Please find to follow my first attempt at leading this fool on.
Bit on the short side I'm afraid, but it is the chap that uses 1's (ones) for I's (capital i's).


Capt. Buckley P Flashman
23rd Light Dragoons (retd.)


From:Solomon Savimbi (X-SenderIP:

Good Day,
With warm heart I offer my friendship, and greetings,and I hope this mail meets you in good time. However strange or surprising this contact might seem to you,as we have not met personally or had any dealings in the past, I humbly ask that you take due consideration of its importance and immense benefit. I also sincerely seek your confidence, as I make this proposal to you as a person of integrity.

First and foremost I wish to introduce myself properly to you. My name is Solomon Savimbi, I am the son of Late Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, leader of UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola). As led by my instinct, I selected your email address from an internet directory, in my search for a partner, hence this email.

My Father (Mentor) was killed in a battle with government forces of Angola, led by President Dos Santos, on Friday 22nd February 2002. After his death, Mr. Antonio Dembo who was his second in command, assumed office as leader of UNITA, due to lack of the Charisma my Father had carried the party with in Dembo, there was chaos and struggle for leadership.

Prominent members like Carlos Morgado lobbied to depose him and assume office as leader to enrich themselves and some of them who saw me as a threat to their ambitions, including Mr.Dembo, planned to kill me. The tension and confusion in UNITA become uncontrollable when Mr. Dembo died 10days after my Father's death. I secretly left Angola and came here (Abidjan) to seek political asylum.I am sincerely proposing to you to render me your highly needed assistance in respect to safekeeping of some of my Father's money that arose from Diamonds sales. This money (US$22million), which deposited in one of the Bank here in Abidjan, Since February 2002 when the tragic incident of my Father's death occurred. President Dos Santos has lobbied the International Community to freeze my Father's assets and accounts abroad, to ground UNITA, and has already done this in Angola.

I plan to use this money to safeguard my future. It is very essential that you understand that the kind of trust and confidence I want to put in you is extraordinary, and an act of desperation on my part,in order not to lose this money.

Also, ensure that this contact with you should be treated with utmost secrecy.Sir I am Honourable seeking your assistance in the following ways:-

Moreover , I am willing to offer your 15% of the total sum as compesation for your effort /input after the successful transfer of this fund to your Norminated account overseas.This transaction should be completed immediately depending on your prompt response.I thank you in advance as I anticipate your assistance in enabling me achieve this goal.
Please contact me if you are interested in assisting me on this

To know more about the struggle by UNITA to liberate Angola, click on the link below and read.

Solomon Savimbi.


Dear Mr. Savimbi

Thank you for your communique regarding your late father's monies. Firstly, let me express my most benignant regards for your late father. As a soldier and an officer myself, I know it would have been the way he would have wanted to go.

Now, concerning the business ahead, let me assure you that I am experienced in such patronage and have backed many successful boxers in my time. I am sure that I should be able to help with your highbinding business deal with utmost efficiency.

I shall await your instructions.

Capt. Buckley P Flashman
23rd Light Dragoons (retd.)


Dear Capt. Buckley P Flashman
23rd Light Dragoons (retd.)

May this mail find you well.

I received with thanks your response to my humble request for assistance and i want to assure you that my contacting you is not for any selfish interest, rather for you to asist me in the tranferring of this money into your account as was directed by my late father.

To prove my claims, i will first thing tomorrow's morning send you the deposit slip and the agreementory letter that was issued to my late father by the bank at the time of deposit, so you can really know that am in need actually.Yes

Today i will go to the bank to inform them about you, and this is to let you know that the remittance director of the bank will accept, so please forward to me your banking informations to enable me meet with the bank director offically. Meanwhile incase you want to verify the existence of this money, here is the contact of the bank:

DIRECT LINE: 0022 507 558 147
DIRECT FAX : 0022 522 524 027

Please you can call the bank and present your self legally as the only legal identity of this money and ask them the process required for the quick transfer of the money into your account.

I have in confidence taken you as my guardian, please don't betray me if this money comes in your account as you will help me in the area of investment and you being the trustee while i will immediately come over at the confirmation of this money into your account in continuation of my education.

May God richly bless you while we hope to live as one big and happy family in near future.




Dear Mr. Savimbi,

Good to hear from you old fellow.

Let me firstly repeat my benignant sadness for the loss of your father Jonas, but without whom our new friendship would not exist! Although you must be jolly upset with his passing, let me assure you that to be had by the enemy when you're burnt to the socket, out of shot and fixed bayonettes, is the only way a fighting man like him would have wanted to go. While in the Spanish penninsular I thought I'd come a cropper on more than a few occasions, blasted ditches on the wicket I ask you! Fowled up my charge, and a sabre in the leg for reward, damnably painful, but I've never been happier than lying in that ditch, claret pouring from my leg like it was in short supply - it's a soldier's life you see, and we're damned to have it any other way.

Now, let's get to the meat of this, hey? I've always had a keen eye for good business, and I am sure that this business is no exception. I've already mentioned that I'm a follower of the noble art, and have backed several successful pugilists in my time, notably Molineaux, familiar with the chap are you? Lasted over eighty rounds against Cribb you know. Hell of a fellow. Took the deuce of a battering, eyes like cricket-balls by the thirtieth! And damne if anyone knows who won!

As for your previous correspondence, I'm sure all the monies are in order. I don't think I need to doubt your honesty by ringing your bank my dear fellow, and to be honest with you, I can't abide bank managers. Impudent squirts with mush for brains, don't you think?

So! What's the next stage old boy?

Capt. Buckley P Flashman
23rd Light Dragoons (retd.)


Dear Buckley Flashman

l am very glad to read from your wonderful email with the content well noted and duly understood. once again, l know we are not meeting or knowing each other by mistake but if l should say is just the hand work of God. how is your family, health and business hope every is fine, l thanks God for that.As you have said that I must come over their before you do this for me that is good I am ready to come overtheir send me a flight ticket and some money to renew my international passport i will come over immediately,As for the money I am hopeing for is this my father inheritance
1. the money is in the bank here in Abidjan Cote D'lvoire.
2. regarding the verification document issued from the bank, kindly send me your fax number to enable forward them over to you for your verification and l wish to let you know that this money have nothning to do with criminal or crime. the source of the money was from Exportation, Importataion of Gold,Cocoa and Diamond.
3. l don't have much exerience in the lnternational business and this is my major reasons of contacting you to please do all you can to assist and help me secure this money in your country.
4. Presently the money is in a Suspense Coded Account with the bank, the bank informed me because of the condition of the account that no money can be allow to be withdraw until the maturity date unless is been transferred to a foreign account. please because of this l will not like the money to be locked again because of my present condition and my nefus sisters. we are here in Abidjan cote d' lvoire as refugees, because we don't know any body and secondly l have tried so many times to withdraw some money from the bank but they refused based on this l decided to contact you to help and assist me act as my late father foreign partner before the bank with the information of ths account l will provide to you and put claims and transfer of the money to your country.
Here is the brief information of the account:
Account information:
Name of Bank: BIAO BANK.
Account number: BIAO CI. 212298AC
Type of Account:Suspense.
Amount involved at the moment: USD 22. Million
Source of fund: General Contractors
and Trade (Import and Export).
Referees in the bank:
However, l appreciate your acceptance and concern towards helping and assist me to transfer this money to your country for better life of me and my family, l will send you, all the necessary document, the evidence of the money in the bank such as the deposit receipt for your verification and other important informations, but before then, l will like you to assure and guarante me that this fund will be secured safely when it get's to your account, that you will not cheat or betray me in this transaction. of course, what l want from you is sincerity, honesty, trust and confident, as you know that this money now is the only opportunity for me since our parents' are nolonger alife.

Further more, because of my low experience in the business world, and coupled with my refugee status, for the confidentiality of this transaction, l will like you to take full control of this transaction. Although l have discuss with a banker who wants to help us transafer the money, because of how urgency l needed the transaction to be concluded before those enemies who killed my father will trace me and l will also like you to contact and negociate with the banker, while l have made him to understand that this money does not belong to me but rather to my late father foriegn partner.

To assure you more and to build more confident, l will send you my picture then from there we can proceed, you should let me have yours with your full contact address. the total amount to be transfer is US$, please noted that the fund is still in a suspense coded account in the bank and the banker have informed me that the transaction is capital intensive, it will cost us some little money as to have a smooth transfer of the fund to your account and this is my reasons of contacting you to please assist me. based on this l have decided to map out 10% of the total fund for any expenses we may incure during the process.

Send me your personal fax and phone number then l will forward to you the deposit certificate of the fund issued from the bank for your verification. honestly l am very happy to hear from you and to associate with you, but please promise me that you will not betray me. while l look forward to hear from you, lncase if you have any question feel free and ask, as l look forward to hear from you.
Extend my Regards to your family,

yours faithfuly.


My good friend Solomon!

Good heavens man, is that the time?! I forgot to warn you that I was taking a short break in India. I do hope that all is well with you, and that our business arrangement is still all ahead flank?

If we ever meet, I should rather like to take you to India, for a spot of hunting. Are ye a hunting man, sir? I was trying out a new elephant gun you know, fabulous device, will take your shoulder off and certainly put the wind up those loafing beasts, what?

Must say though, that my money situation is looking a bit dire these days, blew quite a sum on the wheel in Delhi you know. Expect the sneaky bastards had it rigged. Besides the point - mainly, that I'm back in this hell hole they call a care-home, with mindless bints telling me it's my bed-time at 5 o'clock. For god's sakes woman, I wouldn't mind seeing the other side of tea, although that's doubtable with us all-out, and over 300 needed to avoid caning by an innings. Good heavens.

Where the devil was I? Oh yes. Your father's money - regrettable business, but it looks like it's just you and me old boy. Are you going to be sending me a cheque then? Will I need to make arrangements with my bank for such a large sum? Be tricky - these infernal scatter-brained tarts keeping me cooped up.

Cheerio for now, I shall wait for the cheque shall I?


Capt. Buckley P Flashman
23rd Light Dragoons (retd.)