From a Kindly Contributor in the US:

Hi, I have gotten several scams via Yahoo Messenger, don't know if any one else is getting this sort of thing?
Here's the latest, from February 16th. Notice the opener: BUZZ! not even "hi", just BUZZ!, he wants my attention that badly. lol.
I can send his pic, from http://profiles.yahoo.com/georgio_sisil, if you want.
He's a real attractive young man ... or the picture is of a real attractive young man. ;)

[name changed to protect the Kindly]


georgio_sisily: Hi

kindly_contributor: hi

georgio_sisily: how r u
georgio_sisily: ur profile didnt say anything about your sex type
georgio_sisily: so i am going to ask
georgio_sisily: are u gay or not?
georgio_sisily: u looked gay though
georgio_sisily: lol
georgio_sisily: sorry if u aint one

kindly_contributor: I do like sex with guys
kindly_contributor: how about you?

georgio_sisily: wow!!!!!!
georgio_sisily: u pulling my legs right
georgio_sisily: i am as gay as it gets
georgio_sisily: u gay or bi?

kindly_contributor: I'm gay
kindly_contributor: love your pic

georgio_sisily: thx
georgio_sisily: were are u now?

kindly_contributor: atlanta, georgia, usa
kindly_contributor: how about you?

georgio_sisily: Plymouth United Kingdom

kindly_contributor: 'kewl
kindly_contributor: do u ever visit the States?

georgio_sisily: hmm...hoping to get a transfer
georgio_sisily: to fort gordon
georgio_sisily: wow that should be near u
georgio_sisily: right?
georgio_sisily: or maybe i am wrong


georgio_sisily: u there?

kindly_contributor: mmm
kindly_contributor: fort gordon, I'll have to check the map

georgio_sisily: lol
georgio_sisily: ok

kindly_contributor: is it in georgia? I'm new to georgia

georgio_sisily: yes i think
georgio_sisily: i am trying to pull this deal off

kindly_contributor: give me a minute to check

georgio_sisily: if i do
georgio_sisily: ok

kindly_contributor: if I didn't screw up, fort gordon is near augusta, ga - about 150 miles east of atlanta

georgio_sisily: lol
georgio_sisily: ok
georgio_sisily: so what r u doing?

kindly_contributor: it's almost midnight here, i just got home from playing Go at the club, and I'm checking email and stuff
kindly_contributor: how about you?

georgio_sisily: just looking to recruit a shipper so i can get he promotion i need and com eto US

( editorial note: at this point, I smell a scam coming )

kindly_contributor: kewl
kindly_contributor: what do you do?

georgio_sisily: Yeah
georgio_sisily: but its goign slow
georgio_sisily: i am investment analyst
georgio_sisily: btu have been givign this job
georgio_sisily: if i could pull this off
georgio_sisily: it will be ok

kindly_contributor: so what kind of shipper are you looking for?

georgio_sisily: just an external forwarder
georgio_sisily: maybe u can help
georgio_sisily: it pays good money too
georgio_sisily: 500 pounds every shipping month

( now I know it's a scam. he wants to pay a total stranger almost 1000 USD for doing nothing, right? In that case, what does my sexual orientation have to do with my qualifications? )

kindly_contributor: I have no expertise in shipping whatsover. I'm just a computer geek.

georgio_sisily: no its easy
georgio_sisily: u mind me explaining
georgio_sisily: ?
georgio_sisily: may i explain ?

kindly_contributor: go ahead, if u like

georgio_sisily: i like
georgio_sisily: the baord want to ship
gift itmes not many just little to consumer around the world but most stores dont give that kida insuranc
georgio_sisily: e
georgio_sisily: so we need soemoen in the US
georgio_sisily: Thats it
georgio_sisily: and it pays 500 pounds every month


kindly_contributor: u ship something to me
kindly_contributor: and someone picks it up
kindly_contributor: and u pay me 500 pounds every month

georgio_sisily: yes

kindly_contributor: I have a few questions

georgio_sisily: wow u do know how to sumarrise

( he is supposedly an invesetment analyst - why can't he express himself clearly and concisely? why doesn't he know how to spell? )

kindly_contributor: is the product legal?

georgio_sisily: go ahead
georgio_sisily: yes they are
georgio_sisily: teddy bears,gifts

kindly_contributor: how bulky is this stuff? how long will it be sitting on my hands?

georgio_sisily: hmm...just 2-3boxes and once u get it we pick up in 2-3 days

kindly_contributor: and how long does it take for payment?

georgio_sisily: what u prefer check,wire,moneyorder
georgio_sisily: which?

kindly_contributor: western union would do

( I thought he'd balk at western union, since he'd have to pay up front, and I'd get real cash. But the scam must hinge on a more complicated angle. )

georgio_sisily: ok
georgio_sisily: but there is one more thing
georgio_sisily: ?
georgio_sisily: one more requirement u need

kindly_contributor: I was waiting for the catch

georgio_sisily: lol
georgio_sisily: no catch really
georgio_sisily: do u have a UPS SHIPPING ACCOUNT?
georgio_sisily: Its just that
georgio_sisily: you'll be our external shipper and u need a ups account
georgio_sisily: after every first pick up
georgio_sisily: u'll just fax me the

kindly_contributor: well, alas, I do not have a ups shipping account

georgio_sisily: bill and we will western union the money to u

kindly_contributor: I'm just a computer geek

georgio_sisily: u can open one

kindly_contributor: and you're doing the shipping, so I don't see why I need a ups account

georgio_sisily: yes
georgio_sisily: but u see

kindly_contributor: coz ordinarily you would pay at your end, using your account

georgio_sisily: we are in the UK
georgio_sisily: WE WILL PAY ALL THE BILL
georgio_sisily: JUST FAX US THE INVOICE
georgio_sisily: we may even pay u upfront

kindly_contributor: why should I pay any bill at all? where I come from, shippers pay for shipping

georgio_sisily: yes
georgio_sisily: just expalining
georgio_sisily: u are not paying anything
georgio_sisily: u just have to look independent
georgio_sisily: thats how an eternal shipper should be
georgio_sisily: but u need to open an account in your name
georgio_sisily: just like u open one and u are sending gifts to your friends
georgio_sisily: that how it will look
georgio_sisily: but we will be paying

kindly_contributor: I smell a scam coming

georgio_sisily: and also paying you
georgio_sisily: no scam here
georgio_sisily: we will pay ahlf upfront
georgio_sisily: b4 u ship anything
georgio_sisily: half

kindly_contributor: bud, you don't know me from a hole in the ground.

georgio_sisily: yeah i dont

kindly_contributor: so why send me money?
kindly_contributor: doesn't make sense.

georgio_sisily: that
georgio_sisily: this is how it works
georgio_sisily: we ahve an undersanding with the US state dept.
georgio_sisily: nobody runs off with our packages
georgio_sisily: but u must affirm that u have received them
georgio_sisily: so we will be sure
georgio_sisily: and u will receive part
of the payment
georgio_sisily: b4 shipping
georgio_sisily: if u so prefer that

kindly_contributor: I don't think so.

georgio_sisily: what do u think?
georgio_sisily: then
georgio_sisily: tell me what u'll think work for u

kindly_contributor: well, for one thing, a few boxes of teddy bears and stuff - how can my services be worth 500 pounds?

georgio_sisily: if we create insurance freght
georgio_sisily: it cost 1300 pounds
georgio_sisily: bcos its international
georgio_sisily: but that still doesnt make it safe
georgio_sisily: just removing the fact that it migh tget lost or anything like that

kindly_contributor: my dad always said, if it sounds too good to be true, it's too good to be true

georgio_sisily: this isnt too good to eb true

kindly_contributor: 500 pounds is about 940 us dollars

georgio_sisily: this si saving us money
georgio_sisily: lol
georgio_sisily: yeah we pay in our own currecncy

kindly_contributor: just how much are these 2 or 3 boxes worth?

georgio_sisily: do u know how much it cost to send a 5lbs pacakes
georgio_sisily: to japan

kindly_contributor: how big are the boxes, lhehe?

georgio_sisily: with insurance
georgio_sisily: not too big
georgio_sisily: really
georgio_sisily: this is saving us time ,money and making it more secure

kindly_contributor: this is too vague. you send me an email spelling out the details, so I know exactly what will be expected of me, and all that, and I'll consider it. you wouldn't do an investment deal on such shaky information; you'd ask for a prospectus, a contract, and so forth.

georgio_sisily: lol
georgio_sisily: why do u call it shaky
georgio_sisily: i can tell u what will be expected of u right now
georgio_sisily: as i am searching onlne

kindly_contributor: do you buy stocks based on such vague hints?
kindly_contributor: I know I wouldn't write a software program from such a mishmash