Your fax?
6) Your Age and Phone?
7) In which field do you think that we can invest in your country?

When are we expecting your coming down here in South Africa ?

Best Regards,
Ms Harrison Shabangu.
(for the family)

[The e-mails and phone numbers suggest the scammers really are in South Africa. They might be Nigerian expatriates or they might be South Africans. Scammers have killed victims in South Africa.]

[Bengt sloughs off his previous identity and becomes...]

Fogell McLovin
Sent: Wed 2/11/09

I am Fogell, Dr. McLovin's son. Let me take this opportunity to give many thanks and blessings for both our families. My father alerted me to your business proposal, and as I am the one who is in charge of all financial matters, I will be the one dealing with the transaction. Let me get all formalities out of the way so that we may proceed in our business without delay:

1) Fogell McLovin
2) Please see attached scan of license
3) I control all trust, beneficiary, and personal accounts for my family, including my late mother Agnes McLovin
4) Choirmaster and groundskeeper for the Church of the Third Revelation
5) Unfortunately, I do not have a fax machine
6) 27 / +01 313-769-5672 (church line)
7) Automotive Relocation Engineering

My late mother Agnes McLovin was keen on travelling, and as part of her will she requested that I use a percentage of funds for visiting other countries as well as missionary work. I have not yet been to South Africa, but I hear it is a beautiful place with friendly, generous Christians. Will I get to visit with your mother while I am there?

Yours in Christ,

Ms. Harrison Shabangu

[The Lad doesn't seem to notice or care about Dr. McBeeperson's transformation into someone else.]

Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009

Dear Egnr Mclovin,

How are you today, hope all is fine?

As of the number you sent to us is a wrong number.

Please can you give us your cell or mobile phone number where I and the Attorney can get hold of you for easy communication.

Also an agreement where sent to you by our family attorney/ lawyer and he did called you as well but your church line, someone answered and said it is a wrong number.

Please, did you receive the agreement that was sent to you?

If you do can you please, come back to us so that we will know that you did receive it.

We should not delay this transaction for so long please.

May God Bless us Amen.

yours in Christ Jesus.

Harrison Shabangu
Fogell McLovin

[McLovin makes things inconvenient.]

Sent: Fri 2/20/09

My brother in Christ Harrison,

I cannot apologize enough for keeping you waiting. As you know Easter is coming soon and we are preparing our celebrations for the resurrection of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Have you decided what to give up for lent? This is an exciting time for all of us, and especially me because of our proposed business transaction!

I have looked over the documents our brother barrister Larry has sent me. I do agree to all terms and conditions, but as I do not have a scanner I am not sure how to send it back to you. Can you send a word processing document? Also I would like to request that the motherless babies be given a greater percentage of our wealth. With one of the holiest months approaching, I ask myself, "What would Jesus do?" We can both agree that Africa has many motherless babies, and please remember that greed is one of the seven deadly sins. Ever since we lost my dear mother, Agnes McLovin, I feel like I can sympathize with my brothers from other mothers.

I have a request to make from you, in good faith of our transaction. I would like to speak with the minister of your local church via email. Please send me his information and a picture of you with him, as well as a list of items needed for the church. The first thing I would like to do with the money is return some to the community that has been so good to us. I would like the two of us to put a percentage of our wealth towards furnishing the church with the finest commodities available.

What is the next step for me? Please let me know my travel arrangements, as I am prepared to come to South Africa immediately. Having the money for our Easter celebration would be a true blessing. Will you book my ticket? Please note I am a vegetarian, and I need the proper accomodations. May I stay with your mother? Shebangus?

Blessed are those who walk with Christ,
Ms. Harrison Shabangu
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009

Dear Engr. Fogell McLovin,

Thank you for your reply and for the appology you have rendered.
Yes as you know it as well, the resurrection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ has done it for all of us, to save our souls and made us to become the Righteousiness of God through Christ Jesus Amen. We have decided to give our life to God and to take care of the Motherless Babies and to Furnish the Alter of God to any church that is growing in the Lord.

As you do not have a scanner, it is not a problem, so far you have accepted the agreement.that is the most important part of it. We can not send to you the word processing document because it is not necessary because you are coming here so that we can finish the transaction before the Easter. We thank you for you request which is accepted for the motherless babies.

Please Engr. Fogell McLovin, you should remember that this transaction needed a top secret and confideintiality.
What do you want to discuss with my Pastor? I worship at Rhema Church, one of the biggest church in South Africa , which I will take you there when you come.

Now Fogell McLovin, we have decided that you should come to South Africa on or before 23rd Feb 2009, being on Monday next week. because it will only take us two to three days we finish the transaction because we must done this before Easter.

Finally, you should buy your airticket, and buy three ipod cellular phones and three laptop computers for the church. because it is needed urgently when you are coming. We agree that you will see my mother when you come and if possible you can stay with her no problem.

Please, we need your personal cell phone number for easy commiunication, if you do not have any, please go and buy one and call me on this number: 00 27 82 952 3124, so that i can call you constantly before your coming.

You can as well call the old one i gave to you but prefarably you should call on this new one that i have giving you.

In conclusion, we are waiting for your Flight shedule, and as soon as we receive it, my mother or myself will make the hotel reservations for you. We have taking note of your health / food.

Thank you and God Bless us Amen.

Blessed are those who walk with christ.In God we trust.

Ms. Harrison Shabangus.

Fogell McLovin

[McLovin won't let this pastor thing go.]

Sent: Sat 2/21/09

Brother Harrison,

Our lord and savior Jesus Christ is surely shining his light on the darkest continent. I cannot tell you how happy I am that you agree we should donate more money to the babyless mothers. Hopefully the money will fill the void in their life and womb. Your compassion has brought me to tears of joyful sorrow!

Thank you for understanding that I am a vegetarian. I truly believe that eating meat of any kind is unethical, as it comes from a being with a soul. It is okay if you enjoy meat. Do you love eating sausages? When I come to South Africa I will bring many gifts including the biggest sausage just for your mother's pleasure.

On the topic of gifts, I am not sure about the ipod cellular phones. I went to the store today and there were several types of phone. The salesman said that they come in 8GB or 16GB. They also come in black and white. How do you like it? Do you like big black ones? Please also explain the laptops. There are so many to choose from -- what will the church be using them for? Please let me know as soon as possible. I do not want to show up to South Africa empty handed!

Please understand that I cannot leave on monday, because next week is Ash Wednesday, which signifies the beginning of Lent. As choirmaster, the community depends on me to lead them into the holy month of Lent.

Please Harrison I did try to contact you by phone, but I recieved no answer. Are you sure the number is correct? I must insist that I speak with your pastor via email. I do not need to mention our business dealing, but I must make sure that I am not dealing with the infidelity of non-believers.

May the heavenly father's light shine upon us amen,

Please reply as soon as posible.
Ms. Harrison Shabangu

[The Lads bring in a 'Pastor'. Extra partner? Or merely an extra e-mail address? We don't know.]

Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009

Dear Brother Fogell McLovin,

The Lord is good all the time.

The Bible says, those who have trusted in the Lord are like Mount Zion, they can not be moved, furthermore, in Mount Zion, there is deliverance... Amen, that is the word of God.

We respect the life you leave, your health, and the food which is important to us, you are welcomed 100%.

Also thank you for your kindness to accept to come with many gifts, especially the Laptop and iPod cellular phones, you should buy 16GB White three pieces and you should also buy the HP Laptop computer, three pieces, which must have all futures connected to it already, set to be used immediately with out any other process apart from plugging it in electricity socket and it start working immediately.

Furthermore, you should make sure that after Ash Wednesday on 25th February 2009, you proceed immediately. But you should book your air ticket now, so that you can get a seat on the flight because we must finish this transaction on or before ending of this month of February, because the minister has instructed that the transaction must be concluded this month unfailingly.

Please Engr. Fogell McLovin, you should re-dial carefully the number, which is: 00 27 82-952-3124 as the direct number for you to reach me. Alternatively please furnish us with your direct telephone number to enable us reach you as you said that you can not reach us. We will ensure we call you today or tomorrow pending when you give your number before your arrival because it is important to have telephone discussion before your arrival.

Moreover, I believe that the confidentiality which this transaction demands can not be over emphasized.

We trust you , and you should not doubt us, if we are believers or not, unless the pastor confirms to you that we are believers before you can believer us. Please don't doubt us because two can not successfully work together without a trust and agreement of common goal.

Here is our Pastor's email address according to your request:

Bear in mind that I can not liar to our pastor in case he inquire of me who you are and why you are coming, therefore you must know what to tell him as why you contacted him and why you are coming to South Africa because if he is aware of this transaction, we will have no choice than to stop this business with you.

In conclusion, you should bear in your mind that the South African Presidential Election is coming very soon, therefore, the minister advise we most conclude this transaction in time to avoid possible investigation concerning the fund, no matter that she will protect the transaction to the highest level.. Therefore your maximum co-operation is highly expected .

Thanks and God Bless us all Amen.

In God we trust.

Ms. Harrison Shabangus.
Fogell McLovin
Sent: Tue 2/24/09

Brother Harrison,

Jesus said "he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live" (John 11:25). I hope you are enjoying your "Fat Tuesday," and finding joy in preperations for Ash Wednesday and the holy month of Lent. Please keep our savior in mind and his kindness and compassion as you proceed through this holy period.

I had the opportunity to speak to Pastor David. Rest assured, I did not mention our business. He has assured me that he shares my belief in goodness and Christ and that he too seeks guidance in our holy patron saint, Bengt. He has assured me that the Shabangus family is a pillar of the church community, and this I do believe. However, Pastor David left some doubt in my mind as to the community's following of our patron saint. The Bible states that "with the judgement you make, you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get" (Matthew 7:1-3). Please understand that I can never do business, let alone stay and visit, with a community that does not regard The Church of the Third Revelation's belief in our patron saint Bengt. Please, Harrison, before I can fully put my trust in you, you must prove to me that you follow the guidance of our holy saint Bengt. I need to trust in you as I trust in Bengt.

I have checked out the iPod phones and the laptops, and I am ready to place the order with the Apple company and they will be ready to pick up within 24 hours. However, Harrison, you must prove to me that your faith is as strong as mine. Only then will the Lord bless our business deal, and allow the motherless babies their due. Harrison, I have trusted you and sent you all information including a scan of my license. I would like to know that I am dealing with someone who can be trusted as well, and see the goodness in your face. Please send me a photo of yourself, possibly with your pastor David, and show me that you trust in our patron saint Bengt. Please, print out a sign that clearly says "In Bengt We Trust." This will demonstrate to me that your faith is worthy of my trust and friendship, and allow me to see the goodness in your heart.

You have been a wonderful friend so far, and I do appreciate your including me in this deal and your concern for my well being. Please understand that I do not mean any offense, but this deal cannot proceed without trust. It is in my holy patron saint that I find mine.

In Bengt We Trust,
Fogell McLovin

[McLovin, aka Bengt, contacts the 'pastor'.]

Are you capable & how can I trust in you?
Sent: Sun 2/22/09

Pastor David,

The holy Bible from our lord and savior Jesus Christ states that "Beloved, I wish above all things that you mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth" (III John 2). I hope this email finds you in good health.

I am Fogell McLovin, a dear personal friend of Ms. Harrison Shubangu. He is like a brother to me, and the Bible says "For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen" (I John 4:20). Ms. Harrison has been kind enough to invite me to South Africa, and I am very excited about spending time with my brothers. Ms. Harrison gave me your email address in good faith that upon me reaching South Africa, I will be greeted with the warm reception of love and kindness.

However, before I come, I requested the opportunity to speak with you directly. I must know, Pastor, that we share a common faith and spiritual goal. I represent The Church of the Third Revelation, and we do believe and trust in our patron saint, Bengt (St. Benedictus). The Bible says, "Go forth, and seek guidance and refuge from Bengt. He is a beacon of the light within the heart of man" (Mark 2:17). We do seek faith and guidance in Bengt, and we hold in the highest regard those who share our belief in Bengt. As you can tell, much of the world shares our regard, as our holy Pope Benedict XVI now reigns supreme.

Tell me, Pastor, do you also recognize Bengt as the holiest of patron saints? I'm afraid that my congregation would not allow fraternizing with non-believers. I do want to make sure that while I am in South Africa, I am met with a warm reception, and not, as the Bible says, "the other cheek."

The Bible also says, "It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks" (Acts ix, 5). I hope that we share a common belief, and while I am in South Africa I am able to worship freely, and find myself a tended lamb in your flock, and not kicking among the pricks.

In Bengt we follow, In Christ we trust.
Ms. Harrison Shabangu
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009

Thanks for your mail.

I will do what you have said but before i do that, we need your direct contact telephone number, without that, please forget this business, what is the problem of you not sending your telephone number, rather you give us a number that is not yours, which belongs to another church, and they told us that they do not know you, are you a child of God or not? We want to talk to you before we send to you our photo's, as per your request, which we must do.

Please beloved, if you are not sending your telephone number so that we can talk with you over the phone, where we can call you and have a discussion with you, if i may repeat. Please forget this transaction, because you are also putting some doubt in this transaction, you should not use the name of our God in vain please. You should remember that we want to trust you with big amount of money, but you don't want to be straight with us. Please you are not coming here for Church Crusader.

Our family has faith more than you because you believe in God but you don't trust him. For example, if you are sick, you go to the doctor but our family trusted God to the extent that we don't take medicine even to death, we believe that only God heals the sick because he said in the book of Mathew that if you have faith like a mustard seed, you can say to that mountain to be removed and cast into the river, it will be done. We don't call God with month but we live with a practical example of what our Lord Jesus Christ can do ok.

We want to be serious about this transaction, please if you are not going to help us, please tell us now before it is too late for this business transaction ok.

May the Lord Bless us Amen.

Yours Faithfully,
Ms Harrison Shabangus.

N/B Our Pastor told us that you sent him an email, that you are a good Christian.
Fogell McLovin
Sent: Wed 2/25/09

Brother Harrison,

Happy Ash Wednesday! The Bible says, "the Philistines be upon thee, Samson" (Judges xvi 9). What a blessed and glorious holiday it is indeed. The Church of the Third Revelation is buzzing with excitement over the coming month. I'm sure that Pastor David is happy too! We could not ask for a better time to rejoice and celebrate our unity in the lord. Tell me, are you and you mother helping at the church?

But we must get down to business. I must confess that I am disappointed by your stalling. You are obviously the one that is not ready to do the transaction. I am ready to come to South Africa and finish this business deal. I always have been from the beginning, and you know this. You insist on extensive personal information from me and I have complied - I have purchased the items for the church, I have arranged a flight to South Africa, I have even sent you a scan of my license - yet you will not even fulfill one small request in the name of our Lord. This does make me doubtful indeed. The Bible says "if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch" (Matthew xv 14). I refuse to speak to you directly until I can see your eyes and know that you are a man of your word. What is the problem here? The Bible says, "resist the devil and he shall flee from you" (James iv 7). If you have nothing to hide, then you will not. Show me that you trust in Bengt, and I will trust in you. No picture, no phone number.

In Bengt We Trust,
Ms. Harrison Shabangu
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009

Hello Engr. Fogell McLovin,

You are not telling yourself the simple truth because in the first place, you scanned your license and send to us, and when an agreement was sent to you, you said that you don't have a scanner.

Now based on that, we cannot trust you any more. Furthermore, our pastor called me that you called him and you did not spend a minute on the phone, he thought that you will call back, uptill now you did not, what kind of person are you?

Did you think that you can carry our money and run away? you just droped the phone on our pastor even to write him to explain why you never care to call him back. I can see that you are a small boy in business only you know Bengt, which you claim that you know but you don't know nothing about Almighty God.

Please, if you don't send to us your phone number, please you should not contact us again. I can send you my picture it is not a problem at all, but you are not a child of God.

Thanks and God bless,
Ms Harrison Shabangus.
Fogell McLovin
Sent: Thu 2/26/09

Beloved Harrison,

I can forgive and forget your arrogance, as it is a simple error in judgement. Your accusations are understandable, and I turn to Bengt for patience in explaining your mistakes:

(1) I am not a liar, and it is true that I do not have a scanner. If you look at my license, you can clearly see that I am holding it with my thumb. I took a picture of myself holding it, and sent the picture. Why would I scan my thumb holding my license? I'm sorry that I used the word "scan," but you see what I mean. If you would like me to take a picture of the signed agreement, I can.

(2) I did call Pastor David last night to wish him a happy and blessed Ash Wednesday. You clearly said you did not want to "talk of church," so I did not call you to say it (I did include it in my previous email, however). I was using a friend's calling card, and the call was dropped. I then realized that it was quite late in Africa, and decided not to call back. Your pastor emailed me, and I will clear it up with him. That is a matter between us, and not you. You're the one that said keep him out of the business -- why are you bringing him into it?

You have never allowed me to explain that I do not have a direct line for you to reach me at. You simply jumped to the conclusion that I am hiding something from you, and accused me of dishonesty. You called the number I gave first, and that is a number of a church member. You are the one who keeps saying we must keep this business between us -- why would I have to call that number again? They did not know you, so they did not talk to you, and they became suspicious that I gave out their number for my use. After you called they began asking questions why I was trying to recieve personal calls to their number. I do not want to involve anyone in anything that will jeopordize our transaction. I am able to get calling cards, and I don't have a problem calling you, but I want the picture first.

You are quick to judge, and do remember that haste makes waste. Do try to be more patient, as it is a virtuous trait among men of God. I was not lying, so you have no reason to doubt my honesty or integrity. This is why I forgive you Brother Harrison, as it was a simple mistake on your part. I have already looked into flights, and I am waiting only on your sign of good faith.

In Bengt We Trust,
Pastor David
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009

Dear Beloved Brother in Christ,
How are you? I hope you are Fine in Christ Jesus Amen.
Did you trying to call me or You did call me? It was so late and it is the mid night here in South Africa.

Please could you send your number to me, so that I can call you because I wanted to call you back but I checked your number, I don't have it and I called Mr. Harrison Shabangus, to take the number from them they told me that you did not sent any number.

My brother in christ, how can we reach you apart from your email address?
Can you call me back please for details discussion, when are you coming to South Africa?
I hope to receive your call once again.
Thanks and remain blessed.
Yours In the Lord.
Pastor, Prophet David.
Fogell McLovin
Sent: Thu 2/26/09

Pastor David,

God bless you and please forgive me as Christ has forgive our sins! I did try to call you yesterday to wish you a happy and most blessed Ash Wednesday. We at The Church of the Third Revelation are extremely excited about the coming month of Lent, and I wanted to wish you and your congregation a wonderful month as well.

Unfortunately, the call was dropped before I could give my blessings. You see, Pastor, I do not have a direct land line, and I was using a calling card and a phone that belonged to a friend. I realized that the card must be empty (as South Africa is quite an expensive call), and then it hit me -- it was in the middle of the night and I must have awoken you! I did not wish to disturb you further, and I beg your forgiveness in the matter. This is the first opportunity I have had to write back, and I was overjoyed to find your email this morning.

As for my visit, I had a flight planned, but unfortunately there has been some delay. I am clearing up the details, and as soon as the problem is fixed we will be discussing matters of God in person! I look forward to my trip and to rejoicing in the blessed presence of yourself.

In Bengt We Trust,
Ms. Harrison Shabangu
Subject: My picture attached and your telephone number needed urgently.
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009

Beloved Blood Brother McLovin,
How are you , your father and your brothers and Sisters?

We hope everybody is doing great in the name of Jesus Amen You made the mistakes of the whole issue, you suppose to explain to me that you do not have a mobile/cellular phone or a land line, this would have solve the little argument, which wanted to deny you this transaction.

And then if you are not following our instructions on this transaction, it can not work, because in the Bible, he said can two work together unless they have agreed to do so, Bible Book of Amos3 verse 3
But all is by gone now and all is well, lets move on, we love you so much that you cannot understand it. Now, proceed for your air ticket immediately because time is against us.

We need a small amount of money from you, US$ 12,870.00 (Twelve Thousand, Eight Hundred And Seventy) United States Dollars to complete the processing fees of Final Fund Releasing authority Order, to South African Reserve Bank and to the Ministry of Finance for the approval of the Foreign Exchange Allocation Tag of the fund.

We need this Money on your arrival because we will make the conclusion of this, if we know the date of your arrival, to enable them make the following date as the date of the release of the fund to us.

Finally, this transaction, must be kept secret and the confidentiality to the last degree as said by the Minister and must be finished on or before 5th of March 2009, because the underground work has been concluded and finished since last month, waiting for delivery by Bank Van to the Bank, where you will open of your Non Residential. Bank Account in any of the Commercial Bank in Johannesburg, of South Africa, for the onward transfer of the fund to further crediting of the fund into your overseas bank account in USA..

You should not forget to come with the following on your arrival for the opening of the non residential bank account:
1. Proof of your residential address, either your Electricity Bills or your Water Bills or Your any Bills at all to prove that you are leaving in that country / city Hawaii in USA.
2.Proof of your three months Banking Statements
3.You International Passport, which you will fly in with.

I now attached my picture for you to be rest assured of the man you are dealing with.

Kindly open the attached photo.

Thanks and God Bless Us Amen.

Yours Faithfully in the Lord.
In God We Trust.
Ms. Harrison Shabangus.
Fogell McLovin
Sent: Fri 2/27/09

Brother Harrison,

I am surprised indeed. The hour is upon us, and the exchange must occur immediately; yet you continue to stall our transaction. I am quite relieved that we have cleared up the misunderstanding regarding the phone, but you have not upheld your end of the bargain. I stated clearly that I need to know you are a man of your word, and a man of the purest faith. Otherwise, this transaction is doomed to failure. I asked you clearly to send a picture of you holding a sign that says "In Bengt We Trust." I need to know that you trust in my patron saint, so that I may trust in you without hesitation.

The money for the processing fees is indeed a surprise. Why wouldn't you tell me this earlier? I now have to go request a loan from my family and friends. It's a good thing I will be able to pay them back with interest. Please let me know of any other expenses I will need so that I am fully covered.

I will try to buy a calling card and call you soon to clear up details and arrange my flight. However, let me make it clear that you need to send the photo of you and prove to me that you trust in Bengt as I trust in you. God bless you.

In Bengt We Trust,
Ms. Harrison Shabangu
Subject: Your Flight Schedule And your call with your number were we can reach you.
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009

Brother McLovin,

Thanks for your mail.

We have no more time to talk too much.

My word is my word because I am a man of action because I inherit it from my late father, we don't talk too much. My last word to you is that God swore that in Blessing he will bless Abraham and in multiplication he will multiple him, therefore I swear that you should talk me by my word..

You still need to send your telephone number and there is no more time for us please, and you should come with requirements for the opening of the non residential account which I have listed for you in my last mail to you.

You are just a lucky man, I want to help you and you also Helping us but do not try to be too difficult in this transaction.

We have resolve the problem which you created and it is finish.

Please don't and never, ask me for any other picture. Otherwise I stop you not to come because we are doing you more favor than what you are doing to us OK.

What do mean by Bengt? You want me to take a picture with a cross were Christ was crucified or what?

You should know that, that is an ordinary stick not Christ himself and the Christ we are talking about is in our hart not by mouth as you are talking all the time.

Please if you don't send to me your flight schedule and your telephone number on or before Wednesday !st March 2009, we will take another person who is a believer from BennyHinn Church Ministry in USA. You are not a business man you are now a priest or you are the Pope Benedict 16 now.

Please I don't want to hear from you again about church in this business, you have started again,

The Bible Say's that not all the people that call my name will see me, please make sure that you will not be among the people that will fall into that condition.

Do you know that I am not a Roman Catholic member, I have told you this before. Do you know how much million dollars we want to use in Building Church for now, and my father was helping many churches in building the Alter of Christ, please we must face this transaction.

Finally, there is no more money needed only US$12,870.00, but if you can get up to the amount of US$20,000.00 in advance so that we will be on the safer side, that will be perfect.

And you should put small money for the Hotel Accommodation like US$1,500.00.

Any amount of money you borrowed with interest, all will be paid back immediately, because the Bible said that a borrower is a slave to the lender.

I will not like us to be slave to our lender. Please we need to know the date of your arrival to enable us book for the release of the fund the following day of your arrival as I have told you before in my last mail. Please your urgent reply is needed for us to be sure that you are with us.

In God we trust through his son Jesus Christ.

Ms Harrison Shabangus.
Fogell McLovin
Sent: Sun 3/01/09

Beloved Harrison,

Here are my pictures as requested. The first picture is to show you what I would like you to do: just hold a sign telling me you trust in Bengt, as I have done. The second picture is of me and my girlfriend Sarah. She is the love of my life, and I hope that with our money I can ask her to marry me. Perhaps Pastor David will be interested in conducting the ceremony? She will not be coming with me, of course, but maybe after this friendship is forged I can come back to South Africa and invest in the community.

I look forward to recieving your picture.

In Bengt We Trust,

Ms. Harrison Shabangu
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009

Dear Beloved Mclovin,

Thank you for your telephone call and your photo both you and your wife Sarah.

We pray that the Almighty God will grant you and her happy wedluck in less than no time and every body will be happy if you do your wedding here in South Africa. Please send my warm greetings to her.

Now, I have attached the photo of myself with what you asked me to do,which is very simple because I did not know that, it is what you were talking about, by me hold the Bengt on my hand.

You can now find the two photos / pictures where I am hold the Bengt, indicating that In Bengt We Trust.

Send your telephone number to me or you can call me again before you go to the airport for your departure.

Please you should send to me your Flight schedule by email, so that I can send the drive to pick you immediately on your arrival, so that you will not wait for so long at the airport., or the driver will be waiting at the airport before your flight will land. Also, your flight schedule is also important, to enable me and the Lawyer to file for the release of the fund the next day, your departure time from USA and Your arrival time in Johannesburg South Africa, so that we can take it to the releasing department.

Furthermore, you should not forget the requirements for the opening of the Non- Residential bank account, such as, if I may repeat:

1.Proof of your residential address, either your Electricity Bills or your Water Bills or any Bills at all to prove that you are leaving in that country / city Hawaii in USA.
2.Proof of your three months Banking Statements.
3.You International Passport, which you will fly in with.
4.You should not forget the money for the completion of the processing of the final fund release authority order of the fund. As you asked if there will be more money required, please you can come with more money in case, I did mention US$20,000.00, but if everything is ok, that is fine for all of us and you can keep back the rest of your money in your pocket.

Finally, remember to bring the things that you have bought already.

You did not say that you bought something for me like wrist watch or anything, that is fine no problem.

Are you coming with the big sausage? We look forward to see you by Wednesday Morning being the 4th of March 2009 as you told me over the phone if I did heard you clearly.

May Almighty God be with you in the plane and we wish you safe Journey and enjoy your flight.

Thanks and God Bless Us Amen.
Ms Harrison Shabangus.

N/B, do not forget to call me or to send your telephone number so that I can call you please.

Ms. Harrison Shabangu
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009

Dear Brother McLovin,

How are you and your sweet girl friend, hope all is well? but i do not hear from for this transaction, even my mother are worried of this as i told you before.

Thanks, can i read from you soon?

Yours beloved,

Mr. Harrison Shabangus.
Pastor David
Sent: Tue 3/31/09

Dear Brother McLovin,

How are you, and your family, brothers, sisters and your parents?

For a long time I do not hear from you and I asked Mr. Harrison of you and he did not give me good answer so, that is why fill of you in my heart to ask of you and to know how thing are going over there? Am now at public internet café and I do not have one if I do I will have write you and I do not have your telephone number to contact you, if it will be ok can you send me yours telephone number so that will be praying for you and your family that is my contract with God to people of God like you, when ever I do have money?

How is U.S.A, and all the good people we have been hearing of like our brother (MR/PRESIDENT: Obama) and his cabinets.

My dear, I will like to read from you soon and to know more of you if it will be possible to you?

Thanks and God bless you all your good work in life.
Pastor David Henry.
Ms. Harrison Shabangu
Sent: Tue 4/14/09

My Dear McLovin,

How are you today and your family.

Thank you very much for your mail and all your kind interest towards helping family in this matter.

As matter of fact,we are not happy that you are not coming down to South Africa again for the final conclussion of this matter.Please sir,We would have love to send money to you but but due the fact that we do not have any money right now because the fund is still at the security company where it was deposited by my late father for safe keeping.

Sir,we spoke with a new attorney who is an accredited attorney to the banks here regards to your mail and he adviced that we should still procced with your assistance from there without you coming down to South Africa.He has also agreed to help us in opening of account on your name in of the banks here.

New attorney has agreed to assist us to make sure that the fund is transfered out of South Africa to your account.

Please my good brother in Christ,we realy need your help to finalise this matter.The new accredited attorney will be sending you email today to detail you more.

Please let us know as soon as we hear from the new attorney Mr.Norman Berger of Bergers associates. Below is the information of the new accredited attorney.

[Looks like 'Pastor David' gave up on Harrison Shabangu.]
DIRECT PHONE:+27-73-22-91409.
Please you can contact him now.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and God bless you and your family.
Yours sincerely
Harrison and family.
Ms. Harrison Shabangu

[... plaintive attempt to keep the deal alive ...]

Sent: Mon 4/27/09

Dear McLovin,

How are you today, hope all is well?

We are looking ahead to read from you soon.


[But Bengt has what he wanted, and it's over.]