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updated august 11 2012

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These sprinklings from the collection highlights a disturbing incidence of cancer among 419ers and their spouses. [Potential sponsors of a more statistically sound study, be advised that Scamorama's overhead is far lower than that of mainstream scientific organizations.]

The scammers seem prone to religious conversions, and speak in strikingly similar terms, notably "I have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really cared for anyone (not even myself) but my business."

So stop and smell the roses.

The table shows the name of the scammer, the illness prompting re-evaluation of life choices, time remaining for karmic re-balancing, the sum available, the purpose to which the scammer hopes you will put the imaginary money, and where it can be found.

A Kindly Contributor in France remarks:
Your ongoing presentation of disturbing demographics leads to only one conclusion : marriage to a 419 scammer is dangerous to public health. And since your statistics confirm that this health risk has gone beyond the boundaries of a single country perhaps the W.H.O. should be asked to take preventive measures.

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For scam-mavens and scam-o-challenged alike.
ill personcancer typelife expectancysumpurposemoney's at/comments
August 2012
Mrs.Christy Walton (not!)
Colorectal cancer and a rare Heart Disease little time left $9 billion Charity a finance House abroad
cancer little time left $6.5 m the good work of the lord contact the lawyer:
Mrs.Fatima Abacha
Cancer and fibroid problems (Though what disturbs me most is my stroke sickness) six months $8.5 m Charity a Security company
Mrs. Sakora Kenshin
illness unspecified unspecified amount unspecified charitable goals contact my lawyer:
May 2012
Aladin Saeed Ahmed
unspecified illness little time left $8.5M unspecified purpose unspecified location
Faridah Haris Hamid
unspecified illness a few more days left $2.5M charity unspecified location
Mrs Karen Wright from Chile
liver damage due to cancer affection. The one that disturbs me most is my stroke sickness uncertain longevity $5.5M orphanages one of the bank here
April 2012
Mrs Grace Ebony
widow of Archdeacon.Johnson
cancer unknown $6.5M propagating the word of God (The Bible made us to understand that.Blessed is the hand that giveth) one of the Bank