updated Nov. 6

From a Kindly Contributor in the Netherlands who seems to be dealing with the same Lad who is trying to bilk the Kindly and Naive Oliver J. Flanagan:
I am in the middle of an interesting exchange of emails with Mr. Kima Savimbi, which I would like to share with you. It all started with an email from him which was actually sent to a friend of mine. This friend was not interested, but I was. So I decided to send this African gentleman a short email. For a better understanding I added some comments ... which were obviously not included in the original emails.

From: Jack
To: Kima

Dear sir,

A friend of mine received an email from you telling him that you are seeking
assistance in a important financial matter. He is not in the position to
help you, but I or our company might be interested. In case you still need
this assistance, please let me know all details.

yours truly,
On behalf of

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 

#2 Answer
From: Kima [kssav@ecplaza.net]
To: Jack

Dear Jack,
Thank you so much for your email, I need your sincere and genuine 
assurance in the course of this transaction.  Though originally, I do not have
your particulars or idea of your person as when I sent the first mail to your
friend. I sincerely hope you will maintain absolute confidentiality in this
transaction and I hope you will provide a viable and reliable partner in the
course of this transaction. When I think of my 
immediate past, the war situation, the death of my father and the 
eventual displacement of my family, all of these coupled with my 
refugee status at the moment, I have to be very careful with this 
transaction as it remains my only hope to live a good life again if 
What I require from you presently to send to me your 
contact particulars including your telephone fax and cell numbers. 
This will enable me communicate with you on telephone so as to 
maintain absolute confidentiality in the course of this transaction. 
As you would understand, the amount involved in this transaction is 
enormous and as such, we need to build trust and confidence in 
ourselves to realise the process.
You will be required to travel to 
Amsterdam and meet with the officials of the holding, to receive the 
funds from the Security Company with the document and pass code, 
which I will release to you.
You will need to transfer the funds to 
your nominated account in your country pending when I am able to sort 
myself out here to regain my freedom so that I can travel to meet with 
I will also want you to state your compensation in your next email to 
me what you think will be good for you as compensation for your 
You can reach on this satellite phone no.871 762 922 990. 
While dialing this number, dial your international access code and 
then the number straight as provided here. 
I want to thank you once more and I am praying to God Almighty to 
bless you.

Kima Savimbi.

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 

From: Jack
To: Kima

Hi Mr Kima Savibmi !

Thanks for your fast reply. It seems that you are in big trouble: war, death,
displacement, refugee. Unbelievable! [Indeed, unbelievable]

But it is still somewhat unclear to me what you exactly want me to do and why.
What is your problem and how can I help you? Please tell me more about  the
funds from the Security Company with the document and pass code. I don't
understand why, when, how come and indeed if then, what else? When I get more
details I can let you know how much my compensation will be. Our company
usually asks a percentage of the value of the transaction. Please trust that I
will maintain confidentiality within our little firm. 

Could you also tell me more about your background, your country, your
whereabouts, your family, you interests, your experiences as a business man. 
I have to travel a lot for my work the next couple of days, but I will check my
email regularly from the airport or from the hotels where I'll be staying.

Get blessed [not to be confused with get stuffed] and hope to hearing from you

Vice-president Foreign Affairs of Jackbreda Company Ltd.

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 

From: Kima
To: Jack
Dear Jack,
Thank you for youe mail, I am glad that you are concern about my entire plight.
I am from Angolan, a small oil rich of the south-central Africa region. You
already have knowledge of my father's war of oppression against the present
Government of Angolan before he was killed by loyal troops to the government of
Edwardo Dos Santos earlier this year.
The government feels that I was going to avenge the death of my father and in
the process, made several attempt at my life and that of my other members of
the family. My father was the Leader of the UNITA GROUP in Angolan, until his
death this group played a major role in the political development of the
Angolan people.
Considering the subsequent nature of the threat on my life, I had to run away
from Angolan to seek refugee in Ivory Coast,a small west Africa country along
the coast. But the political situation in Ivory Coast presently by virture of
the failed coup which resulted into a full blown civil war, I had to move to
Ghana another West africa country where I am presently.
I am tired of living the way I am doing presently, I need rest and I want to
live a normal life again.
Regarding the funds, my father made a deposit of $30million usd with a security
company in Amsterdam through the assistance of one Dr. Rusell, an officer with
the security company, I have the deposit certificate in my possession but I
will need to contact my attorney to prepare in your particulars document of
Authority (POA) that will enable you recieve the funds for me. We will nee to
establish trust and confidentiality. You will be required to travel to
Amsterdam to meet with Dr. Rusell and oth officials of the security company
with all the documents I will send to you to receive the funds.
The process of receipt will be explained to you later in the course of this
transaction as I need to update you step by step.
But I assure you that everything will be okay as I have already contacted the
security company on my intention and desire to involve a foriegn partner to
assist me. They have no objection to this so long the right documents are
I will need your tel.# and your contact particulars.
I hope to hear from you.
Thank you and God bless.

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 

From: Jack
To: Kima

Hi Kima,

For your email I say: thanks !

It seems a really important matter you have to deal with. Days pass by for me
without having  30 million bucks in my pocket! But our small firm is used to
work with large amounts of money, so there is nothing to worry about. Since you
specifically asked for trust and confidentiality, I have rated this possible
transaction as class Q69, which is an internal code in our firm. Please keep
this number in your books and refer to it when asked for. Also note that I
opened a project number for this transaction, being: 3044/AA/15 def-Q69/45.
[let's see if he continues to use this code] Please always refer to this code
when sending me information. If you do so, all your emails and faxes will be
forwarded to my desk directly.

The amount and the Q69 rating made it necessary for me to discuss this project
with our Vice-President Confidential Affairs, Mr Holle Bollegijs. [a lot of the
names and situations in the emails from me to him refer to a famous Dutch theme
park. Holle Bolle Gijs is a fairy tale figure eating litter and burping to say
thanks] I had a lengthy conversation with Holle about your project. Holle is a
good guy - you might get a few emails from him soon through our company email
address -  but sometimes he sees more risks than necessary. He is the type of
guy: small heart, big mouth.[you have to have a big mouth to eat the litter
from thousands of people every day] But okay, after all he is our VP Con
Affairs [Con?? ;-)], so I guess it is his job. He was not sure whether or not
to proceed with this, but after some glasses of wine, he signed the
'green-light-form'. This is a very important step in the process,  because
without a 'green-light-form'  I can hardly move on whatsoever. 

You might be wondering why I am telling you all these details, but our firm has
"transparency" as its middle name, so you always know how we work, why and
when. Talking about why, we still have to sort out our remuneration fee for
this Q69 project. I am afraid our fees will be in the range of class 12 to 14,
but from your email I can tell that you have been doing some business before,
so that you will come up with a good proposal for our compensation.

It won't be a problem for me to travel to Amsterdam. As I told you I travel a
lot to places like Hong Kong, Amsterdam, New York, Landvanlaaf (where our
central warehouse is located), Kaatsheuvel (residential area of Mr Bollegijs)
etc. [LandvanLaaf is a part of the theme park, and Kaatsheuvel is the city
where the theme park is located]

Do you think that the transaction will involve any tax issues?[we do want to
play this deal according to all fiscal rules, don't we?]  If yes, don't worry,
we have a very good Vice President Fiscal Affairs [I decided to introduce as
many Vice presidents as possible] (Mr Tinus Trollenkoning [another theme park
figure - very ugly king]) and he can set up some trustful fiscal schemes. He
also knows all the international tax havens, which could possible save us many
tax dollars! I have not spoken to him yet, but in case you think it's wise to
do so, just drop me a line. We might consider to open a bank account in Hong
Kong or on the Channel Islands, where the tax climate is much friendlier as in

Well, all necessary steps on this side have been taken and we are all waiting
to get more details form you. So, please tell me the name of the security
company, so we can include their name in our files.

I hope everything with you is going smoothly, as far as circumstances permit of
course. Are your wives [they do have more wives in Ghana, don't they?] and
children also in Ghana? I am always interested in the person behind the
business man, so feel free to tell me more about yourself. We like to work
together as brothers.

Well, stay blessed, Kima and like we say here: "keep your balls warm",[the
political correct expression for business men; NOT] which means something like:
keep up the good work. 
Vice-president Foreign Affairs of Jackbreda Ltd 

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 

From: Kima
To: Jack
RE: Q69 3044/AA/15 [yes, he picks up the code]
Dear Jack,
Thank you so much for your time and effort to let me know the entire process
you went through to push my proposal forward in your firm. I am glad to know
that a greenlight has been given to ensure that the project commence in no
distant time. 
Sincerely speaking, I am a very humble personality that doesn't want publicity.
These I learnt from the death of my father Jonas Savimbi. My father was a
worrior who fought and died for the prestige of the poor. His death today has
rendered the entire afmily in disarray, where everybody had to run for safety.
From the above circumstances, I decided in my entire life time to ever remain
humble and allow Gods will to prevail in my life.
Regarding the project, I would suggest that you maintain the level and extent
to which you have pushed the project by not letting any other person to be
involve in the meantime pending when we have receive the funds. You did raise
an issue regarding taxation and the setting up of accounts to receive the
funds. I want to be very sincere with you that I do not have much idea about
investment [no, I know more about scamming] and all of the processes involved,
this is the reason why I am relying on you to receive the funds and possibly in
areas of investment. I will advise that you do some positive to ensure that at
the receipt of the funds and the banking and transfer of the funds, the
incidence of taxation should be in its minimal form to avoid losing buck of the
funds to tax policies. I will maintain that you should not discuss this yet
with your financial department as we need to work out modalities for the
receipt as that is most imperative.
As regard your company compensation for your assistance in the entire project,
I will state that I am ready give 30% of the entire funds invove in the project
to your company as compensation for your undertakings.
More importantly, I have also requested that you send to me your contact
particulars and address as my attorney needs these information to prepare a
document of Authority(POA) that will empower you receive the funds legally. I
also need your full particulars in this regard.
I have informed the officials of the Security company of my sincere desire to
receive the funds deposited by my father, I have also mentioned your name and
your company to the Security Company. I have requested from the officials also
to furnish me with detail information regarding the requirement for the receipt
of the funds. They have assured me of utmost coperation in the process and also
promised to get back to me before the end of today regarding the requirements.
I will inform you and the management of your firm as soon as I receive words
from the seccurity company officials.
I am doing my best this way to ensure a smooth passage and I will also expect
the best from your end too.
I am here in Ghana with my wife and my son living in Accra, the capital of
Ghana. I am living low here because I do not want anybody to notice my
personality as it might attract attention.
I need to quietly conclude this transaction and rely on you and your company to
secure a visa to meet with you.
This is my earnest desire.
I hope to hear from you and remain bless.

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 

From: Jack
To: Kima

Dear Mr Kima,

Our Vice President Foreign Affairs is out of the office for a day or two
because he had to solve a problem with ReusLangnek [a theme park figure with a
very long neck that moves up and down), but I will make sure he receives your
message in due course. I read that your email refers to a Q69 project, so I and
all my staff employees will take all necessary measures to maintain

Thank you for doing business with Jackbreda Company Ltd.

Vice president Secretarial Affairs [another Vice president...]

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 

From: Jack
To: Kima

Hello Kima Sivamba!! [sorry if I keep spelling your name in the wrong way]

The Vice President of Secretarial Affairs of Jackbreda Company Ltd just
informed me that you have sent an email yesterday with more details about
our project.
Please accept my humble apologies for not getting back to you any earlier
(it took a long time to fix the Reuslangnek issue), but apparently the VP
of Secretarial Affairs has misjudged the importance of your deal. She should
have warned me right away of course! [ Of course!! 30% of 30 million US$ should
be enough to get me back from any place in the world immidately] Believe me
that she and I had a short but
very to-the-point meeting and she now
understands how business men like you should be treated. Please also accept
her apologies as well as her statement that her red buttocks will remind
her a fortnight long that she acted in a wrong way.[Usually I am a very woman
friendly person but sometimes a man ought to do what a man has to do.]

Anyway, back to business. I think I should consider you as a brother or a
son. Your
personal circumstances and the everlasting burden of not getting your hands
on 30 million dollars must drive you to madness sometimes. But we are there
to help you out!

I was very pleasantly surprised that the fee you are offering is 30% of the
initial sum. Just to avoid any misunderstanding which could lead to some
unpleasant situations and long lasting sueing procedures afterwards, I would
like you to confirm that our
company will be receiving US$ 9,000,000 (nine million united state dollars)
upon completion of this transaction. I guess this fee is acceptable [it sure
is...] to the
Council of Vice Presidents of our company and also to the President
himself. Without being explicitely denied by you, we also assume that our
deal will be governed by the acetpbap policy [for sure he does not know what I
mean here. I do: All Costs, Expenses, Taxes Paid By African Party. I have this
feeling that it might come handy to refer to this policy in a short while...].

We have to decide which subsidiary of our Company is best to be the
beneficiary for this transaction. This could be either our company in
Landvanlaaf or in Vogelrok [theme park roller coaster], but I will ask our Vice
President of
Subsidiaries [gee, I forgot to count the number of Vice presidents] to advise
on this matter, so it is nothing for you to worry
about.  I assume that we also have to open a bank account. Please advise.
My particulars (for the Power of Authority):
ParDoes [ A comic symbol of the theme parc]
Vice President Foreign Affairs of
Jackbreda Company Ltd
Sprookjesbosch 1 [literally: fairy tale wood 1]
Kaatsheuvel - NL

Please give me the name of the Amsterdam Security Company, to complete our

I just checked the status of this project in our computer system and guess
what? We still have Green Light !! [aren't we lucky???]  So we are still in the
position to
proceed. We have to work out some formalities to make sure that the paper
work that has to be done on this side can be completed by you and me in a
most efficient way. We try to cut down the red tape to a minimum, but you
know how business laws affect us nowadays.

You know, I have been thinking a lot about you and your desparate situation
in Ghana. You wrote that you are living low, does that mean that you are not
in a tree hut? You know, we have hardly any understanding how people like
you are living. Do you have things like toilets, MacDonalds, traffic lights,
theme parcs, Toys r us's, beamers, strawberry flavor rubbers? [I just picked
randomly some things that make our lives so easy nowadays and worth living] We
You know what??? Why don't you send me a picture of yourself?? I could ask
our Vice President Public Relations [yeah, another one...] to scan a nice
picture of myself so that
we can exchange pics. Please send me a photograph. It's so much easier to
build a personal relationship and mutual trust once you know what each other
looks like. My wife (I share everything with her, her name is Heks [lit: witch]
and my
kids are called Hans and Grietje [2 fairy tale figures abandoned by their
parents in the wood and captured by a witch who wants to eat them) tells me to
say hi to you. Hi.

I have to finish some urgent matters tonight (it seems we have to make some
slight modifications to the 2003 cash flow projections [you bet; we are about
to land a 9 million us$ dollar project !!]) and I also have to
look after a technical problem in the Droomvlucht[ Dreamflight; theme parc
ride], but please do not
hesitate to send me an email with more detailed information about the

Remain as blessed as you can, African man!

Par Does
VP FA Jackbreda Ltd

The information contained in this communication is confidential and is
intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is
addressed. You should not copy, disclose or distribute this communication
without the authority of Jackbreda Company Ltd. Jackbreda Company Ltd. is
neither liable for
the proper and complete transmission of the information contained in this
communication nor for any delay in its receipt. Jackbreda Company Ltd. does
guarantee that the integrity of this communication has been maintained nor
that the communication is free of viruses, interceptions or interference.

If you are not the intended recipient of this communication please return
the communication to the sender and delete and destroy all copies.

In carrying out its engagements, Jackbreda Company Ltd. applies general
terms and
conditions, which contain a clause that limits its liability to almost
nothing. A copy of
these terms and conditions is available on request free of charge.

[ScamO note: JackBreda doesn't exist, either, but then, who does?]

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 

The Jackbreda story continues........
My comments are between [[square brackets]] again.

From: Kima
To: Jack

Dear Jack,
I got your mail and I am glad that everything is in other overthere with
you. I have also informed the Security company of our detail arrangement as
we are in the process of receivimg the funds. As at today, I got a message
from the officials of the security company that my funds are in the security
company branch office in Spain.  This mean to say that the funds will be
receive d in Spain and not in the Netherland as earlier communicated to you.
[[ I guess he found out that my 'company' was situated in The Netherlands
and he probably deemed it safer to 'move' the funds to another country]]
I will need to get details from the Security company before Tuesday next
Therefore, I would want you to start making arrangement towards receiving
the funds in Spain. Details of the contact particulars of the Security
company will be communicated to you soonest.
There is also an issue raised by the officials of the scurity company
regarding the requirements for the receipt of the deposited funds. In a
detail message sent to me today from the security company, the requirements
for the receip of the funds were also outlined, here are the requirements as
requested for by the officials of the Security Company before the receipt of
the funds. You will need to come to Spain with the Certificate of Deposit, a
document of the Power of Attorney and the sum of $24, 200usd as
administrative fee and dumoraggeb the consignment as accreud overtime before
They also confirmed that part of the fee will be use to set up an account
with the local in Spain where the funds will be deposited where you can then
instruct the bank for a wire transfer to your nominated account in your
Remember also that you will receive the funds in cash and so there will be
need for your company to set up an account with a local bank in Spain wheren
you will transfer the funds to your nominated account as you cannot travel
out of Spain with the whole lot of funds.
I have the deposit certicate of the funds with me and I will request from
you the exact name you will want my attorney to used to arrange the power of
The attorney also require some fee here to prepare these document. When I
said in my last email to you that I am leaving low here, I meant that, I do
not have money here to do whatever I want to do. This is because, I am not
living in my country.
You will need to address all of these issues as I need to get back at the
security company so that we are in line with thier arrangement.
I am also aware of your % of 9,000,000.00 as your share of the entirew
transaction. Do not woory as all of these clauses will be included in the
document of authority(POA) I will send to you.
Please get back to me as I intend to release to you the particulars of the
scurity company so that you can contact them for confirmation.
Thank you and God bless. Therev is one you have ignored this while, I need
to have your tel.# as I have given mine to you so that we can have a voice
I hope to hear from you.

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 

From: Jack
To: Kima

Hello Kima Sibimba, [[ such a difficult name, I keep on writing it in
different ways]]

I just got back in the office after long internal negotiations about our
2003 cash flow. Man, you should have seen all those Vice Presidents
(everyone was
there except the VP Secretarial affairs, who still seems to suffer from red
buttocks) [[why was that again??]]. They really act as lions once they hear
that we have some more
bucks to spend.[[ well, 9 million bucks is more than 'just some bucks']]

Anyway, back to your email. So, it seems we have to go to Spain. Please do
not take offence, but isn't a bit strange that 30 million dollars now
appears to be in Spain? Dear Kima, please make absolutely sure that you can
trust this security company. If they are moving your capital as easy from
Holland to Spain they might also move it from Spain to a place where you
might never see it again!! It is so difficult presently to trust business
associates, so again, be very careful. [[ you never know these days with all
those imposters around]] Do you actually now how they have shipped all these

Although it would have been easier for us to travel to Amsterdam, we also
frequently visit Spain, so we don't see any difficulties in traveling to
this nice and friendly country. Do you already know to what city we have to
Actually our president himself is traveling a lot to countries like Spain,
Antilles, Caribbean, Surinam. The fact that we are talking about a huge
amount of money will make it most likely that our President himself will
deal with
this transaction personally. Last night, after the budget meeting, he and I
went to Villavolta to make some rotations [[ Villavolta is another
attraction in the theme park in which you think you rotate within a ghost
house]] and I took advantage of the
opportunity to inform him about this deal. He was very excited about it and
he was also proud of me! There is one thing you should know about our
president; he is a man who strictly adheres to rules and appointments.
Everything should be exactly in order, do not make any mistakes in his name
or in the way you treat him. He is very sensitive for these kind of things.
suggest that you put the POA and the deposit certificate in his name. His
particulars are:

Name: Mr Bolletjes Slikkers  [[ bolletjes slikkers is the Dutch name for
drug smugglers, traveling by air, who swallow tiny drug capsules as a way to
smuggle this stuff into the country. The name has nothing to do with the
theme park, but I would love them to go to an airport with a big sign with
the Dutch words for: 'drug smugglers please apply here']]
Date of Birth: 02/29/1964
Place of Birth: Willemstad
Residence: Spookkasteel 33789 [[ lit: Ghost castle]]
Function: CEO and President of Jackbreda Company Ltd

Could you please send me the draft text of the POA so that our Vice
Legal Affairs [[ Vice President # 6? #7? Whatever]] can go through it.
We do have a bank account in Spain, so we won't have to worry about that. I
read that there are some expenses involved being usd 24 for the
administrative fee and usd 200 for the damage of the consignment. [[ I am
really so bad in reading numbers, especially when they mean dollars that I
have to pay. I always confuse 24 dollars with 24,200]] We were not aware of
quite large expense amounts (we opened this project as aectpbap) so I have
to see if I can find budget for it. I do not expect that these expenses will
change the color of our light from green to orange, but if so, I will take
care of it.

I fully understand that your attorney also requires some fee to draw up the
POA. I advise you not to cut down on his fee. You should not be penny wise
pound foolish. A good attorney is worth paying a good and decent fee, so I
would say: go ahead and pay this guy an acceptable remuneration. We are used
to attorney rates like usd 200-500 per hour, so do not be surprised by his
fee note. [[ his email was not very explicit about the party who is going to
these expenses. I assumed he is.]]

As you noticed I have been a bit reluctant in sharing our telephone number
with you. This is not because I do not trust you, please believe me!! The
fact is that our Vice President Communications [[ we will have to open a new
office floor soon, to house all VP's]]recently decided to purchase a
very sophisticated and state-of-the-art telephone net work. As soon as
calls our company, no matter from which place on earth or beyond, all
details of the caller are shown on a huge display. It does not matter
whether or not
you call from a regular phone, a mobile phone, a satellite phone or an
internet phone: we instantly can see the callers name, his number, his real
number [[ real number ...you never know......]]  his address and the country
from which he is calling. For security
reasons we also record all incoming and outgoing calls on tape. To be
honest, Kima, I don't like this and you will not like this either. We both
want ur switchboard operators ask nasty questions why we do get phone calls
Africa and why a mr Kima Sivambo wants to speak to ParDoes. Besides, email
is uch easier because we can never get any misunderstanding about what is
being aid and meant. However, I trust you like a brother, and I will try to
an ld fashioned telephone line in one of our branch offices so that we might
be ble to talk to each other soon! How about that?

By the way, you have been ignoring my question about a picture of yourself.
Please attach one to your next email.

I am getting more and more excited about this deal. It fills me with
pleasure nd joy that our President has approved this deal himself and that
he is
going to meet you in person (it is you personally who will come to Spain,
Please let me know when you expect to be ready to meet our President in
He is a busy man and we have to make arrangements (flights, hotel, car,
shows) in advance.

Be as blessed as you can, keep your balls rolling and take good care. Hope
to hearing from you soon.


PS. My name is not Jack but Pardoes. People often make this mistake, but it
is nothing to worry about. Jack was the founder of our company but he passed
away a couple of years ago in a tragic accident.)

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 

From: Jack
To: Kima

Hi Kima,

I have not heard from you the last couple of days. I wonder if my email has
received your desk. When replying to me do not forget to add the project
to your email as only this will guarantee an undelayed deliverage of your
message to my room.

This weekend I will spend on working out the details of our project. Please
let me know if there is anything special I should think of.

Hope to hearing from you soon !

Best regards
Par Does
Okay, let's see if he can arrange the Spanish scene........Stay tuned for
the next episodes. Will Kima meet the drugs smuggler himself? Will he notice
the change in amount form 24,000 dollars to 24 dollars? And most
important...how will the Spanish airport security officers or customs react
when they see a man with a written invitation to drug smugglers......? We'll
be back after these messages.

..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 

To be continued.............