updated jan. 12, 2010

Gay Gezunt returns in a tale of a widow fighting to maintain the lifestyle to which she has grown accustomed. The Lads go to more trouble than usual with the languages.

The Cast

Mrs June Cole - kindly businesswoman just trying to share useful information about her great barrister (aka First-Contact-Lad who hooks victims and passes them on to the closer)
Barrister Charles Anyanwu - said barrister, impatiently awaiting to hear from the potential victim (aka Closer-Lad)
Gay Gezunt Cole - the potential victim, widow of Jeff Cole, who is also apparently owed lots of money by an unnamed entity in West Africa
Chief Mike - imaginary alternate scammer, brought in for annoyance value

Mrs June Cole

[Paragraphs, missing in the original, are provided here gratis.]

Subject: Very Important Info For You
Date: October 25, 2009

Dear Friend,
I am Mrs.June Cole. I am a US citizen but Hugarian by birth, 48 years Old.

I reside here at 1650 Cowles Street Fairbanks, Alaska I am one of those that executed a contract in Africa years ago and they refused to pay me, I spent over US$75,000 trying to get my payment all to no avail.Things became so tight for me and my family.

So I decided to travel down to Nigeria with all my contract documents.There in Nigeria it was hell having being swindled before I was afraid of everybody not until I got information that the payments were been made from a bank in Abidjan.

They directed me to meet one Barrister Charles Anyanwu who is based in Abidjan the journey was too stressful because I had to embark on another journey.

He is a consultant for Bridge Bank and the Uk Treasury that have intervened in these delayed payments especially the interest the fund yielded over this period.

The interesting part is that I did not spend any money as we agreed on paying him his service charge only when I received my payment which I have long redeemed except for little amounts for Affidavit and afterwards Notarization just because I was scared of leaving the embassy because of the negative reports I heard about Africa. He said that those contacting us through emails are fake.

Then he took me to the paying bank , Bridge Bank and I was paid.I am now the happiest woman on this earth because I have received my contract funds of $2.5 Million USD. Moreover, Barrister Charles Anyanwu Esq, showed me the full information of those that have not received their payment,and I saw your name among one of the beneficiaries.

I think you should contact him immediately with the below details,he can be of help.

Name: Charles Anyanwu Esq
Phone: +225 48996687
Email :
Abidjan-Cote D'Voire

Thank's and God Bless.
Mrs. June Cole.

[Hungarian? I couldn't resist.]

Gay Cole Gezunt
Dear Mrs. Cole,

You may have meant this mail for my late first husband, Jeff Cole, who left us for that great construction site in the sky six years ago.

I'm sorry to hear you were swindled - you don't say who "they" is - but glad you got your money back. As far as I know, Jeff received everything he was due on the construction contract. While I miss him every day, he left me quite wealthy. I see no need to contact your Barrister.

If you think Jeff was owed more, please provide evidence of how much and by whom. If it's less than, say, $5 million, I'll let it go. Jeff left me comfortably off - four houses around the world and a yacht should be enough for anyone.

As luck has it, my grandparents were Hungarian, and I speak it a bit. For security reason, we should correspond in Magyar. I will expect any further messages from you to begin and end in Magyar. I will not trust any messages which do not follow this security measure.

Closing with my best wishes: Itt vagytok, az angol nyelv könnyu! [You are here, the English language is easy!] Sincerely, Gay Cole Gezunt

[I am not Hungarian, it was just fun to challenge these Lads who write in Chinese and Spanish and are neither.]

["Gay Cole Gezunt" - I don't know what I was thinking. Not enough sleep, I guess.
"June Cole" wasn't pretending to be a relative of mine.
Surely "she" will notice?
I'm not expecting an answer to this, especially with the added burden of umlauts and whatnot.]

Mrs June Cole

[holy moly! she writes back in Magyar]

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Ön nagyon szerencsés, hogy származtatott much.I remény, hogy mi a jó Isten megadja az eröt és lelkieröt folytatni távollétében.

Nem tudom a részleteket a tartozás, de tudom, hogy ez körülbelül $ 7.5m

Az ügyvéd tudja magyarázni jobban.

Továbbra is áldott.
Mrs június

[I turn to online translations, hack away the untranslated bits and am left with:
kedvesem = my darling
very luck much
that what's wrong
God surrender the spirit continue
I know the the it belongs , but I know , that this she knows magyar

Ooh, it's like the Rosetta Stone.

So, if the scammer really knows someone who writes Magyar, why am I not busted?
Is it a game? Ooh!

I look up some more words and get the basic idea - my imaginary late husband is owed more than the threshold amount I set to make it worth my while.

Gay Cole Gezunt
Hálás köszönet [warm thanks]

Dear Mrs. Cole -

Thank you for your courteous reply.

That IS a lot of money. But I think Jeff would have left me instructions if he were still owed as much as $7.5.

Also, you BEGAN your email in Magyar, and you ENDED it in Magyar, but I did not ask you to write the WHOLE email in Magyar.

Jeff made his millions by following INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY.

Do you wish to continue with this? What details do you want?

Jó reményekre jogosít! [it augurs well]
Mrs June Cole
Thursday, October 29, 2009

my dear,

It seems you misunderstood me.I do not need your details because I am not in the position to influence anything,hence I directed you to contact Barr.Charles Anyanwu at :

He helped me all through the process and it is with him that I saw the list.I think also that he can asist you receive the fund.He should be in position to explain how the money came about.Your husband must be very fulfilled materially during his life time having made so much.

Do contact Barrister Charles Anyanwu for help and guidance concerning this.Feel free to always contact me for advice too.

Mrs June
Gay Cole Gezunt
Hálás köszönet [warm thanks]

Mrs June Cole,

I am more interested than before, but you did not include any Magyar greeting or ending.
Is this truly you? On the internet, I never know if someone got into someone else's e-mail account.

Please reply with a few kind words of Magyar to give me confidence to continue.
Then I will know I should truly contact your barrister.

Does he speak French? I am concerned that he uses a French e-mail account.
I speak some French but not much.
I am a little worried to do business with someone who is unsympathetic, if you know what I mean. I usually left the business side of things to Jeff.

Please reply to confirm.

És önt hogy hívják [about us]
Mrs June Cole

[I'm busy and forget about this, after all it's only some millions]

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hi Gay,

How are you doing?

Have you received the funds?

Remain blessed.
Mrs June

[Where is "Mrs June" ?
Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; [Netmasters Hungary Ltd.]
Received: from [] by with HTTP; [CDMA 1x/EVDO Dial up pool, Lagos, Nigeria]

Interesting. Lad pretends to be in Alaska, but of Hungarian extraction; is working out of Lagos; but using Hungarian mail server. Oh well. Let's see how this evolves.]

Gay Cole Gezunt

[I send June a note of re-assurance.]

Dear Mrs June, or is it Mrs Cole?

I was concerned about this last e-mail of yours, because there was no Magyar in it. However, since you and I probably won't 'speak' again, I'll overlook it.

Sorry for not replying earlier. Goodness me no, I have not received the funds, I have not even contacted the barrister, as I was touring my properties. I'm trying to stay on top of things in the company. Since I'm not an engineer or financially savvy, this has been a challenge. I don't want the men who run the construction crews to think they can get around me. There's a lot of money involved and I have to put that first and foremost.

I will e-mail your barrister fella, sometime this weekend, but I have a lot on my mind today. [I'm starting to question these invoices that come into headquarters - $5000 seems like a lot for a framastat. I need to ask my advisor Serge about this, but that will have to wait for the weekend.]

OK enough about my problems, thanks for the tip and I'll follow up with the barrister.

Thanks for your tip.
Gay Cole Gezunt
November 18, 2009

Oh jeepers, time has flown.
I have dropped him a line. I'm not sure why the hurry. The money isn't going anywhere, is it?
Also, I didn't realize you were involved in this.
Your first e-mail suggested that you were just passing on some good advice about your own experience reclaiming your funds.
How are you still involved, and if you are, where is the MAGYAR?
Are you getting a kickback from this barrister?
I need to be reassured on this point.
Gay Cole Gezunt
To Charles Anyanwu Esq
Email :

Dear Mr. Anyanwu,

I received an e-mail from a Mrs June Cole.
She said you had helped her reclaim some funds related to her business contract with some organization, agency, she didn't say.
She seemed to think that my late husband's company is owed funds.
She suggested I contact you for further information.
Mrs Cole has repeatedly refused to specify WHO or WHAT ORGANIZATION she thinks owes the company money.
Also, she now seems to expect a kickback from you in return for referring me to you.
Can you please clarify:
- WHO or WHAT ORGANIZATION is supposed to owe my husband's company money
- What is the CONNECTION between you and Mrs June Cole?

I appreciate any help you can provide in fulfilling my husband's contract, but we have no record of any outstanding payments in West Africa.
Gay Cole Gezunt

[The webmail provider I'm using refuses to let me send emails to Anyanwu - it wants to protect me - Big Brother! So I switch accounts.]

Dear Mr. Anyanwu,
Thanks for your reply. I only saw it now, because it got filtered.

I do not know why, but Yahoo will not let me reply to your mails. So, here we go. I hope you get this.

My late husband's name was Jeff Cole, and he was a partner in Cole & de Nîmes.

Actually, I was confused by Mrs. June Cole's last name. I assumed at first that she was somehow related to Jeff, but she didn't say anything about that.

Cole & de Nîmes specialize in medium-to-large infrastructure projects, and they have done work in West Africa, so it's possible that there are outstanding debts. However, as I said, Mrs. Cole would not tell me who she thinks owes the firm money. I found that odd. My last e-mail to her bounced undelivered. So I really wonder about her.

Finally, I don't understand what Bridge Bank or the UK Treasury have to do with any of this. I'm not aware that Cole & de Nîmes ever banked with Bridge Bank, or had any projects in the UK.

I was going to refer this whole matter to Serge de Nîmes, my late husband's surviving partner, who is smart about business, but perhaps you can clear things up.

For curiosity's sake, let's see where this is all coming from:
Mrs Cole,,, etc. - are assigned to (CDMA 1x/EVDO Dial up pool, MultiLinks, Nigeria)

Gay Cole Gezunt

[Good, this gives me something to work with.]

Dear Mr. Anyanwu,

It's puzzling. Cole and de Nîmes had no telecoms consultancies, other than subcontracts to build satellite installations, just the building part, not the electronics. I don't know too much about that side of things, but Jeff did mention something about satellites, during his final illness. To be honest, he wasn't making much sense toward the end.

So, much as we could use $7.5 million, this may be a mistake, and anyway it seems this Mrs Cole is trying to do a number on you. I think she presents herself as a go-between to naive people like me, and then maybe asks her victims for a 'gift' in exchange for referring us to you. She hasn't done that yet, but I bet it's coming. [Did your e-mail to her bounce, like mine did?]

I don't like to think ill of people, but it looks fishy.

I should run all this by my husband's partner, Serge de Nîmes. It is almost Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, and things are slowing down as people prepare. My family is coming from all over, and Serge will join us. I will get his guidance then, if not before. He is my pole star on matters of this importance.


(It will soon be time to enlist Serge de Nîmes, ex-Foreign Legion, and surviving partner in the firm. If Serge and I don't get any more action, so to speak, before Thanksgiving, happy turkey day to all, but don't be one!)

[More to come?]

Gay Cole Gezunt

[He's getting right down to business.
I ignore the request for money.]

Dear Mr. Anyanwu,
Thank you for your advice. I still don't know exactly WHO is supposed to owe us WHAT.

Can you please provide details of which of Jeff's subcontracts is supposedly not paid in full, and who is supposedly holding out on us.

Also, I must inform you that "Mrs June Cole" (I am starting to doubt she is who she says she is) has actually asked me for money.

Here is what she said. I answered her saying NO but the mail bounced. I think you will agree something funny is going on, and I don't mean funny ha-ha.

[I totally made the following up. I have in fact heard no more from "Mrs June Cole" but, following in the footsteps of more accomplished scambaiters, am trying to sow a little dissension, if not dynamic tension.]

Subject: My situation
Date: December 1, 2009

My dear,Have you contacted the barrister and may I ask you a favor as I have been quite ill and still waiting for completion of my second contract. I am staying in hospital in Abidjan where I am staying for illness treatment. I wish fervently to return to Alaska because the hospital will be better but I must pay for my treatment here in Abidjan. Please can you assist with this problem as I have informed you about the barrister and you will receive your full payment once you have contacted him.
I hope you will understand my situation and help another woman as I am very stressed in this current circumstance.

I sent emails to both of those yahoo addresses but they bounced. Very odd don't you think?

Looking forward to your reply.
Gay Cole Gezunt

[OK I can be firm]

>I have given you the details available now about the fund in my earlier email.

You haven't, you know.
You've only said that my late husband's company was not fully paid on some contract or other.

"a consultancy done for Mobile telephone Network (MTN)"

Do you mean a COMPANY called "MTN" ?
It can't be. Cole and de N”mes did nothing for any company called MTN.
All their work was for the government, as a subcontractor through other companies, yes, but there was no "MTN" in the records.

Or do you mean they provided services in the general realm of mobile telephony?
That can't be right either. Cole and de Nîmes are not exactly telephony consultants, at least, not on the electronics side. I've explained this.

I've asked you and "Mrs June Cole" several times about this. Which government agency (or principal contractor) owes us money, which contract(s), when was work completed, how much money is owed. Contract number, contracts officers, the usual details any reputable firm can provide. If you have the information, send it. If you don't have the information, then how did you find my name and what makes you think you can help me?

> If you need further clarification,it can only be accessed after you are able to do an affidavit.

Which will cost money. So you say it will cost money to find out how much money I am owed? I don't think so.

By the way, I DON'T believe anyone is impersonating Mrs June Cole, I think she is trying to cut a side deal. Apparently every time I correspond with her, it's filtered by a spam filter. That does not fill me with confidence.

Please give me a reason why I shouldn't break down and take this matter to Serge de N”mes. I wanted to handle it myself but I may be in over my head. Serge is a tough businessman, and if he wants to get paid, he usually gets paid, in full.

With puzzlement and doubt
Gay Cole Gezunt
I have only seen this today. It's getting near the holidays, you know. I have been quite busy preparing the villa for my grandchildren, who always come at Christmas. They expect expensive presents, of course, which they will get, I always spoil them.

But to business -

> I have given you the details available now about the fund in my earlier email

You have NOT.
I would have no problem paying for your assistance if you were capable of replying to simple questions, but it seems that you don't even KNOW what this is about.

You said the funds would be sent back or something at the end of the financial year, but in your earlier mail you said the funds had already been repatriated.

> How do I know that I am dealing with the right person.

"Mrs June" (who you seem to know) approached ME, not the other way around.
For that matter, how do I know that you are who you say you are.
Perhaps you could send some proof. Are you a licensed consultant?
Have you got a certificate from the ULM? [Union of Licensed Mugus, of course

> I am not obliged to give you all the information you are requesting for

And I'm not obliged to pay you for services you haven't delivered.

"Mrs June" implied that YOU were the consultant. She said you helped her.
But it sounds like your job is answering the mail and making coffee.
I would like to deal with the head of the firm, not, as Serge puts it, a "small boy".

This is a lot of bother so far, for a mere $7.5 million.

If you're not interested in making your fee, I'll leave it there, unless you want to get something concrete done by the end of the financial year.
Gay Cole Gezunt
Well now I who owe the apology, because I have just seen this.
It's almost New Year, and we have a lot on just now. Parties and so on.
The grandchildren have come and gone, dear ones all, I love them and plan to leave them my estate, but secretly I'm glad when they go home to their parents. I've been there and done that, if you know what I mean.

Still I must say I'm surprised that you're the one in charge. I don't look down on you, but I am surprised you expect to be paid for work not yet performed. Cole and de Nîmes is also a consultancy and have never billed for work in advance. They may get an advance, but never the full payment. Let me put it this way, if you are acting as a consultant, then you should be prepared to make a deposit into an escrow account, just like Cole and de Nîmes did on their projects.

>I am already working for an organization in the disbursement of the fund so can not also handle yours as it concerns the same fund.

This makes no sense. Either the money was not actually owed to my husband, in which case we have nothing to discuss, or else you want to give my husband's money to someone else, in which case there is a big problem and I will have to turn to Serge to approach his old buddies in your part of the world, and that would not be pleasant for either of us.

>I will appreciate if you let me know exactly what you want me to do for you.

Just as before. An honest man would simply say where the money is and let us pursue it directly, but no matter. If you say my husband's company is owed money, then I want to know:
- WHAT was the contract (and don't just say 'telecommunications', that's too vague and besides, as I said, Cole and de Nîmes did not do electronics projects), nature of the work, contract number and so on
- WHO or WHAT COMPANY or AGENCY owed the money
- WHERE the money is
- WHO is the COMPANY or AGENCY agent we should approach

This isn't rocket science. It's basic stuff like in school journalism class: WHAT, WHEN, WHO, WHERE, and or course WHY. With so much money at stake, why wouldn't you have the details at hand? You do keep files, don't you? Or do you write your affairs on your sleeve?

> The best I can do for you is to recommend someone else.

That sounds like the words of a small boy indeed.
However, it's not a problem; I've heard from a Mr. Mike Ogiahdome, well he says he is a Chief, and a financial advisor, and he claims he can move things along faster. If you are really unavailable, or unable (or unwilling) to open a file and give me the details about this matter, I know what I have to do. Mr. Ogiahdome says he will be back in his office by early January and may be able to help me then.

Best wishes for a prosperous 2010 in your new profession, should you decide that consultancy is too demanding.
Gay Cole Gezunt

[The "Barrister" may have dropped me by now, but I will try again]

Dear Mr. Anyanwu,
I happened to look at my old e-mail address, the one I gave up using for corresponding with you, and to my surprise there was e-mail from "Mrs June Cole".

She says:
"Obviously somebody is impersonating me.I am not in Africa but here in Alaska."

Something is very wrong here, because the Interweb Identification Protocol Coordinate attached to her e-mail shows that the e-mail came from Lagos, Nigeria. [I got this information from our IT guy at Cole and de Nîmes, who does not know what it's all about, but tells me to be careful when dealing with strange e-mails.]

What am I supposed to think now?

This "Mrs June Cole" may be trying to do a number on you. We have a saying here in my country, if you lie down with carp, you end up with scales.

Not a nice way to begin the new year.

I became curious about the name "Ogiahdome".
I had copied it from another scam letter I received.

It seems he is a real person, and is or was a deputy to a former governor of Edo State in Nigeria (Lucky Igbinedion).

For one Nigerian perspective on that governor, see:
It's not exactly a love letter. It accuses the governor of using the state as a personal bank.

Using Chief Mike's name in a scam letter sure looks like political satire.
I sometimes ask scammers about it, but they never put it that way.
- they don't care to discuss it with someone like me
- it is satire, but they don't use that term, and anyway that's secondary to stealing your money
- they assume the political figure being impersonated is a crook, and that their proposed victim will know this but is also a crook and happy to deal with a crook
- they have no sense of humor
- all the above

I may have overreached in taking Chief Mike's name in vain, unless the "Barrister" assumes this Chief Mike is another scammer who is impersonating the real Chief Mike.

Complicated innit.

Chief Mike

[Time for "Chief Mike" to prod the "Barrister".]

Date: January 3
Subject: (Gezunt) do not interfere please

Greetings my brother, this maga is well in hand, I ask you to desist.
The sharing percentage is already settled.
Do not interfere in another business I thank you

[I'll be surprised if the "Barrister" writes back to either Chief Mike or the original intended victim, Gay Gezunt.]

Mrs June Cole

[I'm bored with him now]

My memory is perfectly good, thank you.
I said nothing about a proxy.

As for the IP, you're darn right it's deceptive. And SHE is deceptive. She says she is in one place, but she is in another. My IT guy says so. And YOU are deceptive. My IT guy asked what this was all about, and he started laughing before I was halfway through. Then he told Serge, and Serge laughed. Apparently you are the laughingstock of the internet.

However, it doesn't matter.
I have a RELIABLE contact. Chief Mike Ogiahdome will help me get the money. In fact he has been in town, attending a meeting of Cole & de Nîmes shareholders, here at our headquarters. He is a shareholder so he wants the company to be paid. He is a charming man who will do his best for us. I think even Serge likes him, and Serge doesn't like anybody.

So you go on trying to scam people. Au revoir - I hope not.
Chief Mike

[One last prod]

To so-called Anyanwu -
Do not trouble yourself here.
I have said the maga is in hand, I asked you politely.
Sharing is settled, if you understand me.
You sit in your small place and wait for small jobs to come to you and let me do my business. I operate at a different level ok.