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The Cast of Characters
Starring: Bello Umar - 419 Scammer ostensibly from Lome, Togo, but identified by as using Amsterdam servers
Co-Starring: Isaac Haymaker - Simple Amish Farmer (with Internet)
Guest Starring: Her Impostership, Fair Y. Tinkerbell - Bishop of the Amish Diocese of Lome, Togo (also with Internet)

Written by Bello Umar, Isaac Haymaker, and Fair Y. Tinkerbell.

Note to Readers: Content edited for clarity by Isaac Haymaker, who is neither male, Amish, a farmer, resident in the real rural village of Hamlet, Indiana, nor named Isaac Haymaker. Paragraph breaks have been reluctantly inserted into Mr. Umar's letters, but otherwise the editor has tried hard to avoid spoiling his entertaining prose.

[Dear Scam-o-readers, this tale is not a poke at the Amish - we could learn a thing or two from them - it is more a poke at the Lads. But you knew that. For folks outside the US - the Amish refer to non-Amish people as "English". Boxing fans will appreciate Isaac's last name.]


From: bello umar
Originating-IP: []
Sent: Monday, December 8, 2003 1:45 AM
Subject: REPLY BY FAX 00 228 22 00 431

TEL fax :00 228 2200431
DIRECT TEL:00 2289090720




DIRECT TEL fax :00 228 2200431
DIRECT TEL:00 2289090720


Sent: Monday, December 8, 2003 2:28 PM
To: bello umar
Subject: RE: REPLY BY FAX 00 228 22 00 431

As I understand it, you need me to help you bury an Amish man who died in one of those horrible airplanes and is related to me? I sometimes see those fancy things flying above my farm and think that they are very fancy but probably very dangerous. Now I know they are dangerous! How sad for his family!

I do not think I can be the Isaac Haymaker who is known to you through international trade missions. Perhaps that was my father, Israel Haymaker II? He once went to Canada, and once all the way to California; a LONG journey. Texas is a very dangerous country. Jonathan Buechler said that his cousin once went there and somebody stole his horse and buggy. I helped him get a bus ticket home. He always says that horse was the best stepper he ever had. I pride myself on being very knowledgeable about "English" things like the Internet, but what, please is a fax number.

I am going to go out to slop the hogs now, but I will check this account later when I go back to Reuben Steuben's house to paint his recreation room. He is not Amish, which is why he has fancy things like electricity and a computer, but he is a good man for all that. Of course I do not have electricity in my own home. One has to set an example for the children. Nor do I have a telephone. As a good Amish adult you should not have one either!!

Isaac (Isa) Haymaker III
Hamlet, IN 46532


Sent: Monday, December 8, 2003 3:54 PM

Dear Israel Haymaker,
Thank you for your email.
I am very sorry that you dont know what a fax machine is, a fax machine is another different way of communication by sending a message through a machine that will photocopy to your own machine incase if you have a fax machine too.
This is like a computer that can transmit messages to a different computer, but fax machine can only sent paper documents to a different machine and it goes with a telephone line, please go to your local electrician and verify for this equipment.
Are you ready to carry on with this transaction with me??? this is a legitimate inheritance claim of your late cousin which the bank have approved to pay you as soon as you declare your interest in an application text which i am going to send to you upon receipt of your reply to this letter.

Please respond back and confirm to me your interest in claiming this funds into your overseas bank account so that i can forward you the application letter to email to the bank immediately!!

Remain blessed,

Mr Bello Umar.


Sent: Tuesday, December 9, 2003 10:02 AM

Dear Mr. Umar:

If a fax machine needs an electrician and a telephone line it must work with electricity. Now you know that we Amish do not have electricity in our homes! Remember, we are the PLAIN PEOPLE!! However, since the need is urgent, I can speak to the bishop and see if a fax machine can be installed in the telephone kiosk at the crossroads. I do not think that this can be done before the New Year.

This man who died in the airplane crash, is he related to me through the Poinsettias or the Kringle's? I have been talking to old auntie Kringle and she thinks that it must be through the Kringle's because they moved away about 80 years ago, and we have not heard of them since. A sad, sad thing! I met Chris Kringle back in the old days, so I will send you a picture of his horse and buggy. Do you remember it? The horse must be long dead, but are the horse's descendents still alive?

What is an overseas bank account?

Note to Readers: Fortunately or unfortunately, and through my own ineptitude, I failed to attach the picture of Santa driving a reindeer sleigh.


Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 10:41 AM

Dear Israel Haymaker,

Thank you for your email to me! We can easily communicate via the internet for now until when you will finally install a fax machine on the telephone at the kiosk after you might have spoken to the bishop, i hope you will not go ahead to review this transaction to him??? please make sure you keep all my communication with you very secret and confidential. We can easily make all our commuincation through the email ok! How far do you live from the town?? what area of the states are you residing???

Please give me your direct home address and also try to phone me from the koisk today?????

You were related to the late customer of my bank through the Kringle, i never knew much about these family but i know there decendants are still existing!! i dont know about the horse and the buggy because it was long time ago.

An oversea bank account is the same like your personnal bank account in your country were you will prefer the Ecobank to wire the said $10.5m inheritance claim of your late cousin to you. Precisely your bank account in America, are you a citizen of America???

I will send you the text of an application letter to email to the bank today as soon as i receive the address and telephone number from you today.

Remain blessed,

Mr Bello Umar.
Tel: +228 90 90 720.

NB: Please try and give me a call right away!!


Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 02:38 PM

771_small1.jpg(14 KB); Amish_jpg.jpg(64 KB); phone1.jpg(13 KB)

No, no, I will not tell the bishop about you having a telephone! I will just tell him we need a fax for business. My farm, it is on Rural Route 419, Hamlet, Indiana, 46532. Notice the 419? The farm is maybe 15 miles from Hamlet, but not to worry, my horse is very good. Here is a picture of him. Of course I am an American citizen! What else would I be?

I have been trying to reach you through the kiosk, but have been unable to get a connection. You could try calling the kiosk at (XXX) XXX-XXXX, but that line is quite unreliable. Often there is a misconnection or a party line. However, since your need is urgent, I will make a couple more tries between 8 and 9 PM tonight, and will also stand at the kiosk for an hour at that time, in case you wish to try to call. If I do not hear from you, I will come back after chores, and try calling you after 11:00 PM, when the cost is lower. Please try to be punctual about calling. It is very cold here at night in winter, I cannot make the horse stand too long or it will get sick. I attach a picture of the kiosk, so you will recognize it when you come here.

I think given all the trouble you are going to, in burying this poor man, that you must be a Kringle too. I know that after he left Auntie, (the former Mrs. Kringle), Chris married one of the Nauwtylist girls, and that they had seven children. I heard that Avarice, the second son, had gone to Africa as a missionary. Would I be right in thinking you are Avarice's little boy? I am sending you a picture of him, just before the family moved out of Hamlet. Do you recognize your daddy?

Note to Readers: The number given is always busy. The times were specifically chosen to cut into Mr. Umar's sleep cycle. The pictures are of an Amish farmer in a large straw hat obscuring his face driving a horse and buggy, an outhouse with a lockable door, and a fair-haired Amish child in a large straw hat, whose features are largely obscured by both the hat, and the horse whose nose he is kissing.


Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2003 09:01 AM

Dear Cousin Bello:

I was at the kiosk twice yesterday evening, and made several calls. Your phone just goes ring, ring, ring all the time. Can we simply do this by email until the bishop installs a fax in the kiosk? It is very hard for me to go to the kiosk so often. My wife has always been loving and trusting, but she is beginning to look strangely at me when I tell her I am just trying to help a fellow Amishman bury his relative. Better yet, maybe we can do this in person? I hate airplanes, but for anything for a relative, and anyway we Amish prefer to deal in cash. I could just take out $20,000 dollars or so, and bring it to you to cover the funeral fees. Ridicculaous (Ricky) Kringle can drive me to La Porte, and I can take a bus from there to Chicago, and fly from Chicago to wherever you are. Perhaps your bishop could have a driver meet me at the airport? Do I need to get a passport? Ricky says he didn't need one to go to California.

Cousin Isa


Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2003 11:50 AM

Dearest Brother Isa,
Thank you very much for your email to me. Your ideas are very good to me, lets do our communication only by email because i feel that may be more easy and confidential to both of us, i am living in West Africa and before you can visit my country lome Togo you must have a Passport to enable you obtain a visa from my Embassy in Washignton and that may take you upto 2 Months, but that is not impotant for now because the said inheritance sum of $10.5M of your late cousin will be transferred to your bank account via online bank wire transfer through the Ecobank correpondence finance house in United Kingdom for the final crediting of funds to any of your chosen bank account in America without even getting your phisical presence in the bank here, an accredited bank lawyer will be appointed to you from the bank and you will give him power of authority to represent you and sign off the funds on your behalf.

Do you own any bank account of yours personnaly were we can transfer this inheritance sum to you??

Please dont bother yourself calling me or going to the bishop for any fax line, everything can still go through the email successfuly because i am living far from your country America, i am working as a Director of Credit and Foriegn Bills of Ecobank Lome Togo West Africa before i contacted you through the bank for you to come and make claim over this your late brothers estate as the legitimate beneficiary of this fund.

I will email you the application form to send to the bank after sending this message to you!!

Remain blessed,

Mr Bello Umar.


Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2003 01:22 PM

My dear younger brother Bello:

As you should know, Amish people do not use banks, save for the large safes we keep in our front rooms. We have no need of banks, for we take care of our own in sickness, misfortune, or poverty. We also have no need of insurance agencies. You may read about the traditions of the Amish at
You ARE familiar with these? It seems that Avarice may not have instructed you properly in his faith . although most likely you are merely young and experiencing the proper "rumspringa" (experimentation) of your years. In that case, I apologize, both to you and him! (How can one choose to resist temptation one has never experienced, eh?) However, you DO plan to join the church, do you not??? Sadly, we Amish can only deal with other members of our faith. There are only two Amish dioceses in Togo, and Bishop Tinkerbell, (Order of the Skunk), heads the Diocese of Lome. Therefore, in your next email to me, please have Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell fill out and sign this referral certificate attesting that you have joined the church, and so have become an accredited member of the Amish Order of the Weasel. Please also attach to the certificate a large, clear, photograph of yourself holding a sign saying "Order of the Weasel" for security purposes. I will then send you back a copy of proposed travel itinerary to Togo.

I have learned that I can get a passport in ten days, and have applied for one. When I come I will bring you an extra $30,000 dollars so that you can buy a proper farm on which to work, and not have to work in a bank where worldly, materialistic people must surround you.

Your stern but forgiving brother Isa

Note to Readers: The referral certificate has a line drawing of a horse and buggy, and states "The individual described below is a fully accredited member of the Amish Order of the Weasel, and entitled to all the faith and confidence that rank is due." There is a space on the form for the name and address of the candidate, and for the bishop's signature, diocese.


Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2003 12:00 PM
Subject: send this application letter to the bank!

Dear Isa,

Please state the below application letter with your name, address and include your bank account particulars as provided in the spaces. Send the below application letter to the bank and lets see what will be there response towards this legitimate inheritance claim of your late cousin.

Remain blessed,

Mr Bello Umar.

NB:Below is the TEXT OF APPLICATION letter to be sent to the bank which contains one of the secret information about the late MR GEORGE KRINGLE.



FAX:00 228 222 1149

Dear Sir,

Application for the release and transfer of $10.5M (ten Million five hundred thousand UNITED states dollar only) from E.C.B dormant vault A/CN0:14-255-2004/utb/t

Please be informed that I wish to come for the claim,release and transfer of the sum of($10,500.000.00) from account number 14-255-2004/utb/t with your bank to a new account as stated below.

Bank name:-----------------------------
Account N0-----------------------------
Telex No--------------------------------
Bank Tel/fax No:-------------------
Routing N0 ----------------------if available
Swift N0 ------------------------if available
Beneficiary Name

The above amount/money was deposited in your bank by my deceased cousin (Mr George Kringle) who died in a plane crash in 31.10.1999 inside the atlantic ocean in the USA, and owned G.K. GEORGE KRINGLE TRADING SARL, Import & Export Company Lome Rep. of Togo. I am his cousin and named next of kin with all documents to proof.

I wish as the heir apparent to claim and instruct that the above-mentioned amount be transferred into my nominated account as shown above. I shall bear all cost of transfer and promised to pay off all other outstanding bills related to the account as declined on the content of deposit agreement.

Please accept this late application as it was due to family logistics problems consequent upon his funeral rights, I hope you will understand and expedite action.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

Yours faithfully,


Sent : Friday, December 12, 2003 10:32 AM

Dearest Brother Isa,
Thank you very much for given me a clue information about the way of living and the culture of my people the Old Amish people!!

I am very glad that you are making arrangements to visit my country soon, although i am not an Amish origin but i will like to join the church and became an accredited member of the Amish Order Of the Weasel.

I have printed the member certificate out from my mailbox and i will be going to meet with the Bishop, but unfortunately i dont know the location of your Dioceses here in Lome Togo, how can i meet Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell??? is he living in lome Togo??? do you know any address or telephone number to call the Doiceses?? can you help me on this?? Although i will try to see if i can locate the Dioceses myself today.

Please make sure you keep all our dealings in this transaction very secret and confidential without anybody to notice our communication, so keep this business absolutely secret and confidential until when you have arrived to meet me and claim this sum from the bank. I will be making a solid arrangement with the bank Directors so that the funds can be moved out from the banks volt diplomatically by cash without going through any bank to bank transfer since you dont own any account for such transfer to be effected. The said inheritance sum of $10.5M of your late cousin "Mr George William Kringle" would be moved as a diplomatic courier baggage to you in America after you might have arrived in lome Togo to take care of all procedures and obligations involved.

Remember that your coming to lome Togo is only for this transaction that you are having with me and not for the Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell, so never you try to divulge any information of this transaction to the bishop or even tell him your purpose of coming to this country.

All communication must be kept secret and confidential until when we have finalised this transaction with the Ecobank upon your arrival. There is no need for you to email the application letter to the bank again because i will use my contacts in the bank to move the funds out diplomaticaly and deliver it to you in a private home which i will rent before your arrival in lome Togo, so you will not appear in the bank premises for any reason regarding this transaction!!!

I hope you can get your passport ready before the end of next week?? please confirm this to me so that i can figure out the exact date when you will arrive here in lome Togo.

Never you try to review to anybody or the Embassy Authorities in America the main reason of your travelling to this country, just tell them that you are visiting lome Togo for tourism visit alone and you will be staying here for only 2 weeks, so when you arrive we can then arrange on how to move the inheritance funds to America diplomaticaly after we might have taken delivery of the consignment from the Ecobank volt.

I will try to locate the Dioceses and i will have the Bishop fill and sign the attach certificate so have i become an accredited member of the "Amish Order Of the Weasel" i will also send you my clear photograph holding a sign boldly writing on it "Order Of the Weasel" as you instructed me to do for security reasons and i will have it emailed to you immediately.

Can you send me some money to rent a house were you can take delivery of this funds upon your arrival to meet with me in Lome Togo?? if this will be possible for you please tell me on your reply email so that i can start looking for a good home were we can stay to meet together with the bank Director and take delivery of the funds accordingly because i would not like my wife to know the exact transaction that i am having with you now.

I will wait for your immediate response!

Thanks and GOD bless,

Brother Bello Umar.

NB:Please be very careful my beloved Brother about other email letters that may come to you this time, because a lot of unsolicited emails may be sent you by some dubious people in the banks and from various fraudlent impostors who may like to gain vital information from you regarding this legitimate inheritance claim of your late cousin thereby trying to jeopardise all our effort and chances of claiming this funds upon your arrival in lome Togo this Month.


Sent: Friday, December 12, 2003 02:18 PM

Dear Brother Bello:

I will bring you the money, and we can go to a hotel. That is much safer than trying to trust money to the mail, or to Western Union.

Are you quite certain that you are not related to the Kringle's?? I have been thinking you must be Avarice's son because Auntie said that after Avarice went to Africa as a missionary, he married a local girl, (from the Ewe tribe), changed his name, went to live in his wife's family compound, and left the church. (I guess George Kringle, our relative who died, must have gone back to the original family name.) Auntie didn't know what the name was changed to, because his father was very troubled by his son's apostasy, and stopped speaking to Avarice. Yet I am certain you must be related to Avarice! Perhaps you can talk to one of your own old aunties and ask them about this? You see, when Chris died, he divided his goods equally among his seven children, Wrath, Avarice, Lust, Pride, and Sloth (his sons), and Envy and Gluttony (his daughters). He couldn't give Avarice his share because he was an apostate, but he set it aside for Avarice's children. Mind you, it is not very much. It consists of 58 Liberty Double Eagle $20 dollar coins. They were originally minted in 1900. Because the coins are made of solid gold, and because they are antiques, they are worth a lot more today. I do not know how much more exactly, but probably not more than one or two thousand dollars apiece. (Chris didn't trust paper money.) Because gold coins do not take up much space, Auntie asked me to bring the coins to you in Togo when I see you later this month, so that you can give them to Avarice's surviving relatives.

The Bishop of Lome's residence is actually between Mango and Kara. (I guess that Lome was too big a city to allow the Bishop to pursue a normal, healthy, simple, Amish life.) I have never met the Bishop of Lome, but you will be glad to hear that he is pleased to hear that you wish to return to the faith of your fathers. (Do not worry, I told him NOTHING AT ALL about our dead relative. I just told him that we were relatives; that we had been communicating for quite a while; that you were originally Amish but had been raised without proper instruction; and that I would be visiting you in Togo soon.) I attach the text of the kind letter he sent me:


From: "Fair Tinkerbell" <>
Sent: Friday, December 12, 2003 11:29 PM

Dear Brother Isa:

I am delighted that you have managed to recover a strayed lamb into the Amish fold of the Order of the Weasel, and will be glad to give your relative, Mr. Bello Umar a reference to do business with the Togolese Old Order Amish. Since Mr. Umar lives at some distance from my personal residence, it will suffice for him to provide me with a large clear photograph of himself pouring a bucket of water over his head in the presence of at least two witnesses. He and his witnesses should then sign their names to the following statement, which I have signed in advance. The baptismal affirmation should be emailed back to me together with both his baptismal photograph (see above), and his passport photograph. I will then sign and email both him and you copies of our standard referral letter.

I enclose the website of our fair diocese of Togo (located, as you know, between Mango and Kara). I can be contacted at my personal email of


Fair Y. Tinkerbell

Order of the Weasel
Order of the Skunk,
Lome, Togo, Africa

Note to Readers: The Baptismal Certificate states "I Bello Umar, do by horse and buggy confess myself a Rattlesnake. I swear that I have this day baptized myself into the Order of the Weasel, and that I aspire to join the Order of the Skunk. There are spaces in which the Convert, his three witnesses, and the Bishop have to sign. The Bishop's name has been thoughtfully filled in using MS Paint. The certificate itself is not displayed because it is displayed in competed form later on. The webpage of the "Amish Diocese of Togo" above is, of course, entirely fraudulent. There are no practicing Amish do not live in Africa


Sent : Saturday, December 13, 2003 7:57 AM

Dearest Brother Isa,
Thank you very much for your kind email to me. ALMIGHTY GOD IS GREAT INDEED.!!!

After going through your message today i can now confirm truely were my decendant fathers originated from, my Mother is truely an EWE tribe woman and she was married to my late father about 4 decades ago, my Aunty have clarified this to me vividly and my Auntys name is Alice Souza, she is a sister to my late father MR KOKOUVI UMAR SOUZA whos father was an old missionary named "Avarice da Souza" who migrated in Lome Togo long time ago after the first world war. I was not able to trace my decedants too well because my father died so early when i was only 5yrs and my Mother is an EWE tribe village woman and she dont know much about my origin because she is not educated.

So now my Aunty ALICE have given me the right information which i suppose to know in my lifetime, i will be happy to rejoin the culture of my people the old Amish people. You are very right in given me this vital information and i will be glad to meet with you later this Month so that we can finalise the transaction and move the deposit of our late brother Mr George Kringle to you in America as the bonafide next of kin beneficairy.

The late Brother George Kringle made the said deposit like a family valuables/antiquity and the real deposit worth is $10.5M before his sudden death, the deposit was safekeeped in a trunk silver box with the volt account number of the bank. The Ecobank have agreed to move this funds to the next of kin beneficiary of which you have been chosen favourably on merit to inherit the above sum upon your arrival to meet with me this Month. I have discussed all the movement plans with the bank Director and he will be willing to deliver the box to us to any residential apartment upon your arrival in Lome Togo.

I have seen the email which was sent by Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell together with the baptismal certificate which i must fill and attach my picture to be sent back to his email address as stated in his message to you. I am very happy to rejoin my old people of Amish and i will be glad to be a full member of the Order Of the Weasel. I will be getting all the needed photographs to you by Monday and i will also forward same to the Bishop at Mango Kara. Mango-Kara is very far from the capital city lome Togo, so we can only keep the contacts through our emails and i will send all the things that you need from me, i will also get a witness to sign for me as per the bishops advise.

Our transaction can not be carried out so easily in a Hotel room as you suggested based on security reasons i will like us to rent a villa apartment before your arrival and that is were we can stay and inspect the consignment after we might have taken delivery from the bank volt. We can not take delivery of such trunk box in a hotel room as to avoid any eyebrow that may lead to suspiciuos because money is very delicate to toy with, so it will be better that we get a villa apartment were we can conclude this transaction upon your arrival this month. Sending money to me via the western union is very safe, simple and will not impose any treat whatsover but if you decide to come along with the money then you have to hide it very well with you as to beat the security check point at lome airport upon your arrival. Or if you wish i can forward you a personnal bank account were you can wire the money to me safely so that i can rent the apartment before your arrival this Month.

Will you be coming to lome Togo alone or are you coming with any relative??? please confirm this to me!!!

Please keep our communication very confidential and also remember to pray everyday for the success of our life and children, i am happy meeting you as loved brother, i am happy to be back with my original people of Amish. I will get all the certificates fill and signed accordingly!!

I will be sending it all by Monday or Tuesday next week as soon as i get the witnesses to sign for me on the baptismal certificate.

Remain blessed,

Bro. Bello Umar
Ecobank lome Togo.


Sent: Monday, December 15, 2003 11:20 AM

Dear Brother Bello:

I hope you had a blessed Sabbath. I enjoyed my own day of rest very much. About our relationship; why, what wonderful news! I always knew that you were a child of Avarice! Auntie Kringle was so overjoyed she practically exploded out of her undergarments with happiness, and left bits of her drawers everywhere. (I didn't know where to look, but it didn't faze her one bit.) She's making you a union suit, and I wrote your name and your mother's name into her big family Bible. Do you have any brothers, sisters or children who should be written into the Bible too?

I do not understand why renting a hotel room would cause a breach of security that would lead us to be regarded with suspicion. The money, after all, is our inheritance. Travelers often cart about trunk boxes. Nobody knows what's in them, whether they contain union suits and suspenders, or diamonds and rubies. When Uncle Bullwinkle won First Prize at the State Fair last year, he stayed at the Indianapolis Hilton, and he had a trunk box with him. The management never complained about his trunk box, they only complained about Rocky, his pig. (They thought he should not share his bed, and they also objected to him bringing Rocky into the hot tub.) Not that Uncle Bullwinkle took that lying down. He said that Rocky was a Number One champion and entitled to the best that the corrupt fleshpots of the Big City could offer. He bought him a massage, and took him to restaurants; why he even took him to the ballet. Not that he should have done that mind you, ecause there were ladies wearing skimpy clothes in the Ballet, and Rocky might have been offended. (Between you and me, Uncle Bullwinkle is not the kind of example I prefer to set before the children; he acts like a big dumb moose sometimes, and as for Rocky, he's more than a little squirrel-brained if you ask me.) However, if you are sure that the Western Union is the way to send money, I'll ask our Bishop where their nearest office is when I see him next week, and will ask him how I go about doing this. I can tell him the glad news about how you really are an Amishman after all. Alternatively, if you want to give me your personal bank account, I can ask the bank in Hamlet about how one goes about sending money that way.

I'll be coming to Togo with my pet gorilla, Mighty Joe Young, if I can persuade the airline to allow him in first class. The travel agent said that there was just no way they would allow him, and that anyway he wouldn't fit, and that furthermore, he couldn't get a passport, but I tell you sir, that gorilla is cleaner and smarter and better behaved than most humans, and I don't know where I'd find a finer, better friend than he, unless it might be yourself. I'm holding off on making reservations while she tries to straighten it out with the airlines. If they won't allow him to come along, why then, I guess I'll just have to come alone. It sure seems like people throw up an awful lot of objections to minor details.

Your loving brother, Isa

P.S. Incidentally, I just got an email from a Mr. Frank Williams, of the Continental Trust Bank of the Cotonou-Benin Republic, TEL:+229 603009, who said pretty much the same thing you said to me in your first email. Is he also related to poor old George? Do you know him?


Sent : Tuesday, December 16, 2003 9:25 AM

Dearest Brother Isa,
I am very well excited after going through your message today.

I will be sending my pictures to you and to the Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell as he directed me to do, the pictures will be sent today together with the certificates fully endorsed by me and my witnesses.

I enjoyed my sabbath very well and i am very happy that Auntie Kringle is making a union suit for me, i have 2 brothers called Michelle and Kingsley but they are residing in Europe for now and i have a wife called Bola but i dont have any child yet, with one sister called Esther so you can add this names to the big family Bible.

Renting a hotel room would not cause any breach of security but is would not be very wise for the bank to deliver such consignment of money to you in a hotel room, so it would be better that we hire a house were we can receive this trunk box, but if you feel renting a hotel may be more better then we have to go to a local hotel that will not look so flashy and we can stay there secretly and conclude our deal without any problem because i would not want anybody to know your mission in this lome Togo until these transaction is successfully concluded upon your arrival this Month.

Nobody knows what is in the box but the hotel management may wish to call the Police incase if they suspect such luggage from the bank and the security agents may wish to know the content of such box and that may be a problem now, so that is the reason why i suggested that we rent an apartment were we can sit down privately and inspect our money as soon as the bank Director delivers the box to us. Remember that hotels in Africa are very very security cautious based on the 9/11 and the way terrorist have been gambling and distroying American interests and citizens so far, please dont take me from the wrong side ok!!! such trunk box will not be wise to be delivered in a hotel room were you will also be lodging in as a guest. I can stay in the hotel with you but we can not carry out our transaction from there.

Sending me money through western union money transfer services is very good, easy, fast and simple, but if you wish to use a bank to bank swift transfer then i can give you a private bank account of my friend with the Ecobank were you can wire the funds then i can collect it directly from my friends bank account after the confirmation of the money in 3 days time. I dont have any bank account of mine because as a banker we are not allowed to own any such current account for making distance transfer abroad.

The travelling agency will not allow you to travel with Mighty Joe Young because he dont have a passport and that may impose a problem so i will be your Brother and Friend to stay with upon your arrival to meet me in Lome Togo, i will give you all the comfort you need as a fellow Amish Brother and you will also have much time with me to teach me more about the old life of my decendants.

Please go ahead and make your reservations immediately, i will be sending the pictures today!!!

Please note that the message which you received from a Mr Frank Williams who claimed to be working with Continental Trust Bank of the Cotonou-Benin Republic is fake, dubious and fraudlent, the Mr Frank is not in any way related to old George please, he is an impostor who is trying to gain vital information from you about the late Uncle George and any information that you may try to give him or any reply to his message will totally jeopardise all our mutual dealings with the bank in regards to the legitimate inheritance of George William Kringle. Frank is not from the Avarice so delete his message from your message box immediately. Please refer to my message sent to you on the 12-12-03 below were i clearly told you about this impostors who may be trying to contact you with different stories just to gain vital information from you regarding our late cousins inheritancy with the bank!!! Frank is one of those impostors so ignore his proposal completely and make sure you delete his original message from your mailbox as i told you.

I will send you the pictures today!!

Remain blessed,

Mr Bello Umar.
Ecobank lome Togo.

NB: Below is my message of 12/12/03 were i told you clearly about this IMPOSTORS, people sending unsolicited emails to you!!!!

Note to Readers: Here he repeats his message of 12/12/03, which I do not reproduce


Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 3:31 PM

I hadn't realized that hotels these days were suspicious of customers with luggage. Fact is, I had been under the impression that they were suspicious of customers without luggage. But you're right; if they didn't, any stranger could walk in there with a box filled right to the brim with high quality, military grade buffalochips. Maybe even with radioactive utterbunkum! The entire hotel could disappear in a cloud of mushrooms, and our nether parts might mutate into those of equines! (Of course, that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, but still, I prefer the bovine species myself!) Well, I'm glad they're taking precautions, and I SURE am glad I have you to keep me straight!

I will go ask the bishop about how one goes about sending money through Western Union, but I won't be able to see him before Sunday earliest, as we both have winter crops to set. Alternatively, you could send me your friend's bank account number, and I could ask Cash Grabbit of The Hamlet Bank of Plunder and Flee about sending the money the very day I get your certification from Bishop Tinkerbell.

Too bad about Mighty Joe not being able to come along! I broke the news to him and he was very disappointed. His little head went right down, and he stuck out his little lower lip, and he balled up his little fists, and just stomped right into the road and commenced crushing vehicles and downing aircraft. Poor little guy; I felt real sorry for him. Wow, so you think that Mr. Frank Williams is a fake? Gosh, whoed've thunk? I don't think I've ever exchanged emails with a real fraudster before. We just don't get any real crime here in little old Hamlet. Round ebout Halloween, the local boys go privy-tipping, and sometimes someone shoots jailbait out of season, but that's about it. Gosh, a real criminal type corresponding with little old me. I gotta tell the Bishop next time I see him fer sure! I'm guess I'm sorry now that I went and told Mr. Williams that I was coming to Lome on the tenth of January!

On the good side, my passport has arrived, and I have sent it off to a buddy in Washington D.C., who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and who said that he'd get me a visa.

Here's my flight schedule

Togo Bound Flights
Flight: Air France flight 51 on a Airbus A340 Jet
Depart: Chicago-Ohare, IL (ORD)- Fri, Jan 09 5:45pm
Arrive: Paris de Gaulle, France (CDG) - Sat, Jan 10 8:50am
Flight: Air France flight 816 on a Airbus A340 Jet
Depart: Paris de Gaulle, France (CDG)- Sat, Jan 10 1:50pm
Arrive: Lome, Togo (LFW) - Sat, Jan 10 7:10pm

U.S. Bound Flights
Flight: Air France flight 815 on a Airbus A340 Jet
Depart: Lome, Togo (LFW)- Thu, Jan 22 10:30pm
Arrive: Paris de Gaulle, France (CDG) - Fri, Jan 23 6:00am
Flight: Air France flight 50 on a Airbus A340 Jet
Depart: Paris de Gaulle, France (CDG)- Fri, Jan 23 1:15pm
Arrive: Chicago-Ohare, IL (ORD) - Fri, Jan 23 3:40pm

Ever yours,

Your brother Isa

Note to Readers: This address is that of the White House, the residence/office of the President of the United States.


Sent : Wednesday, December 17, 2003 7:11 PM
Originating-IP: [] This is a different server, also in Amsterdam.

Dearet Brother Isa,
I forgive you for all your mistake as a fellow believer and i am hoping to get a better corporation with you this time, and you must promise me that you will not relate our transaction to a any fraudlent person again. Why must you tell Mr Frank about your trip to meet me in lome Togo?? did you tell him that you are coming to carry the wealth of our late brother old George??

You went to far my brother, but please dont allow someone to take advantage of us in this mutual transaction because a lot of fraudlent people in the bank are trying to know much about the late George wealth with the my bank and any information that you tried to lay out may jeopardise our chances of getting this claim from the bank here in Lome Togo. Old George never and did not live in Cotonou-Benin Republic, he spent all his life here in lome Togo after she got Married to my EWE mother so please ignore the fraudlent message that was sent to you by the dubious Frank who claim to work with a Continental Bank which has nothing to do with our mutual business. Delete all his messages from your email box immediately ok, he is a FRAUD please!!!

I am very glad that you have confirmed your travelling schedule with the airline, so please dont tell anybody what your mission is in lome Togo upon your arrival because you will make your way from the airport until you arrive in the hotel were you will stay to call me before i will come to see you personnally. I will give you the name of a good hotel which you can use to make a good hotel reservation or i will book a reservation for you before your arrival as soon as you send me the money next week.

Today i have made everything ready, my picture with my witnesses, my personnal picture were i pose with the sign saying Amish Order Of the Weasel as you told me to do, then the next picture is were i am pouring bucket of water on my head according to what the bishop told me to do. I am also attaching the 2 certificates duly signed by me and my witnesses, dear Brother Isa please sign for me as the last witness on the baptisimal certificate then you can send it to the bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell immediately. Attach are the pictures for your perusal, the bishop will also be receiving this message so please try to confirm with him if everything is okay!!

I will try to book a call with you at the kiosk one of these days, please confirm this is ok for you!

Remain blessed,

Mr Bello Umar.

Note to Readers: The documents consist of the completed requested certificates (baptismal and reference); a picture of a 30ish black male holding up a sign saying "Amish Order of the Weasel", and two pictures of a group of three men (fully clothed) who first are merely standing together, and then are watching the middle man pour a bucket of water over his head. I modified the baptismal certificates by "signing" via MS Paint; the Bishop modified hers ditto. Of course, since I wasn't actually present at the baptism, I could only affirm that I had perused "photographs depicting this blessed event."


Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2003 10:03 AM

Dear Brother Bello

Gosh, I'm sure sorry if I messed you up! I only told Mr. Williams that I was coming to Togo on January 10th at 7:30 PM, and I said that it was for tourism, just as you bid me say, and I asked him if the dead man was Mr. George Kringle, and if Mr. Williams was related to him, but I didn't say that I was coming to take care of the inheritance because I didn't know if it was the same man. Oh yes, and I said that maybe he and I could get together at the airport in Lome.

Are you sure that it isn't lying for me to say that I am coming as a tourist, when really, I am mostly there to visit family? It isn't really a lie, because I mean to see the mastodons, and the koalas, and the saber tooth tigers, and the quetzals, and the dodos, and the kangaroos, and the pterodactyls and the tyrannosaurus rexes that I've read about all my life when I visit, and that would be tourism, if you like. Still, I felt a little uneasy about just putting down tourism as the reason, I confess. Matter of fact I've been kinda avoiding our local bishop, because I don't want to have to confess all of this to him, until after I come back from Togo, but on the other hand, I do want to know how to send money through Western Union.

I asked Reuben about how one sends money through Western Union, and he said you have to go all the way to their office in Chicago, because Hamlet doesn't have a Western Union outlet. Now Chicago is nearly eight hours away by horse and buggy, and Yora Lyre says that the road is just awful; packed with big trucks that scare the horses, and that nobody should try to drive on the interstate in a horse and buggy. It would be simpler, I think to use the bank in Hamlet, and get old Cash Grabbit to walk me through the business of sending money to your bank account.

I liked your pictures. I emailed Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell and asked him to send you your referral certificate, but he has just emailed me back that he still needed a copy of the first page of your PASSPORT for identification; I guess he means the side that has your picture and all the little letters and numbers. I think he is sending you a copy of the email. Could you get that to him please?

Your loving brother


P.S. So you want me to come to the hotel after I get into Togo? Will you be able to meet me at the airport? Mr. Williams just wrote me saying he'd be glad to meet me at the airport, but I haven't replied to him because I'm suspicious of his motives. I don't have my passport and visa back from my good buddy, old Dubya Bush of Washington D.C., yet, but I am sending you a copy of the picture I had taken for my passport, so you will be able to recognize me at the airport. . First photograph I've had in my whole life! Don't I look fine? It's the suit I keep for funerals. I haven't been this dressed up since we buried Virtue, many years ago.

Note to Readers: The picture purporting to be mine is a colorized photograph of President Abraham Lincoln


Sent : Thursday, December 18 2003 11:06 PM
Originating-IP: [] This is the original Amsterdam server.

Dearest Brother Isa,

Forget about Mr Frank, he is a crook, he is just trying to steal information from you about your movement and our mutual transaction.

Please desist from him because he is a fraudlent man, such people like him will be sending you a lot of unsolicited emails in future from elswhere even from Europe, Asia with all part of the world and if you dare try to reply to such mails then all our effort in getting the old Georges wealth will be jeopardised totally. Dont ever reply to his email because he is not part of us and i dont know who he is either.

Now that you have my pictures copy with you is like we have gone into a life OATH which can never be broken on this Earth, so all information that you need to know in Africa must come from me or our dear Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell who have approved for me to be an accredited member of the Amish Order Of the Weasel, but dont ever tell the Bishop Fair Tinkerbell about my transaction with you. Hope you saw all my pictures correctly ???

Mr Frank is an impostor, a joker who wants to spoil our deal, please dont send any of your picture or flight movement to such fraudster who will put us into a problem that will raise an eyebrow to see your face upon your arrival at the lome Togo airport because this will pose a great danger to our mutual transaction in claiming the inheritance of late Mr George Kringle of blessed memories !!! Mr Frank motives is to distroy our business that is why he wants to come and wait you at the airport. Did he knew you before ?? Please desist from writing any email to him again as that will expose our deal to him more because he is a crook.

I myself will be at the airport to wellcome you as my church member and also a family brother ok!!! so you can tell the Embassy or the security at the airport that your visit in lome Togo is to meet with your church members at Mango-Kara and also to see your old family members of Amish who lives here in Lome Togo.

I am your fellow Amish brother now and you must have a great trust with me because i have been baptised back in the house of the Lord with your fatherly advise to me. I will email my International passport to the Bishop as he requested, so please keep away from anybody that may try to send you any message regarding any assistance because a lot of dubious people in various parts of the world and Africa mainly are seeking information to know much about our late brother the old George Kringles wealth, but all there letters are fraudlent and fake so delete every of such messages each time that you may receive it. Please keep everything to yourself and make sure you delete every strange emails that may come to you from any of this fraudlent people who are spying through the internet to get vital information except you verify such from me ok !!!!

Attach is my friends bank account were you will wire the money to me, forget about sending it by western union because i dont want to stress you up by going to Chicago Town which is miles away from Hamlet, i dont want the big trucks in Town to hit the Horse and the Buggy please !! i hope with the below bank account information the funds will get down to me here.

ACCOUNT NO: 102352402017

I will send my International passport to the bishop tomorrow and i will also send a copy to you for your reference.

Please wire the $30,000.00 by a swift transfer for quick confirmation, and endeavour to send me the wire transfer confirmation slip as soon as you conclude the payment with the bank in Hamlet. Tell the man incharge at the Hamlet bank to make the routing transfer with the above bank account information which i have given to you via a swift transfer.

Remain blessed forever !!!!

Brother Bello Umar.

NB: Please take good note of the account number as to avoid any wrong transfer!!!!!!


Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2003 01:31 PM
Subject: Baptismal Certificate

Your Grace:

I attach the baptismal certificate of my long lost relative, Mr. Bello Umar, which I have signed at his request. Although I did not actually witness the ceremony in which he joined the august Order of the Weasel, I respectfully affirm witnessing two photographs submitted by Mr. Bello, documenting his performance of this rite. If it pleases you, pray send Mr. Umar the reference certificate, which he so earnestly desires.


Isaac Haymaker
Hamlet, Indiana, U.S.A.


Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2003 1:55 PM
To: Bello umar:

My dear Son Bello:

Welcome, Welcome "home" to the Order of the Weasel. I am delighted by the reverent photographs sent to me, and I enclose your completed baptismal certificate.

There is one other matter before I can release you to engage in business transactions with your Haymaker relatives. Since your baptism was performed in the presence of two individuals not personally known to me, it is necessary that you send me a copy of your passport photograph to verify that you are indeed the person you say you are.

With all the blessings of the Weasel and of the Skunk.

Fair Tinkerbell
Bishop, Lome, Togo


Sent : Friday, December 19, 2003 8:27 AM
To : israelhaymaker
Subject : RE: REPLY BY FAX 00 228 22 00 431

Originating-IP: [] His other Amsterdam server.

Dearest Brother Isa,

Thank you for signing for me as my third witness in this great performance of my rite as a fellow Amish Brother and i hope i have completed the needed obligations to become part of this great old family. Today i am attaching my passport to the bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell and i will also be sending a copy to you for your reference. I hope you received the bank account which i sent to you yesterday as to make the transfer from the Hamlet Bank?? Please try and keep our dealing very secret and confidential as i keep ringing to you everyday because i will not like any hitch that will delay our chances in getting this inheritance claim of our late family brother out from the bank. I can now recognise you very well with your nice picture which you sent to me, you are a good hansome man indeed, your attire is very good and nice looking like my own grandfather. I hope to meet with you by January next year upon your arrival at the Lome Togo airport and we can then talk much about our life and how GOD have make us to meet together after a long last.

Have a nice day Brother Isa.

Mr Bello Umar.

NB: A nicely photoshopped Togolaise passport was attached


Sent: Friday, December 19, 2003 5:27 PM
Subject: Welcome to the Order of the Weasel

My dear son Bello:

Welcome! Welcome to the Order of the Weasel! We rejoice that you have rejoined the faith of your fathers!

Enclosed find your signed referral certificate authorizing you to do business with your relative and my good "brother" Isa Haymaker.

I look forward to seeing you at diocesan events in the near future.

With all blessings,

Fair Y. Tinkerbell
Bishop, Togo Diocese
Order of the Weasel
Order of the Skunk

NB: Mr. Bello Umar's referral certificate has finally been signed and is attached here.


Sent : Sunday, December 21, 2003 3:16 AM

Dearest Bishop Fair Tinkerbell,

Thank you for accepting me in the house of the Lord.
Thank you fro wellcoming me to the Order Of the Weasel
and Order Of the
Skunk, back to the faith of my for-fathers, so i am
very glad for your
kind acceptance my Lord.

I will be glad to meet you in the near future whenever
the next
congress will hold.

Thank you Sir!!!

Your Son,
Mr Bello Umar.


Sent: Monday, December 22, 2003 9:02 AM

Dear Brother Bello

Sabbath greetings! I received your email concerning the account you wish me to use, in order to rent a house for me in Togo, and I spoke to Cash Grabbit about how one sends money through banks on Saturday. Unfortunately, I did not get Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell's signed referral certificate before the bank closed at 1:00 PM, and we are now in the period between the Fourth Sunday in Advent and the Feast of the Three Kings. As the bishop may have mentioned, we Amish conduct no business whatsoever during this holy time. I therefore will send you your money on January 7th, when the banks reopen for business. I eagerly anticipate seeing you face to face in Togo

Your brother Isa Haymaker

Picking up again in January - we see that Israel Haymaker & Co. have been very busy:


From : bello umar
Sent : Monday, December 22, 2003 9:55 AM
To : israelhaymaker
Subject : RE: Sabbath greetings!

Dearest Brother Isa,
Thank you for your kind email to me. I am very happy that you have assisted me so much in coming back to my old people life and making me to become a full accredited member of the Amish Order Of the Weasel and i am glad that the bishop have accepted me into the House of the Lord.

Happy Sabbath feast and more blessings to you, i hope to continue our transaction with you as soon as the bank opens for business and i will be happy to meet you phisically upon your arrival in Lome Togo by January.

Have you gotten your passport and visa ready??? please attach your International passport copy and send to me for my reference because i need to have a copy of your passport with me. Did you receive any message again from the dubious Mr William who claims to work with a bank in Cotonou-Benin Republic??? Please remember to keep away from any of such persons who may send you another email regarding any assistance just to get vital information from you about our mutual dealings because you can now see that i am free to do any business with you based on the OATH which i have taken declaring my full rite as a member of the church.

I will be so glad to be in the next conference of the church which will take place in near future time according to what the bishop Fair Y Tinkerbell said in his message to me.

Please update me as soon as your visa is ready.

Remain blessed,

Mr Bello Umar.


From : bello umar
Sent : Wednesday, December 24, 2003 9:30 AM
Dearest Brother Isa,

Happy xmas greetings to you and the entire family! How is Auntie Avarice? is she doing ok? hope everything is moving fine.
I am hoping to meet with you by January upon your arrival in lome Togo for us to finalise the transaction with the bank.
Have you received your passport and visa from Washington DC ??? please keep me updated soon!!

Remain blessed,

Mr Bello Umar.


Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003 2:51 PM
To: Bello umar:
CC:; cluelesschristian (this is Fair Tinkerbell's e-mail #)
Subject: She's Alive!!!

Dear Brother Bello and Bishop Tickerbell:

It has been an exceedingly merry xmas for me, for there has been WONDERFUL news! I have just learned from Mr. Frank Williams - about whom, dear brother Bello, I think you MUST be wrong - that cousin George - actually Georgina - is alive! Alive!! ALIVE!!! Yes, she was saved from the wreckage of that ill-fated plane crash, and is, at this very hour, lying in the primate surgical ward of the Artis Zoological Garden in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), after having delivered twin half-Sasquatch infants by C-section some time earlier. It seems that although a pterosaur (Quetzalcoatlus northropi) collided with the plane in midair, fragmenting it on that inauspicious day so long ago; miraculously, Cousin Georgina fell literally into the arms of a Sasquatch (Bigfoot) who carried our poor cousin off for amorous purposes. Overcome with joy at her rescue, dear Georgina fell in love with her hirsute rescuer, (whom she has baptized "Tarzan") and married him some months ago, in a touching ceremony witnessed by primates from the Bonobo to the Archbishop of Canterbury. However, complications developed in the resulting pregnancy, and so the worried couple approached passing space aliens for medical attention. Their UFO took Georgina to the Primate House at the Artis Zoological Gardens in Amsterdam for an emergency C-section. (The Artis's talented director, Dr Maarten Frankenstein, performed this operation.) The UFO is still at the Artis Planetarium, hidden just underneath the dome; the aliens are staying at the Artis Aquarium, and the children are at the Primate House with Tarzan. Georgina is still terribly weak, and has a throat injury from the plane crash. She could not say much to me when she telephoned the kiosk, and didn' sound at all like an Amish woman. But with a little prompting she was able to tell me the password ITSAR EALMU GUIAM.

Poor Georgina will be transferred to the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam later this week for specialized care. The infants will remain at the zoological garden under Tarzan's fatherly eye. As the head of the Kringle-Haymaker family I am leaving for Amsterdam this Saturday, taking as much money as I could gather up on such short notice from our friends and acquaintances to pay for the expenses surrounding the childbirth. My plane leaves Chicago at 4:20 PM and arrives in Amsterdam at 10:40 AM on the Sunday. Mr. Williams says he and Dr. Frankenstein will meet me at Schipol Airport and will take me directly to see the babies. You will be able to contact me through Mr Williams; his email is frankwilliams1000@xxxx

Your overjoyed brother,
Isa Haymaker

P.S. I'll go on to Lome, Togo to take care of the money angle for dear Georgina later via Air France flight 816 departing Paris from de Gaulle airport, on Sat, Jan 10 at 1:50pm just as we had previously planned, but clearly all the documents will need to be redone how that our dear Georgiana is alive, ALIVE, ALIVE!!!!

P.P.S. I'll also bring along your gold, and the money I promised you. Do you think you can meet me at Schipol Airport along with Frank and Dr. Frankenstein?

N.B. Auntie Kringle sends you a big hug and has given me home baked cookies for you. I have put them carefully in my hand luggage, well wrapped in my barn smock.

Note to Readers: A bonobo is a primate; a member of the great ape family, a partial list of which includes chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas. Archbishops of the Anglican church are also amusingly referred to as primates.

JOKE: You are in a room with a gorilla, a chimpanzee, and the Archbishop of Canterbury. The chimpanzee has a banana, the gorilla has a stick, and the Archbishop of Canterbury has a profoundly divided church. Who is the smartest primate in the room? (The answer comes after the following paragraph.)

Artis Zoo is indeed in Amsterdam, and a Dr. Maartens FrankenHAUS is its director. But I couldn't resist changing the poor man's name. Needless to say neither he, his zoo, nor the University of Amsterdam have any knowledge of a xenophilic primagravida on their property.

Any answer to the above question that doesn't say that YOU are the smartest primate in the room has got to be wrong. Humans are also members of the primate family.


From : frankwilliams1000@xxx
Sent : Wednesday, December 24, 2003 3:55 PM
To : Bello umar:

Monkey dey work babon dey chop, my own don betta!

Note to Readers: Mr. Frank Williams owes his name to the sender of a 419 letter that I didn't respond to, but is otherwise entirely my creation. Thanks to the pidgin dictionary on the web for this message, which could be translated as "I reap where you sowed; my ship came in!"


From : bello umar
Sent : Tuesday, December 30, 2003 12:05 PM
To : Israel Haymaker
Subject : 419 scam by Mr. Frank Williams

Dear Brother of the Lord Amish Isa Haymaker,

You have been decieved by a FRAUDSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Frank William is not from the Kringles, he is a CROOK and a KILLER, you have given him enough room to operate by commuinicating him in my absent, please give me the password of your emailbox immediately so that i can go in there and block him from sending more dubious deceiving stories and letters to you, he was a deceiver trying to reap you off your hard earned money!!!! I thaught you told me earlier that you will never write him again because you suspected his movement, so why are you now travelling to Amsterdam upon his decieving word and tormenting advise to you.

Who is Mr Frank?? did you knew him before?? do you knew him from ADAM??? do you want yourself to be defrauded and killed by a black monkey who claims to know you based on my information which you have wrongly passed to him mistakenly?? Desist from Mr Frank and dont ever try to fly to Amsterdam Holland this weekend because they will murder you there and take all your money from you, Georgina is a different name from the old George Kringle whom i have meet earlier before his sudden death when he was alive with his family here in Lome Togo, please dont be decieved by fake names and stories that was not true.

Mr Frank William is not an Amish, he is a FRAUDLENT CON-ARTIST who is trying to reap you off in collaboration with his Gang fraud artist in Amsterdam Holland because they saw you as an old man of Amish and it seems to me that you have given him all the information about me.

This is terrible Brother Isa, i have been baptised in the Lord of Amish Order of the Weasel and you have chosen to do business with me in good faith after Bishop Tinkerbell gave you a go ahead signatory on me as a good Brother. Did you also ask the FRAUDLENT man Mr Frank to baptise as an Amish?????? i hope not! Please dont ever go to Amsteredam or Holland or any other place he may want you to go because they will kill you there and steal all the money that you have with you, dont go there because Mr George Kringle and Mrs Janet Kringle her wife died in the same airplane crash together on the 31st October 1999 as they were coming home on holidays from America and had no baby at all. The person that spoke with you is not Mrs Janet George Kringle!! that is why her voice did not sound like a real Amish woman at all, and did not speak to you for so long because you will dictate the voice as a con-artist FRAUDSTER who is trying to reap you off your hard earned money, that person that called the kiosk is a liar because no single body survived in that Egyptian airplane crash that occured in America in the year 1999, this plane crash did not happen recently ok, this is not the same crash that occured in Cotonou-Benin Republic on the 27th day of December 2003, Mr Frank William is trying to decieve you with this recent crash that occured in Benin Republic which has no American passenger on board, the airline that crashed in Benin on the 27th December 2003 was flying to Beriut Lebanon and Mrs Janet George was not in that plane ok. Mr & Mrs George Kringle are late already since 1999 after that fatal crash that occured in America with the Egyptian airline flight number 990.

For your correct information please visit this below websites and confirm what i have just told you because the airline that was conveying Mr/Mrs George Kringle to America was an Egyptian airline.

Mr Frank William is a great liar, a deceiver and a con-artist fraudster who is working against us, i dont know him before because we dont have any relative in Cotonou-Benin Republic, old George Kringle spent all his life here in Lome Togo before he decided to fly back to America with the family when that crash occured in New York America which caused his sudden death in October 31st 1999, you will find the correct information on the above website which i have sent to you as a reference.
Amsterdam-Holland is a corrupt European country nation and there is a lot of African con-aritist FRAUDSTERS GANG over there working in collaboration with the dubious Mr Frank William in Cotonou-Benin Republic West Africa, there work is to deceive old people like you with fake fraudlent information and documents thereby extructing your money dubiously from you, they will steal your money and ran away with it upon your arrival in Amsterdam Holland, and they may end up killing you because you are an old man of Amish.

Do you want to loose your life like our other Amish Brothers and Sisters who were murdered, persecuted and humiliated in Europe during the old ages??????? based on the fact that our religoin permits baptism only at the Adult age a lot of our Brothers were killed in Europe in the old time because the European world does not support such act of baptism, so you must be careful with the extent you were going with Mr Frank William.
Remember that all that glitters were not meant to be GOLD!!! be carefull Brother Isa Haymaker, you have gone too far with a nuissance who wanted to riun your entire life forever!!!!!!!!!!! Mr Frank William is not to be trusted in any way or else you may end up your life in jail, he is promising to meet you in Amsterdam and at the same time promised to meet you in Lome Togo!! what a rediculous attitude is that??? does it mean he was a spirit that will be everywere at the same time????? take him as a great liar based on his complicating words to you!!!!!

Remember that you are not too conversant with the western life and you were not also too famliar with the computer system based on your origin as an Amish man, and you can not dictate junk email messages which is been circulated around the globe by Fraudsters like Mr Frank William so i will advise you to stop immediate commuincation with him outrightly.

Please visit the below websites too, this will give you more clue of information about Mr Frank William numerous tricks to get you defrauded entirely upon your arrival in Amsterdam Holland. Remember that European world does not love the Amish people way of life and they ended up killing all our brothers and relatives during the 17th/18th century, this is according to what i red in the website episode about the Amish people life which you sent to me earlier when we commenced this business. Do you want to loose your life for a monkey business that is not existing at all????

Mr Frank William proposal to you is a FRAUDLENT letter been circulated by various con-artist men in the web who are trying to gain information about our family wealth of Mr GEORGE WILLIAM WILBERFORCE KRINGLE which is here with the Ecobank lome Togo Republic, Mr Frank William just wanted to use the information he saw in the web about the plane crash and defraud you off your money dubiously. Mr Frank William is a different entity entirely, he never knew anything about what i am doing with you at all, he bears the name Frank william does not mean he is a part of the Kringles family because anybody can easily bear such name William or Frank! Are you really working with your senses???

Mr Frank is not a Truthful man, he is an impostor, a joker and a deciever only working towards reaping you off your hard earned money upon your arrival in Amsterdam Holland. I am your Brother in the Lord of Amish Order Of the Weasel and i can not decieve you in thsi life, how on this earth are you now sending copies of my messages to an unknown FRANK who is trying to reap us off our money, and at the same time telling me to send you an email with the Mr Franks email address! does it mean you can not access your own emailbox by yourself any longer???? this is very astonished to me!
Mr FRANK is not a family brother, he is a fraudlent con-artist on the web, please take time to go through this websites below then you will know the truth of what i am telling you about the internet fraud that Mr Frank William is trying to paly with you. He is a FRUADSTER, please desist immediately!!!!

[We're miffed that he didn't include Scamorama.]

So right now i have made an urgent arrangement with a courier Diplomatic official who will come to meet you in Miami by tomorrow afternoon as soon as you are ready to fly down to Miami by air, what is the distance hour by air from Indiana to Miami????? can you be able to fly down to Miami tomorrow????? Please let me know so that i can inform the diplomat on how to meet with you upon his arrival tomrrow morning your time, can he call you at the kiosk before you will travel to meet him in Miami????

I will try to call you at the kiosk today at about this morning your time, please wait for my urgent telephone call so that i will link you up with the diplomat who will be coming all the way from my Country Lome Togo, he will be there to give you all the directives and assistance that you need in coming down to meet me personnaly in January 10th as per our schedule, now that you have given Mr Frank William your flight schedule that is another problem because he is now fully aware of your trip to meet with me in lome Togo. Dont you think this will be too dangerous for both of us??

So please stop immediate commuincation with him and also cancel your flight booking to Amsterdam Holland immediately. Please cancel the flight booking movement to Amsterdam Holland indefinitely because the said Frank William could not be trusted at all, he is a real deciever and a FRAUDSTER. You are seriously warned Brother Isa, please stop immedaite commuincation with Mr Frank or any other person that he must have linked you up with as a fake Dr Frankenstein who is not a real doctor either. All these fellows Mr Frank and Dr Frankenstein are fraudlent impostors in the internet trying to defraud old people like you there hard earned money under the pretence of a good business proposal.

I am sending a copy of this message to Bishop Tinkerbell at our Mango-Kara diocese, maybe he will advise you more on the total risk that you were involved by moving into a fraudlent dealing with an unknown Mr Frank William who will end up in defrauding all your money in Amsterdam Holland. You are the only person that is given Mr Frank the vital information to work on us because you disobeyed me by still keeping him in constant communication in regards to my mutual dealings with you. This is wonderful indeed, upon all my words of advise to you relating to internet fraud that is going around the global world you are still adamant in dealing with Mr Frank William!!!!!! Are you sure you are my Brother truely??? because if you are as you claim to be then you must take my advise alone as to avoid any problem that will jeopardise my mutual relationship with you and even put me on a risk position with my official work in the bank.
Bishop Tinkerbell is a man of dignity and he knows the best way to do things with people, maybe you will take his own advise for now because i am very upset with what you are doing with a dubiuos Mr Frank William, do you want to end up in jail as an old man?????? please dont ever think of going to any Amsterdam-Holland or any part of Europe for any business dealings with anybody.

The acclaimed Dr. Frankenstein is not a Doctor in any way, he is a fellow con-artist man, he works in collaboration with Mr Frank who lives in Contonou-Benin Republic and was the same person who sent you that letter telling you that he works with the Continental Bank, how then will he Frank be in Amsterdam Holland to meet you at the Schipol Airport upon your arrival????? all his words are very deceiving, complicating and untrue in nature to me because Mrs Janet George Kringle was not pregnant before she made this trip with her husband Mr George in the 31st October 1999 and there is no possibility that she has any twin baby because she have already stopped given issues to babies before the plane crash occoured to her with the husband in the year 1999. Her name is Mrs Janet George Kringle and not Georgina ok!!!!

All these stories that Mr Frank is telling you is just fake, Mr & Mrs George Kringle is death since 1999 and they never have any relation in Africa except me who works with the Ecobank lome Togo, Mr Frank is a joker and a liar, i never meet his person before in my life and after my full investigation through my bank branch office in Cotonou-Benin Republic i was able to confirm that there is no Mr Frank William working with any Continental Bank. He is a pure FRAUDSTER!!!!!!!!!

Remember that i have never lied to you before, you were the same person that informed me about my lineage with you so how then is Frank a related to us????? any person can bear such name Frank or William, so i advise you to keep off from him immediately as to save your life and my mutual business with you as a family brother in the Lord of Amish people.

Please proceed to the kiosk and wait for my call there upon receipt of this message!! I am also sending a copy of this message to the Bishop Tinkerbell here in lome Togo, he will soon contact you and tell you your mistakes and risk involved with proposing a fraud business in Europe Amsterdam Holland with an unknown fellow who is trying to reap off your money from you and kill you in Amsterdam Holland.

I am dissappointed with what you are doing this time!! does it mean you dont trust me again???

Desist from any movement to Holland because old George is late with wife Janet since 1999, the stories that Frank was telling you is just to divert your attention from our real business and reap you off your money in Amsterdam Holland upon your arrival, please dont ever listen to him again!!!


Please wait for my call at the kiosk today!! I will try to call my name BROTHER BELLO as a CODE WORD, then you will know that i am the one calling you. Mr Frank is a liar and a deciever, he is FRAUDSTER, i will forward you the rubbish message that he sent to me today, rejoicing and telling me in his letter that he has caught you on the web as a victim and he will surely deal with you dubiously and reap you off your money upon arrival in Amsterdam Holland this week.

Yours Brother in the Lord Amish,

Mr Bello Umar.

NB:Dear Brother Isa Haymaker please stop copying my messages to Mr Frank William, i will inform the bishop to advise you to desist immediately from this fake dealings that you are having with a FRAUDSTER called Mr Frank William!!

The Archbishiop of Canterbury is Rev. Desmond Tutu of South Africa, so never beleive that he was in any fake ceremony of such as was lied to you by Mr Frank William.

Note to Readers: While I might prefer Rev. Tutu as Archbishop of Canterbury, this is not, alas, the case. My, but dear Bello is agitated, isn't he?


From : bello umar IP -IP:
Sent : Tuesday, December 30, 2003 12:32 PM
To : Israel Haymaker

Dearest Brother Isa,
I am forwarding you the letter Mr Frank William sent to me yesterday, congratulating himself in a local dialete, singing praises to himself that his life is now better as he has caught you on the web as an old man who is not very familiar with internet, that he will defraud your hard earned money from you with his partners upon your arrival in Amsterdam Holland this week. Take a look at the below message sent me!! I am dissappointed Brother Isa, what is all this about???

Your unhappy Brother,
Mr Bello Umar.


Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 20:51:39 +0000

Monkey dey work babon dey chop, my own don betta! i will surely deal with this your Brother Isa Haymaker, he is a big fool MUGU. My partners in Amsterdam Holland will deal with him seriuosly upon arrival this week!!

to hell woth you Mr Bello!!

Note to Readers: I guess I am not the only person who can impersonate Mr. Frank Williams. At this point I filed a complaint with the FBI in order to see if they might be able to pick up the confederate in Florida. Hey, the reach of these scamsters is pretty impressive, isn't it?


From : bello umar
Sent : Tuesday, December 30, 2003 3:29 PM
To : Israel Haymaker
CC: Fair Tinkerbell
Subject : Desist 419 scam by Mr. Frank Williams

Dear Brothers of the Lord Amish Isa Haymaker and Bishop Fair Y Tinkerbell,

I am highly disappointed with Brother Isa Haymaker, he lied to me as a brother in the Lord of Amish Order Of the Weasel, Mr Isa haymaker have decieved me by engaging into a SCAM dealings with a CROOK and a THIEF called Mr Frank William. Is this the right way to do business by an Amish man?? Mr Isa Haymaker wants to travel to Amsterdam Holland on a SCAM business that will reap him off all his life earnings with pretence that he was involved with a good businessman.

Mr Frank William is a con-artist scamist and a fraudster, he sent me a letter today congratulating himself that he has worn the hart of Isa Haymaker as a fool and a greedy businessman who is not much conversant with internet fraud businesses. Please my Dear Bishop Tinkerbell kindly go through this scam websites below, and please advise Brother Isa Haymaker to disengage all further commuincations with this fraudster Mr Frank William because he will reap him off his money upon his arrival in Amsterdam Holland, they may end up killing our dear brother Isa in Amsterdam Holland because they are only after collecting his money from him with a fake story that never existed, we dont have any Georgina in our family lineage so this gives me enough room to suspect that Mr Frank William is deceiving our Brother Isa Haymaker with a dubious story that never occured.

Mr Frank William is one of those con-artist fraudsters in the internet after i verified from my contacts in the bank that Mr William Frank is not working with any bank Continetal Bank in Cotonou-Benin Republic. Please study the below website and you will confirm that Mr Frank William is a SCAM artist and a Dubious greedy man with no attitude.

I am a brother to you in the Lord of the Amish Order Of the Weasel, i have been baptised by you and you have accepted me to do business with Mr Isa, so why is he now engaging into a FRAUD dealings with a stranger who wanted to steal and extruct his money through a dubious way.

Why must my own Brother ask me to send him important messages to an unknown email address of a stranger called Mr Frank William, a crook who wanted to kill him in Amsterdam Holland. Does it mean you trusted Mr Frank more than me??? Did you forget that i am the first person to contact you about our late brother Mr George Kringle?? Please note that there is a lot of SCAM business going around Africa and Europe so it would not be advisable for Mr Isa to go to any Holland Amsterdam for any reason because i dont want him to get hurt as our Amish people is not truely wellcomed in Europe.

I am very, very upset with you Mr Isa Haymaker, are you trying to decieve me or what????? this is a critical time in my life after i have been accepted in the Order of The Skunk, and i would not want my own brother Isa Haymaker to fell a victim of SCAM activities in the internet because i saw it in my Dream yesterday night and that is the more reason why i am crying and advising you Sir, Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell to please advise this old man of the Amish [Mr Isa Haymaker] to be very careful and stop immediate commuincation with this FRAUDSTER Mr Frank William.
Because him Isa have my correct pictures already with him, and he can find me with my pictures wherever i may be in this world so what is the reason to back-bit me in my mutual business dealings with him. Is he a greedy Amish man??? But our Amish people are not meant to be greedy!!

Because of the winter and the cold in your area as you told me, that have made me not to meet you earlier in Hamlet, Indiana this Month. But i never knew in my mind that you are having another business dealings with another person who is not even a banker like me, this man Mr Frank William is satanic and must be avoided all through in your life except you have decided to loose your life for no justification.

Are you ready to fly to Miami tomorrow to meet with the Diplomat who i will send to meet you with a good faith as to advise you on the risk involved with your dealings with Frank??? we can also solidify an arrangement to conclude our mutual transaction in your country America without you going through the stress of travelling out to meet me in Lome Togo by the 10th January 2004.

I will be stopping here until i hear from you today, i will try to call the kiosk today again, are you going to wait for my call at the koisk???

Please wait for my call upto 1 hour!! i will call the koisk immediately.

Worried Brother,

Mr Bello Umar.


Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2003 12.56 PM
To: Bello umar:
CC: Israel Haymaker
Subject: Welcome to the Order of the Weasel

Dear Son Bello:

I am truly disturbed by this news, and contacted Bishop Bilbo Baggins, who guides the Shire Diocese to which Hamlet belongs. He could only tell me that son Isa had made a lightning visit to all the farms lying closest to his own, saying that he had to leave Hamlet immediately in order to assist a relative who lay injured, ill, and in childbed overseas. He asked a neighbor, Paul Revere, to hang two lanterns in the belfry of the old North Church (signifying a sea voyage), obtained large amounts of cash and coin from numerous Amish families in Hamlet, and galloped off on horseback in the direction of Chicago. (No buses have been running between La Porte and Chicago for two days, due to blizzard conditions.) I do not know yet whether dear Isa has arrived in Chicago as yet; where he plans to stay while awaiting his plane; or even if he expects to check his email before departing the country, but I pray that this may be so.

When I first communicated with son Isa earlier this month, I understood him to say that you and he were related, and that he planned to visit you in Togo to see the tyrannosauri in their native habitat, and to bring you a small present left for you by Chris Kringle, your late grandfather, as well as to give you some start-up funds so that you might purchase a suitable farm. Since dear Isa is the head of the Kringle-Haymaker clan, it is right and proper that he support his younger kinsmen, and of course I approved these worthy goals. Am I to understand that there was some other purpose to this visit? Who is George Kringle? Why is the nefarious Frank Williams attempting to murder dear Isa? I received a rather incoherent note on Monday from son Isa saying that George was really Georgina and that he (or she) was alive; in the Netherlands; injured; in an interesting condition; and in need of immediate succor. If his kinswoman is gravely injured, then certainly dear Isa should hasten to her aid with all possible speed. But who is George or Georgina? You should know that if a sex change operation has been involved, I have no option but to excommunicate this person, no matter what extenuating circumstances may be present.

Unfortunately there are no Amish in The Netherlands, and so I am unable to verify George/Georgina, Tarzan, Frank, or Dr. Frankenstein's bona fides. Should I seek assistance from the United States Embassy at The Hague?


Fair Y. Tinkerbell


From : bello umar
Sent : Thursday, January 01, 2004 7:17 PM

Dearest Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell,

Happy New year to you Sir, very glad to recieve your email. Please, Please, Please do whatever possible within your reach and contact the U.S Embassy in the Hauge before this FRAUDSTERS will kill our dear Isa, note that no Amish lives in the Netherland so our dear Isa is in great danger of travelling to Amsterdam Holland for such a fake news as was given to him by Mr Frank William who is trying to reap him off his hard eraned money. For this reason Isa have gathered and borrowed a lot money to make this trip to Netherland and this SCAM artist who claims to be a Doctor will hurt him because the European world does not like the Amish way of life. My dear Bishop, please can you make any viable contact to Chicago Police office??? do you know anybody who lives in Chicago?? because our dear Isa said his plane will only depart from the Chicago Airport at 4:20 PM on Saturday and arrives in Amsterdam at 10:40 AM on the Sunday, so if you can contact the Police in Chicago with his full identification to stop him from boarding the airplane on Saturday as he said, i think that will be 100% ok for me. Let them return our dear Isa back to Hamlet immediately, there is nobody called Georgina in our lineage because i am a true relative to Isa, so Mr Frank William is a criminal who is trying to reap off our dear brother Isa his money with a false pretence that we have a kinswoman in Netherland gravely injured. THIS IS FALSE!!!!!! The story by Mr Frank Williams is all fake and dubious because our Amish people does not have any lineage in Netherland, my grandfather Mr Chris Kringle who is late now and was related to my Ewe family here in Lome Togo died with his wife since long ago in 1999 and have nothing to do in Amsterdam Holland Hospital.

Mr Frank William and Dr. Frankenstein's are all jokers and SCAM FRAUDSTER con artist men who are trying to reap off our dear Isa all his life earned money. Please try your best possible and contact the United States Embassy at the Hauge immediately so that they can take immediate action to arrest this fraudsters at the Schipol airport Amsterdam upon there arrival on Sunday to wait for my Brother Isa Haymaker, i dont want my brother Isa to die in Netherland, please i need your immediate help and action because the fraudsters are very dangerous and may end up killing him there. Poor Isa, i hope you went through all the SCAM websites which i sent to you as to have full knowlegde on how this fraudsters use to operate and defraud people off there hard earned money and even kill there victims in most circumstances.

I am a brother in the Amish Lord and i can never deceive or lie to Mr Isa, you have my original photograph pictures with you and i would not want our brother Isa to fell a victim of SCAM because i have been in the banking industry for may years and i know fully well how this FRAUDSTERS use to operate, deceive and defraud old people the monies. The circumstance at present now is to excommunicate this person (MR FRANK WILLIAMS) from our dear Isa because i dont want my brother Isa Haymaker to get himself killed in Amsterdam Holland or would you come to blame me tomorrow if he losses his life??????? if possible please lets flash his indentity name and picture at the Schipol Airport Amsterdam Holland so that the Netherland Police can deport him back alive upon his arrival on the Sunday morning according to his flight schedule because his life is now in danger.

Dear Bishop, please contact the U.S. secret Police Agency or the Chicago Police so that they can verify the flight bookings made by Isa for this trip on Saturday to Netherland and put everything to a hitch until when Isa will be ready to meet me upon his arrival in lome Togo by the 12th of this Month January ok!!!!!!! I am given you all this information rightly because i dont want you to blame me at last if something terrible should happen to our dear Isa in Amsterdam Holland, i am having sleepless night over this issue since i receive this news that Mr Isa is on his way to Amsterdam Holland for a monkey business with a FRAUDSTER called Mr Frank William and a fake Dr. Frankenstein.

Dear Bishop Fair Y.Tinkerbell please help me, my brother is in danger of loosing his life and money, so it is very important that i see him so that he can get me the present left to me by my old grandfather the Kringles, before they will kill him in Amsterdam Holland for no real business. Please use you contact and get this matter resolved so that my brother Isa can come back home to Hamlet immediately before they will kill him in Holland. Remember that no Amish person lives in Netherland and this have imposed a lot of risk to this trip been made by dear Isa to an unknown country that does not cherish our beautiful way of living life as the old Amish people. George is not Georgina ok, this is a different person name and does not have anything to do with my family relations, the stories from Mr Frank Williams alltogether is fake.

Please contact the Chicago Police immediately through Bishop Bilbo Baggins and give him the flight schedule of our dear Isa so that they can track him down with his passport as to send him back to Hamlet before he would board the airplane on Saturday, let the bishop send someone to Chicago immediately and let the person trace our dear Isa as get hold of him before he will move on saturday.

Too worried Son,

Mr Bello Umar.

NB:Please Sir, use your legitimate contacts abroad and get our dear Isa back to Hamlet immediately before he lives the Chicago Airport on saturday night, this will please me much because i dont want to get myself blamed at last incase if Mr Isa Haymaker get himself murdered by a fraudlent gang operators whos work is to defraud old people there money with a false story that never existed. PLEASE HELP MY BROTHER ISA.!!!!


From : bello umar IP -IP:
Sent : Thursday, January 01, 2004 7:54 PM

Dearest Bishop Tinkerbell,
Please study carefully the below forwarded message, this message was sent to me on Monday Dec. 29th by the wicked murderer Mr Frank Williams after our dear Isa left Hamlet and have agreed to travel to meet him in Amsterdam Holland this weekend. Do you want our dear brother Isa to die like other mytrs who were killed and humiliated by the European world during the 17th century????? will you be happy if they kill him under pretence that we have a kinswoman gravely injured?? this is a 419 Scam activities! No Amish woman lives in Netherland and we have no relative by the name Georgina or Tarzan, Mr Frank William must be iscommunicated entirely by any possible means because he is a virus and would cause a lot of damage to ur family image, and brother Isa Haymaker may loose his life entirely for no good reason. Please contact the Chicago Police immediately and give them the full indentification of Mr Isa Haymaker, this will enable them to get hold of him and send him back to Hamlet immediately as soon as he gets ready

to board the airplane on Saturday this weekend. Worried and concerned Son,

Mr Bello Umar.

Note to Readers: The message was merely the one from Frank Williams that dear Bello had doctored.


From : bello umar
Sent : Friday, January 02, 2004 12:58 PM
Subject : urgent, urgent, urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dearest Father Tinkerbell,

Note that the life and death of our dear Brother Mr Isa is now in your hands as the only person who have the power to hitch this trip to Amsterdam Holland, i have given you my own information about the dubious dealings that he was having with the notorious Frank who have set up a trap to capture, steal, defraud, scam, and kill our dear Isa for no reason than his money, this is terrible and horrible to me. Does it mean you can not use your contacts abroad to hitch this trip to Amsterdam Holland????????????? Remember that i told you at first, so you will not blame or held me responsible if the worst happen. If his trip to Netherland is genuine and legal then why did Mr Isa Haymaker gathered all the money he have and even went ahead to borrowed some from Amish relatives just to make a voyage to a kinswoman! did we Amish have any relation in Netherland??? of course NOT, so what is Mr Isa going to do with all those monies he gathered from relatives??????????

Mr Frank and his gang men in Amsterdam Holland will kill Isa and collect all the money from him, this is there real plan and i saw it in my dreams always, i hope you saw the forwarded letter i sent to you yesterday? this letter was sent to me by the FRAUDSTER Frank, threatining me that he have captured our Brother Isa and he will do him harm upon his arrival in Amsterdam on Sunday. Mr Frank and Dr. Frankenstein have totally deceived our dear Isa, they have convinced Mr Isa to a far extent level by even taking the password of his emailbox to log into his message box thereby deleting all the new messages that we have been sending to Mr Isa, he told Isa to tell me to be sending all messages to his own mailbox Frank. This have made me to suspect that Frank is now using the emailbox of our dear Isa, so this have made it impossible for Mr Isa Haymaker to read any of our mails all this while. So my idea now is for us to use the Federal Police Agency in Chicago Airport and stop Isa from getting to the airplane tomorrow or we can use the Netherland Police to repertrate him back incase if he mistakenly board the airplane tomorrow, how possible can you make it dear Bishop??? i only trust in you to get this done because the life of dear Isa is in a great danger! have you contacted the U.S. Embassy in the Hauge with the flight time of arrival at the Schipol Airport???? have you contacted the Chicago Airport Police with the name, identification and flight depature of Mr Isa Haymaker to Amsterdam Holland???????????

Do you want us to loose a great man of the Haymaker clan??? i repeat again that the life of my brother Isa Haymaker is in your hands now, ou have every power to protect him from failing a victim of SCAM to this fraudsters who claim to be our relatives, but knowing fully well that our decendants are not living in Netherlands.

Mr Isa is moving tomorrow from the Chicago Airport at exactly 4:20pm and his arrival time at Schipol Airport Amsterdam will be by 10:40am on the Sunday morning, i dont know the flight name and number but with this depature and arrival hour i think we can track Isa down at the Chicago Airport before he will board in the airplane. Today is the final day, please make sure you get hold of Isa Haymaker before he will board the flight to Amsterdam Holland tomorrow. Schipol Airport is a very dangerous airport, drug dealers, fraudsters and all the rest of Criminals are there to skip old people off there money, if not why did Mr Frank told our dear Isa to gather a lot of money for this trip?? what will he use all this money for??? This is to tell you that the fraudsters are only after his money, they want to kill him and collect all his money from him upon his arrival in Amsterdam Holland by Sunday.

Dearest Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell, you have accepted me in the house of the Lord, please help my brother Isa Haymaker from falling a victim of FRAUD and death. His life is in your hands, please help,help,help,help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your worried Son,

Mr Bello Umar


From : John Mustafa
IP: (Amsterdam)
Sent : Friday, January 2, 2004 9:00 PM
To : frankwilliams
Subject : Re: CALL ME ON 31 613 776 467

The plane leaves Chicago at 4:20 PM and arrives in Amsterdam at 10:40 AM on the Sunday. Mr. Williams says he and Dr. Frankenstein will meet me at Schipol Airport and will take me directly to see the babies. will you be able to come to the Airport ?

[Sends same e-mail Sunday, January 4, 2004 3:19 AM]

Note to Readers: 31 is the Netherlands country code. The text that John Mustafa is citing was been cut and pasted out of Isa's letter to Bello, so it looks like my scammer may actually be called John Mustafa, at least to his fellow scammers! And clearly, he or one of his associates is in the Netherlands.


Sent: Monday, January 5, 2003 1.03 PM
Subject: Isa back in Indiana

Dear Son Bello:

I advised Bishop Bilbo Baggins of your messages. Bishop Baggins reported to on Sunday that not only had he contacted the airline, but that he had also got in touch with the Chicago Police Department advising them to bring in any single men on horseback, and had sent two English friends, (Orc and Cruella Goblin) to O'Hare airport in Chicago to wait for son Isa.
However, a most extraordinary thing happened! Dear Isa did indeed come to O'Hare airport, but when the Bishop's henchmen tried to accost him, a strange blue light enwrapped son Isa, who suddenly disappeared. A peculiar craft hovered over the airport at about the same time; (see attached photograph), which flew away shortly after Isa's abduction, and which may be related to the abduction. As you can imagine, I was extremely worried, but prayerfully awaited developments, and was relieved this morning by a call from son Isa this morning, stating that he was staying at the Kitty Kat Lounge in South Bend, Indiana, where the spacecraft had dropped him off after an exceedingly thorough medical examination. He told me that he had been trying to reach you, but had been unable to get through, and that he hadn't checked his email at all since he left Hamlet. He said you could reach him at 219-237-9608. We had a bad line, and he was extremely fatigued by his exertions, so we didn't say much. I did warn him against Mr. Frank Williams. Dear Isa plans to return to Hamlet on Wednesday, where I understand Bishop Baggins has many questions for him..


Fair Y. Tinkerbell

Note to Readers: The "photograph" was not attached, and was actually a painting of a UFO, altered by me to look like a bad photo. The telephone number is that of a payphone at the Kitty Kat Lounge in South Bend, Indiana. The Lounge's advertising states "the girls" always answer the phone when the bar is open, and might most charitably be described as a place of exceedingly adult entertainment. It is best known for the usual split Supreme Court decision, in this case stating that the state of Indiana might insist upon minimal clothing on employees of topless bars; that is, pasties and G-strings. (How come they get all the good cases, huh? The SC seems to be having way too much fun.)


Sent : Tuesday, January 06, 2004 4:21:53 PM
Subject : Happy, Happy, Happy

Dearest Father Fair Tinkerbell,

Thank you for all your effort, GOD bless you good man of GOD!!! I am very happy that dear Isa did not make it to Amsterdam Holland again after all my findings, i was very upset after all the news that went through but thank GOD that he is alive and safe in Indiana. I have tried to call the number that you gave to me but could not get through to dear Isa, maybe i will try to call again tomorrow!v
Will dear Isa be coming to lome Togo to see me on the 12th January 2004 as we earlier schedule????? i hope he will make it by the grace of almighty GOD.

Please tell Isa to dial my number correctly: 011 228 90 90 720 he will surely get through to me!v
Thank you Sir for all your friuthful effort and kind attention!!

Remain blessed,

Your Loyal Son,

Mr Bello Umar

Note to Readers: 228 is definitely Togo's country code, so despite the use of an Amsterdam server and the shadowy Mr. Mufasa in the Netherlands, quite possibly dear Bello is in Togo after all.


Sent : Tuesday, January 06, 2004 4:24:28 PM
Dearest Father Fair Tinkerbell,v
Thank you Sir for all your friuthful effort and kind attention!!

Remain blessed,

Your Loyal Son,

Mr Bello Umar

NB: Please resend the said picture again because i did not receive the picture you said in your email!!

Note to Readers: Oooh, he's curious about the photo! I didn't attach it, because it was so large I couldn't send it to his box. Well, let me try again! Here is a MUCH better picture from
At first glance this looks like two triangular spaceships, but using a little knowledge of perspective, and the size of the train in the background, the objects in the foreground are probably triangular camp cushions lifted by strong winds (see cirrus clouds) high above the Windy City.


Sent: Tuesday, January 6, 2003 10.05 AM
Subject: Strange craft

Dear Son Bello:

I attach the photograph of the spacecraft taken by reporters of the Chicago Herald News. You can clearly see the Chicago skyline, with the commuter train in the background, and these strange craft; well two of them! The U.S. Air Force stated that the craft is of no type or pattern registered in any U.S. or foreign fleet. The Thunderbirds, a top USAF fighter squadron, scrambled to intercept these strange vessels, but were unable to force them to land. They outdistanced our fastest fighter jets with ease. There were apparently several abductions, (including the horse), and not all of the people have been, as yet, returned. I believe that dear Isa is debriefing the U.S. Air Force on this matter, which is why he does not return to Hamlet until tomorrow.


Fair Y. Tinkerbell

Note to Readers: Darn it, it still didn't go through. Maybe I can send the same news from Isa's mailbox.


Sent: Thursday, Jan 08, 2003 2:40 PM
To: Bello umar:
CC: Fair Tinkerbell
Subject: Sabbath Greetings!!

Dear Brother Bello:

I just got all your emails and those of Bishop Fair this morning. What a time I've been having! I went to Chicago, a ride I never want to repeat in my life. Cold, and the trucks just kept honking and honking at me. I rode cross-country most of the time, but you just can't avoid riding on the Interstate in that part of the country. When I got close enough to find a hotel with airport van service, they gave me a hassle about putting the horse in a guestroom. I was pretty short with them, let me tell you, and they backed down. When I got to the airport, there was this weird THING hovering just above me, (see photograph), and then suddenly, there was a humongous flash! When I could see again, I was inside a strange room with strange looking people. They must come from the other side of the world, because I have NEVER seen anybody like them before in my life. Look at the eye folds in this photograph. I think they MUST be Chinese, because I always heard that Chinese people looked very strange. They hooked up a lot of wires to me, and asked me a lot of questions, and then, well, I just can't bear to write about what they did to me next, but it involved high-pressure hoses, a lot of water, and every single opening in my body.

THEY SAID THEY KNEW GEORGINA! They also said not to go to Amsterdam, because Georgina and the twins were fine, and they had just dropped Georgina, Tarzan, and the twins back home in Africa. I asked them about Frank Williams, and they said that they didn't know him, but that they meant to pick him up and check him out. They seemed particularly interested in him. Apparently the Chinese have figured out some way of tracking down the whereabouts of anybody who has sent an email in his life before, and they didn't expect to have any trouble finding him. I mentioned about Georgina's box and they said that Georgina hadn't had any boxes in storage, so I guess you are right that George and Georgina are two different people. How strange that they are both related to me! When they were done, they dropped me off at the Kitty Kat Lounge, and I FORGOT TO ASK FOR THE HORSE BACK. After that I had to talk to General Hazzard of the U.S. Air Force about the Chinese gentlemen, and he had his people hook me up to wires just like the Chinese folk, but thankfully, they didn't use any hoses or water.

Your exhausted brother


P.S. The Chinese gentlemen also seemed particularly interested in you, brother Bello, and said that they meant to go talk to you right after they saw Mr. Frank Williams. When they do that, please tell them that I need my horse back. I"ll see you in Togo in a few days.

Note to Readers: The picture I sent of the alien was that at this children's costume URL: The picture of the alien ships was the one I had tried to send him multiple times before.


Sent: Thursday, January 8, 2004 5:14 PM
To: Israel Haymaker
Subject: Please Desist from Mr Frank Williams!

Dearest Brother Isa,

Happy,Happy,Happy indeed after receiving your email. Happy and Properous New Year to you my beloved Amish Brother. My greeting goes to Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell as the only saviour who helped you from getting yourself killed in Amsterdam Holland for a monkey business which Mr Frank Williams lied to you that a certain relative Georgina was involved in an airplane crash and your urgent attention is highly needed in Netherland! this is all false because we dont have any decendants in Europe and Georgina is very different from Mr George Kringle my late grandfather who is well related to you. Thank GOD your life was saved from this danger, i am the person who made it possible through the assistance of the good Bishop of Shire Dioceses Mr Bilbao Baggins.

Please extend my sabbath greetings to the Bishop of Shire, and please forget about Mr Williams as from this moment because we are not related to him in any way, if not why did he lied to you and even stressed you up to make a long journey to Chicago without any viable reason at all. Please desist from him or else i will report you to Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell, maybe he will help me to question you more about this fraudlent dealings that you are having with the same Dubious Frank Williams who wanted to reap you off all your money and at the same time kill you incase if you have refused to hand over the money to him in Amsterdam Holland upon your arrival.

The Chinese gentlemen have done a great job by bringing you back to Indiana, i am well pleased for all there good work in bringing you back to Hamlet Indiana, i will tell them to bring back your Horse to you incase if they try to contact me.

The Chinese gentlemen does not know Mr Frank Williams and they have also warned you to stop immediate communication with him for safety reasons because he will still be contacting you with different false stories just to get your mind because he have noticed you as an old man who is not very conversant with Internet Fraud activities which he is now trying to play on you. PLEASE KINDLY FORWARD TO ME THE FIRST LETTER WHICH YOU RECEIVED FROM THIS SO CALLED MR FRANK WILLIAMS!! i need you to forward me the letter which you received from him that made you to beleive he is part of us!!

Please leave Mr Frank Williams alone, keep off from him or else i will report you to the authorities for a SCAM dealing and i will also tell Bishop Tinkerbell about it if you still insist in communicating with Mr Frank.

I need to book a call with you at the Kiosk tomorrow, please tell me your time different ok, i will try to call you tomorrow if you are ready to wait for my call at the koisk. Please can you give me the number of the koisk once again????

We need to talk on telephone because i am very earger to speak with you as my only Brother, when are you transfering the money to me on the Ecobank account details which i gave to you???? hope you will transfer the money this week before you will be ready to travel down to see me in lome Togo next week.

Are you still coming with the same flight schedule on the 12th???????? please stop communicating with Mr Frank William because he is a confusionist, he is a treat to our mutual transaction, he may end up killing you because all his stories to you is fake. We dont have anybody like "TARZAN" in our lineage, he is full of shit and may end us into trouble if you keep communicating him.

Please take only my advise as your only brother in Africa okay, we dont have any Georgina in our family and Georgina does not have any boxes either, so there is no way you can be related to Mr Frank William because the said Georgina is not an existing figure as Mr Frank Williams may claim to you.

Did you read all the scam website which i sent to you??? Mr William is a FRAUDSTER and all his plans is to defraud you all your hard earned monies, that is the main reason why he advised you to fly down to Amsterdam Holland with a fake story about a none existing Georgina, he just wanted to fake you up and defraud you and kill you even.

Please send me the first letter which you received from this Mr Frank Williams! i am not happy with you the way you have been dealing with me in regards to this transaction, why are you counterpulating issues like this?? does it mean you dont beleive that Mr Frank is a FRAUDSTER??? you better think very well because you will not held me responsible if the worst comes to happen to you based on the false ideas which Mr frank is initiating to you. Please KEEP OFF FROM MR FRANK!!

Endeavour to send me an urgent email as soon as you conclude with the transfer to my friends bank account which i gave to you. Remember that i suppose to use these money to rent an apartment for our mutual dealings before you will arrive to meet with me in Lome Togo next week.

Please reply urgently and make sure you forward me all the letters that you have been receiving from Mr Frank Williams. I hope you will listen to me this time as your only brother in the Lord Amish and stop immediate communication with Mr Frank Williams.

You respecfull Brother,

Mr Bello Umar.


Sent: Fri, 09 Jan 2004 00:45:23 +0100

Dearest Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell,

Thank you for all you good help and assistance in bringing back dear Isa to Hamlet. I have just received an email from my dear brother Isa, this makes me feel much happier and the GOD of Amish have helped us indeed. Please, Please, Please warn dear Isa Haymaker to desist from communicating with Mr Frank Williams anymore, i noticed that Mr Frank Williams is still deceiving him with a whole lot of false stories about a certain Georgina and Tarzan which sounds so strange to my understanding!!! please tell my brother Isa to stop and desist immediate commuincation with the FRAUDSTER Mr Frank Williams.

I need your help as my Bishop who baptised me in the Lord Amish to inform our Dear Isa the kind of risk he stands to face if he keep on communicating with Mr Frank Williams. Mr Frank Williams is not related to me, i dont know anything about him!!


Did you go through the SCAM websites that i sent to you last???? this is exactly what Mr Frank William is trying to do to my Brother Isa.

Dear Bishop please help me and advise Isa to stop immediate communication with Mr Frank Williams, please i need you to advise him as an Elderly man of GOD.


Your Loyal Son,

Mr Bello Umar.

Note to Readers: A second copy of this note was sent on Friday January 2004 to Bishop Fair. Although my perusal of my previous message to Bello, copied to Bishop Fair indicated that the message had gotten to the Bishop's mailbox, I figured I needed to explain what an alien was, soo..


Sent: Friday, Jan 09, 2003 12:41 AM
To: Bello umar
CC: Fair Tinkerbell
Subject: Sabbath Greetings!!

Dear Brother Bello:

I guess my pictures to you and to Bishop Fair didn't go through. Reuben Steuben is helping me resend them. He said they need to be zipped to make them smaller. He also said that Chinese people do not look like the people in the picture, and that the picture I took is that of an alien, and that the picture of the two odd things in the sky that the reporter from the Chicago Herald Star got, is that of two spaceships. I thought aliens looked like ordinary people! I have people from Mexico who help me harvest every fall, and they are resident aliens. So, I do not know if Reuben can be correct. What do you think? Reuben says that alien scientists abduct lots of people, and always do medical examinations on them, and that I was lucky that they returned me because they don't return people they abduct who they think may be a threat to society. All I can say is that the narrow, dark metal tunnel with all the blinking lights that they made me lie in, and all the water that they pushed up my rear end and through my nose when they were sticking those metal tubes in me, were scary and painful. When they come for you, Brother Bello - they did say they were going to pick you up as soon as they finished examining Mr. Frank Williams - be sure and ask them for my horse. I do not know if I should buy another horse or not, because I do not know if I will get the horse back again.

The Aliens?/Chinese gentlemen?/Whoever they were told me that Tarzan and Georgina were real, and that I was related to Georgina, but that Mr. Williams was just a con man using his knowledge of Georgina to trick me. They plan to do more than just examine him, but I do not know the word they used; VIVISECTION. Reuben does not know it either. Do you know what it is? They said that that is what they do with fraudsters, because that way they could contribute to society. Oddly enough, when I told them about Mr. George Kringle, and they pushed some buttons on a big computer, the computer showed that no George Kringle had died in a plane crash in Africa during the last forty years. However, I told you that you were my Amish brother, and so you could not be trying to trick me, and that their computer must be wrong. They said, that on rare occasions the computer did make a mistake, and so they would just pick you up and put the electrodes on your head to see if you were telling the truth, and if so, they would just do their usual examination, instead of using you for experiments. Just relax, Brother Bello and take deep, even breaths when they use the water and the metal hoses. I found that helped a lot when I was being examined.

I do not have any of Frank Williams emails to me at this time. I had to delete all of them from my mailbox when I tried to send you my last email with the pictures attached. However, I haven't got any messages from Mr. Williams at all since I came back from Chicago, which is kind of strange, because he sent me thirty or forty messages in the few days that I had been speaking with him before.

I tried to transfer the money to you today, but the Bank of Plunder and Flee is closed because of the blizzard. I am still coming to Togo with the same flight schedule on the 12th, so I will put up in a hotel in Togo. Can you make me a reservation? I will be at the kiosk this evening at 9:00 PM Central Time (after chores)

Your loving brother



Sent: Friday, January 9, 2003 1.09 PM
Subject: Abduction

Dear Son Bello:

I was unable to send the photograph to you because your mailbox was full, but I understand that dear Isa has already sent a copy of it to you. The photograph of the ships was taken by Clark Kent, and appeared in the Chicago Herald Star earlier this week. According to Bishop Bilbo Baggins, it is definitely a picture of Chicago, a city with which he is familiar. Isa affirmed that a vessel resembling this craft dropped him off at the Kitty Kat Lounge in South Bend. He was able to see the vessel very clearly, and said that it rose smoothly from the ground and could move in all directions like a helicopter, but was completely soundless. The attack on dear Isa was quite brutal, and he is apparently moving slowly, and as if he is experiencing significant pain in his nether regions. Although dear Isa pretends to be able to handle his farmwork, Bishop Bilbo Baggins felt a need to send two Amish men to his home to help him with his chores; to provide him with horses until his own is recovered, and to protect him in the event of a second alien visitation. However Isa is determined to see you in Togo this week instead of resting quietly in bed as his physician recommends, so I look to you, son Bello, to take GREAT care of him. (You should know that poor Isa thinks that the individuals who abducted him were Chinese, and Bishop Baggins thinks it best to let Isa rest in this belief until he is in better health. Bishop Baggins refrained from detailed questioning of Isa for the same reason. Please do not disabuse Isa of his comforting belief that the Chinese government, rather than aliens, abducted him.)

The article in the Chicago Herald Star stated that the U.S. Air Force knows of no craft of this type or pattern registered in any U.S. or foreign fleet. General Flite Hazzard of the U.S. AF reported that the Thunderbirds, a top USAF fighter squadron were sent to intercept these strange vessels, but were unable to force them to land. It seems so amazing that they were able to outdistance our fastest fighter jets with such ease! There were several abductions, (including poor Isa's horse), and not all of the people have, as yet, been returned, so I must warn you, my dear son Bello to be cautious and prudent since Isa gave me to understand that these alien miscreants plan to come after you.

I did indeed look through the SCAM websites. I fully agree with you that Mr. Frank Williams is not a person in whom to place any confidence, and have advised Isa of this opinion. However you will be relieved, as I was, to know that he had already lost confidence in Mr. Frank Williams, and has not received a message from him since Monday, nor sent him any communication since he left on his ill-fated journey to Chicago. Isa did hold a brief conversation with Dr. Frankenstein, but I gather that this conversation merely advised Isa that Georgina, Tarzan, and the infants had been removed from Dr. Frankenstein's custody by a person or persons unknown, and that an investigation was being conducted by the police. Under the circumstances, the Artis Zoo and the University of Amsterdam waive charges for their care. No money need be paid to either institution.

I also touched bases with the FBI re 419 scams and was advised that there is no further threat to dear Isa as long as he does not contact Mr. Williams. Dear Isa is not, of course, in any legal jeopardy, as he has broken no law. He is merely the victim of Mr. Frank Williams's plot. The FBI was unable to assist me with respect to the alien abduction, and referred me to back to General Hazzard of the U.S. Air Force who is handling this incident as part of USAF responsibilities under Homeland Security.


Fair Y. Tinkerbell

P.S. I am sincerely concerned for your safety, dear son Bello, and you are in my prayers. In addition, the latest bulletin from the U.S.A.F. entitled Defense Against Alien Abduction states that abstaining from all food for 3 days, while drinking only water (in copious quantities), to be protective against alien abduction. (This process interferes with the ability of alien transporter beams to dematerialize living tissues.) This course of action is best taken in conjunction with heavy labor under a hot sun for approximately 8-16 hours a day.

P.P.S. You have not yet answered my question re Mr. George Kringle, my dear son. Who is George Kringle?


Sent: Friday, January 9, 2004 5:02 PM
To: Israel Haymaker
Subject: RE: Togo

Dearest Brother Isa,

Yes i have received the pictures that you sent to me yesterday! Reuben is right, the abduction was made by the space alien because the picture that i saw was that of the space alien who use to abduct people and examine them, the picture you got was that of a spaceship kit, so Reuben is very correct!

Thank GOD we are very lucky they never made away with you, please forget about the horses for now because your dear life is more precious than 1 million horses stolen by the Chinese alien, maybe we can buy another horse as soon as our business is concluded upon your arrival in Lome Togo next week.

Alien does not look like ordinary people, they look strange in nature just exactly the picture of what you sent me yesterday, but lets forget about that for now because those aliens does not exist in Africa were i live.

West Africa is a third world continent and we are not much into the scientific world like your well developed country America, so alien does not exist in this part of the world, the things that you are telling me is very strange to me because i never had about such stories since i was born except the one i can watch on the local Cinema hall in this small country of lome Togo.

I am very happy that the aliens have told you the truth at last, even if you are related to Georgina please note that George and Georgina are two different person because Mr William does not know anything about your origin with me at first, remember i never forced you to know me as an Amish brother rather you were the only person that told me the truth about my cordial relationship with you.

Now that the Alien and the Chicago Police department have told you the whole truth about Mr Frank Williams as a con man who is trying to trick you, then you must have to desist from him immediately and also try to be very careful about more such emails that may come your way like that of Mr Frank Williams. Please make sure you forward any of such letters to me in future for my total verification and recommendation because i will not be happy for you to fell a victim to any of this fraudsters scam artist who are sending different messages from Africa and Europe just to deceive you from the real transaction which you are having with me.

I dont know what VIVISECTION is, i never came across such English word before and i can not see it either in my Dictionary, maybe is an idiomatic expression by the aliens meaning that they will help fraudsters to be more useful in life and to the society were they belong.

There computer must be wrong because the airplane crash which Mr George Kringle was involved with happend in the year 1996 with an Ethiopian airline no: (961).

I am your Amish brother and you have endorsed my baptism in the "Amish Order Of the Skunk" so i can never lie to you or try to trick you in any way, you are like a father to me and i can not forget all the good things that i will stand to gain from you as your own little brother that is leaving in far back interior Coast of West Africa.

Mr George Kringle is the real person and a relation to you because i knew him personnaly when he was alive, he was a big customer to my bank were i work now, i can remember he once told me when he was alive with my EWE family here in lome Togo that his origin is from America, so that is the reason why i started sarching for his relation before the GOD of Amish made it possible for me to get a contact through to you in the internet.

Mr George Kringle owns a company here in lome Togo when he was alive, he lost his life with that of his family in that fatal airplane crash that occured in 1996 when he was travelling on holidays to the Bahamas with the whole family, the plane was hijacked by some moslem radical terrorist who claim to be fighting for a Jihad, this crash happened in Nairobi Kenya in the year 1996 which involved an Ethiopian airliner [961]. Please visit this website below:

The aliens can not use me for any experiment because such creatures does not exist in Africa, moreover there computer is wrong because i am not telling you about a crash that occured 40yrs ago, this is the true story and our dear George was involved with the family in the above crash because he changed his name upon his arrival in West Africa for missionary dedication, this is the last time i heard about him as a big customer to the Ecobank lome Togo before i got your favourable contact to come and inherit this claim as the head of the family.

I am very happy that you have deleted all the messages from Mr Frank Williams, incase if you receive any message from him again please try and forward such message to me so that i can use it to track him down locally here in Africa and hand him over to the police authorities for trying to defraud you of your money with certain fake stories of Georgina and Tarzan.

Our Amish people does not bear such names according to what Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell told me and that is the main reason why i tried my best to hitch that trip to Amsterdam Holland because Mr Frank have an evil plan against you. Did you read my forwarded email message from Frank which he sent to me treatining that he will kill you upon your arrival in Amsterdam Holland??? hope you red that letter or you may demand a copy from Bishop Fair Y. Tnkerbell because i sent a copy to him too.

Now Mr Frank Williams plan to hurt you have been exposed so for this he have refused to send you more emails because the Chinese Alien can trace his email messages and caught him up for all his trickish plan against you. Please be very careful because he may still try to send you emails with different names and some dubious stories that may divert your attention again from our mutual deal, please be vigilant my dear Isa!!

I tried to call the Koisk today on this telephone number which you gave to me earlier, Tel: 00 1 574 867 8812 but its already in the afternoon as the lady there told me that there is no such person like Isreal Haymaker, i will try again to call you earlier by tomorrow maybe around your time. Please try to wait for my call tomorrow!!! It seems to me that we are about 6hrs different from your local time over there in Indiana.

Note to Readers: Oh dear, he finally managed to get a telephone connection through. The number was that of the Hamlet liquor store, but still, I do not endorse calling real numbers. Generally speaking that telephone is never answered.

When are you transferring the $30,000.00 to me on the bank account i gave to you so that i can get a Hotel reservation bookings before your arrival next week, i will also try to buy the empty farm land to start farming as you told me, will rent a very good apartment for our mutual transaction before you will arive next week. Please remember that you must finalise with this payment today first before your arrival to see me because you will not be allowed to travel with huge amount of money, as an old America citizen this will raise a lot of eyebrow at the airport.

When will the bank open again?? will the blizzard last for the whole lot of weeks??? Please try and see the possibility of wireing the above sum to the Ecobank account of my friend which i gave to you earlier before you will make the trip to me by next week. I will call the kiosk tomorrow by exactly in your morning hour there, please try to wait for my call ok!!!!!

I can not wait so long to see you my brother, i will be here to receive you as my only brother upon your arrival here in Lome Togo airport by nex week!! will you bring me the suit that Auntie Avarice made for me with the golden coin which is due to me as the grand child of the Kringles????

Your ever loving Brother,

Mr Bello Umar.

NB:Kindly try to arange the sum of $5,000.00 by cash when coming to see me in lome Togo by next week, this sum will be paid to the Ecobank as a bank handling charges to arrange for the movement and delivery of these inheritance funds to you upon arrival in lome Togo next week.


Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2004 1:32 PM

Dearest Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell,

Thanks for your kind email to me! I am very happy for all your good work in protecting our dear Isa and i have also received the pictures which Isa sent to me yesterday about his abduction by the Chinese Alien. I received an email from Isa today confirming that the chinese aliens told him that Mr Frank William is a con man and a fraudster who is trying to cheat on our dear old brother Isa. The bishop of Shire, Bishop Baggins have done a good job too, i will never disabuse Isa of his comforting beleive that he was abducted by the Chinese government, but already Reuben have giving him a clear briefing that the abduction was made by the chinese alien and dear Isa have beleived this as true.

The story of Mr Frank Williams is fake and fettish, Dr. Frankenstein's is a partner to him in crime, so dont ever beleive in such telephone conversation which he have with dear Isa because both are working for one goal, just to scam our brother Isa and reap him off his hard earned money. Now that he have been exposed as a fraudster he is using Dr. Frankenstein's as a refuge to commuincate Mr Isa Haymaker. Georgina, Tarzan, are none existing people, moreover our Amish people does not bear such strange names as you can bear me witness!! Please Bishop beleive me that this Mr Frank William is a dangerous man, he is just a joker trying to defraud people in the internet, please try again to advise my brother Isa to desist completely from communicating with the above named people any longer even if he tries to send a message to him.

Can you see that Mr Frank Williams have changed his tricks again Thereby informing dear Isa that the infants have been removed from Dr Frankenstein custody in Zoological garden in Amsterdam Holland!! what infants is he talking about????? what charges was waived by the hospital??? who is been hospitalised in the fisrt place???What kind of confusion story is this??? please tell Isa to forget about any story relating to Mr Frank Williams ok!!! Because we dont have any relation with such names of Georgina and Tarzan, maybe Mr Frank Williams is now trying to divert his story back to Africa in order to get hold of Isa upon his arrival to see me personally in lome Togo this week because dear Isa have mistakenly told him (Frank) that he will be in lome Togo by next week to see me as a family Brother, please tell Isa to KEEP OFF entirely from Mr Frank as from this date!!!!!

Space Aliens does not exist in West Africa in the first place, i have never come across such strange object before in my life so there is no possibility for the aliens to get hold of me here in lome, i must try to be very careful as you advised me and will take water in copious quantities as well.

Mr George Kringle is my late family kindred brother who came for a missionary work in West Africa long time ago, he spent most of his life with my EWE family here before he decided to travel on holidays with the families to America, unfortunately he died in an airplane crash accident in 1996 involving an Ethiopian Airline number: (961) while travelling home on holidays. A second rememberance ceremony for Mr George Kringle will be hosted this Month upon the arrival of dear Isa on the 12th January as the head of the family!So i am given you my word that Isa Haymaker will be accorded with a red carpet reception upon his arrival next week, i will also be at the lome Togo airport to wait for his successful arrival on the 12th of this Month as to be part of this great befitting second burial execise of our late cousin brother.

This is a long story because dear Isa is the one that put me through to my decendants of Mr George Kringle because we are an extended family of the Avarice. Dear Isa will be coming to see me in Lome Togo by next week as to be part of this ceremoney and i am very willing with respect to receive him with care and trust!!

I hope you are very well clarified now about my relationship with dear Isa Haymaker, so Mr George Kringle is our lost family brother if i should put it so, he was married to my old mother who is an Ewe tribe woman as his second wife here in Lome Togo before he died in 1996.

I will wait for the arrival of Isa by next week, please try to keep a constant commuincation with me!

Remain blessed my Dear Bishop,


Respecful Son,

Mr Bello Umar.


From: Chris Demmaps
Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2004 03:46 AM
To: Fairy Tinkerbell
Subject: RE: REPLY BY FAX 00 228 00 431

I can tell that this is a matter that requires complete confidentiality. In order to communicate securely, I need to setup an e-mail address at my company for you. To do so, please go here:

Chris Demmaps

Note to Readers: Hmm. A new player has emerged, who is conversant with the initial scam given his use of the original Fax number. This particular URL is in Russia.


Sent: Monday, January 12, 2004 12:02 PM

Dear Bishop Fair Y. Tinkerbell,

Good morning to you Sir,

I am writing to inform you that our dear Isa will be arriving in today, but it seems it is going to be exactly 7.10pm arrival time tomorrow according to the flight information which i saw in the internet which will be the 13th morning here in lome, so i will be at the airport to meet him as my fellow Amish Brother. I just confirm the flight schedule through the internet with france airline, i will inform you of further action as soon as i were able to meet with him. Did you spoke to Isa before he left Hamlet???

I will be happy to hear from you!

Your loyal Son,

Mr Bello Umar.


Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Dear Son Bello:

Bishop Baggins emailed me yesterday, stating that his minions had seen dear Isa off at the airport. He has not yet checked in, but by this time he should have arrived in Togo. Please have him contact either Bishop Baggins or me.


Fair Y. Tinkerbell

more to come?