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[Hullo? What? No Part II before Part III, you said? Are you nuts? If yes, please see below]

This comes from the incredible Le Page Family, who between them drive Lads to distraction. In the last episode (LIBERTÉ, EGALITÉ, SCAMOSITÉ), "M. Sabastine's" time was completely and beautifully wasted. But did he give up? No!

Bonjour Postmaster,
Our Lads never give up. But you knew it.
Today 1rst of October is a special day: Independence Day in Nigeria!
As you have published my first escarmouches with "Sabastine" on our national feast July 14, I have thought it was the right time to send you the continuation.

The story looks surrealistic but I take the oath that all mails from the scammer(s) are true. I have just edited them : 1) All caps to lower caps 2) Paragraph breaks inserted for easier reading.

Adele (Mme. Lepage)


Subject : Everything OK

Dear Mr. Sabastine,

I have emailed your dear son yesterday but alas received no reply. I do hope he did not forget to tell you I have sent him an email. Anyway, if he forgot please don’t be mad against him, he is so young.

I had to see my lawyer several times yesterday and today, plus the insurance company, the police again, the psychiatrists at the hospital and the tax administration.

Everything should be all right now and since Lepage was officially pronounced mad by the Mental Health Emergency High Court I can inherit his money and all his other belongings, including the castle of SC AMORAMA and the holyday house in Spain, and he and I are automatically divorced.

I have just to pay the psychiatric hospital EUR 3000 a month to take care of Lepage but it’s not a problem. Also, the stirring committee of SC AMORAMA shall appoint me President because I’m the main shareholder.

I have still a huge pile of official papers to sign but I can see the end of the tunnel.

I know you are very busy and I don’t want to disturb you. Thus please tell me when I should fly to Lagos next week (I mean the most convenient date for you and your son).

After all those problems with Lepage I would like to stay in Nigeria for a couple of weeks. I would like to relax and to rest looking at the birds (I love birds) and learning new cooking recipes. Maybe your good wife would teach me some?

But first thing when I’m in Lagos, we’ll arrange to register SC AMORAMA NIGERIA LTD and to transfer the money in the right bank account. I will take some rest when all that is done.

IMPORTANT. You wrote “be warned ,you should not talk or write to my lawyer because I am arranging another good lawyer for you”. Why? Who is the new lawyer?

Looking forward to meet you “in real life”.

Best Regards

Adele Bow (no more Lepage at last!).

Garbrelle (Sabastine’s son) 

De : "garelle _o_martins" <>

Date : Wed, 24 Sep 2003
Received: from []

Dear Adele,
How are you today?Thanks for replying my mail to you. Darling, if you had read my mail very well,I tried to take you to the Bible quotation "what God had joind together let no man put asunder".

To my understanding and coniction you are my right wife.I believe that God had joined us together.I wish we will hurry and make evrything possible so that we will be together as one to enjoy the relationship of which God had ordained.

For my picture you requested,there is no need I want you to come down to Nigeria so that we can snap together.

Darling, I will like you make an automatic change of your name to Adele Martins.Though we have not seen each other physically but my mind is in love with you,thats make to believe on this conventional adage that what is accepted here on earth is also accepted in heaven.Give me your mobile telephone number I want to give you a love call.

I am very sorry for what is happening in the life of your ex-husband Prof.F Lepage,you know we can not do anything to return his normal self,we can only hand everything to God Almighty to take control of this situation.

Try and reply me as soon as you receive this mail,you delayed in replying my last mail.

Ilove you Baby,
I kiss you mua mua

Yours ever.
Gabrelle Martins

Garbrelle (Sabastine’s son)   

De : "garelle _o_martins" <>
Objet : I AM MISSING U,BABE!!!!!!!!!!!
Date : Thu, 25 Sep 2003
Received: from []

Hi Honey,

I will be glad to hear your lovely voice today. How are you doing with your rough time life over there.....?

Well, i strongly believe that it is well with us. You will definitely enjoy all those happines of matrimony you have been depreived of from Proff.Lepage.I still hopefully that your sorrow wil turn to joy, your one day will be like 100 days with me. just get prepared for me, you are coming to meet a lovely lion, warming up to curdle you all through your moment here.You will forget the land of the white and know the power of black. you will ask where my powers come from, just wait for a while.

i wish the longer you stay over there will not be of thousands days to u.....? i hope you will be prepare to get the hips, and the lips ready to come together for more happiness and pleasure as it is suppose to be for lady of your kind? a warm and deep-blue-lovely, sweet mumy.

Oh my mumy, i cannot wait to have you on my pams. You can imagine the sate of my emotions, as i am writting you this mail right......? you can imagine how many times i have...
[.../...Some disgusting porn sentences erased by the kindly contributor. ]

Adele,kiss me a little while....

I am missing you......oh Mumy, i am missing you.....
i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love from,
Garbrelle M


De :
Date : Thu, 25 Sep 2003
X-Originating-IP: []

My dear Adele,

how are you doing today? i have recieced your mail and had contacted my son to
inform him about all waht you said.

Fortunate enough, my son told me that he has recieved your mail. actually he told me that he is in preparation for your coming next week. He need to put so many things in other both in the side of myself, his father, and on the side of himself too. all theses is to make sure you feel comfortable and glad upon your arrival.

His mother, is also in preparaion for her welcome dishes, African dishes ofcourse. have you tasted any onein the past?

Well, i think, i can rightly see that this is a full family affairs right now. I will stand as your withness and your lawyer. after all may if i may ask you, what do you really need lawyer to do for you and my son ?Why is the lawyer going to be involved in you and my own money where as my son will soon be your husband and i will thereafter be your father in-law?

Well my daughter, i wish to tell you plainly clear this time arround that my wealth is your wealth and belongs to you and my son.

It is my tradition rite here to prepare for the native and legal marriage between you and my son as soon as you comes into this country.i will pronounce it well and right for you here that you will know my intergrity upon your arrival in this country. You and my son's wedding is going to be one of the best weddings in the town of the city of lagos state, unless you do not want it in that way. your birds of different species will welcome you in the palace of MARTINS SABASTINE,LAGOS NIGERIA. please, my daughter in-law to be i would here by advice you to pronounce to me your father in-law, the date of your arrival in lagos.

I would be glad to have your flight schedulle as soon as possible. i hope you will keep a lot of surprises for the entire family as you come. Every member of my family will be glad enough to have you in our home and the wish of your business name will be well registered in Nigeria as a corporate entity.

Thank your very much and God bless you.
Best regards,
Martins Sabastine.

Adele (Mme. Lepage)

Dear Garbrelle, my little bird,

I’m still tunder ssshock after have been readened your mail. I’m as a pink as an elephant the kind you see when you’ve got a bit hard on the Champagne. Oh Garbrelle you’re to appealing. I fancy you.

If you were here right know I'd show you at once what I can do to a Lad of Lagos like you.

I’d put you immediately in my jail of love from where nobody never escaped. I’d fine you very high and you’d have to pay back with kisses. You’d have to break in tiny bits every stone on the Road of Love before you could reach me and you’d be hanged a couple of times in the meanwhile just to harden you. When in my room at last I’d put chains around your neck, wrists and ankles and use a lash and hot wax to soften your skin. I’m like that. I’m sure you’d love.

But please, please, my exorotic bird with multicolored tail, don’t call me Mummy. Here, you know, women cannot marry their sons (and vice-versa).

I want to respect your family’s tradition and please tell me how I should dress for the wedding. I have a swim suit but maybe it’s not really adequate? Or should I bring my Christian Dior night gown? Or the Cacharel one?

Also what kind of presents should I bring? French food? If yes please tell me if you like hot Camembert in its crust, small green sand snails cooked in Burgundy sparkling wine or the piece of ageing veal in oyster sauce (all are my specialties).

It’s up to you to arrange for the weddings and I’m sorry I cannot help you. So feel free to tell me when I should arrive at Lagos airport so that you have time to arrange for the ceremony, the dinner, the traditional dances, the honey moon etc. I should get the visa from the Nigeria embassy tomorrow and I’ll have just to book the flight, pack and fly.

Please reply soon and do not forget to tell your father about this mail (not the private bit, it’s just for you and me).

I forgot : I’d love to hear you voice but I never never give my telephone number by email. You never know where an email goes. I’m a lonely woman now and I don’t want to be harassed night and day by malicious people and spammers. I have your good father’s telephone number and will ring if needed.


Your Adele Bow soon Martins

Garbrelle (Sabastine’s son)

De : "garelle _o_martins" <>
Objet : MY ANGEL,MY BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date : Fri, 26 Sep 2003 07:50:34 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from []

My Angel!!!!!!!!!!

My dearest, my heart and my Babe!!!!!!!

i do not know how to express my esteemed emotional feelings towards your words of love. It is just like we all attended the same love college and graduated in different countries? Well i will not doubt any bit of these e-mailed expressed emotions. i will l;eave all for our bed to be the judge.

Babe, i forgot that the franch culter is not aware of the term"mumy". but if you would not mind,permit me to use itas your pet name.or could you tell me what that should be?

My love bird, my heroine, my pet and my babe, i missed you so much.i had a sweet dream about you, last night. where we posed nude and curdled in the pool of love

[.../... More disgusting porn sentences erased by the kindly contributor. ]

Please, i do not know what this dream means,could you interprete this for me?i must have an answer to this in my next mail.

But i have heard you so well, i would want you to schedulle your coming by next week, kindly pick a convenient time you will like to fix this August visit. Well, in eyes of beholder, i would like you to get a well furnished french english wedding gown, not so flabouyant, but simple, to bring out all the sweet curves that God has endowned in you.I want you use those curves to commit some of my friends to start thinking of how to marry a french lady.

A Christain-Dior sweet gowns will be a better option of what i need.a sweet gown of an average size should be made available for your best lady.The lady of the introduction.
Then i do not think i will have th opportunity, to travel or order for my french suit from Italy,please, do me a favour for my suit and shoes. a santchoes-swede black shoes.

There is this wrist watch of a product of RADO OR ROLEX BRANDS. i would want them.

well you know better how to kit your father-in-law and mother-in-law? I will advise you to get some good spirit and wines of the best brew in France.your country has no rival in drinks.The food you suggested were so good and recomendable for the occassion of the white wedding and the galanite.

But there is every need of nuts of different types. The nuts are my specialties too.

i will not fail to pass this mail to our daddy right now.

I know he will be pleased. i would start sending accross invitations to friends and associates, but i would want to first of all hear the good news that you have procured your visa first. The visa is the first step to the clear view of the date.

You know that this is going to be an August wedding in the month of October?
How do you want the publicity?is it international or locally?Well,i hope for a better directives from God. I will like to stop so far to wait for your actions. Actions speaks better than words.

Your mail is now going to the view of Daddy and my mother.

Yours love,
Gabrelle Martins.
[Converted from ALL CAPS :-O to lower cases and paragraph breaks added]

Adele (Mme. Lepage)  


Objet: Nut?


I’m very sad you wrote :

“But there is every need of nuts of different types. The nuts are my specialties too.”

I’m quite fluent in English, you know.

I you do think I’m nuts please confirm now.


Garbrelle (Sabastine’s son)   

De : "garelle _o_martins" <>
Objet : Re: Nut?
Date : Mon, 29 Sep 2003 04:14:23 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from []

my dear,

this is the early hours of morning here in my coluntry. how are you and how was your weekend without me? hope so boring?well, there is every cause to believe that you will soon be ok, as soon as you come here now, i believe you will observe changes in your life.

responding your qiestions, on your ability to command english language,in fact, i am very surprised and i am very much impressed. you are really good atthe language inspite of your origin. did you school in an english school? tell me , sweet heart, i want to know how you know all these written english so well. i will be very glad you will be coming with good nuts.i hope you understood the kind of suits and shoes i need. hat kind of wring would you prefer to wed with, diamond or gold? i want to know because i think we need he best and i am preparing the best for you.

it is also my sincere pleasure to inform you that i ent to our home town, far away from lagos, to inform the native people about my preparation to get married. our culture demands that and my dady went with me. it was celebration and happiness althrough the village some of my friends were interested to see you. the press publication and all the rest of events are really unfolding one after the other. please, i need one of your best pictures as soon as possible. i need to enlarge it and fix it in our parlour so that people will see it when they come into our visitors parlour. the card company will use it too for our invitation letter. i need it very urgent, through a scan attachment mail.

my father has been expecting your mail. please, you ought to write him. do not keep him off and maybe expect me to be telling him everything. he is making his big contacts for the wedding too. you cannot believe this, most high government officials will be present in the wedding. please, i want to know as soon as you get your visa today so that we can fix the date and the programmes. please, kindly reach me. i missed you babe...and i have been dreaming about the d-day.

i love you,
gabrelle martins

[Converted from ALL CAPS :-O to lower cases and paragraph break added]

Adele (Mme. Lepage)  


Object: Why nuts?

Dear Gabrelle,

I still don’t understand why you want me to bring nuts down there.

If I’m quite fluent in English, it’s because I had an Irish child-minder. She was from County Donegal and taught me English and some bits of Irish as well, for example póg mo thóin, meaning a warm welcome.

But it’s not the right time to evoke old memories. I’ll tell you more about my private life and I’ll send you a nice photo when I’m sure you’re not playing with my heart.

As you know “to be nuts” means “to be crazy”. I you do think I’m crazy please tell it right now and I’ll forget our romance at once.

I have suffered a lot with Lepage and I don’t want to suffer any more with another man even if he’s gorgeous.

So please explain what you mean by “nuts”. I’m very sad with you calling me nut and ready to cancel everything.


[póg mo thóin : kiss my a*s in Irish. Hence the name of the “Pogue Mahon” Irish band]

Adele (Mme. Lepage)  


Subject: I'm sad

Dear Mr Sabastine,

Is your son really serious? You and I know how those youngsters may behave but as you will, or should, be soon my Father in Law I must tell you your son called me “nuts”. As you are a mature man please tell me if this is a normal joke to tell a bride in your country.

I really am sad that Gabrelle thinks I’m nuts and I’ve wept for that. Does he really want a crazy wife?

I should say that the recent story with Lepage left me a bit depressed. Please give me good news and tell me your son is not that bad. I’m so sad that I’m ready to cancel our transaction, my flight to Nigeria and everything.

Adele Lepage nee Bow

Garbelle (Sabastine’s son)


De : "garelle _o_martins" <>
Objet : PLEASE, I AM SORRY, MY ANGEL!!!!!!!!
Date : Wed, 01 Oct 2003 05:29:30 -0700 (PDT)

my sweet heart,
i am sad to read your mail . why must you take such rather an expensive joke soi serious. as an american man can jokenly call his wife a bitch on a sweet romantic day
[Hey, American friends, forgive him, he's nuts!], so i tried to jokenly and romantically call you, "a nut" meanwhile do not forget that something started it, the coming down to nigeria with some sweet nuts(that is a friuit of an oil bean)or simply a fruit depending the angle you emphatically analyse it.

i am a born english analysit of words,
[LOL ! Me too, Dear Colleague, me too. Agent Ilichy Miracsky was my English Teacher and my Master in English "analysit".
Any relation with you being an a*s hole? ]

i can slightly make mistakes in written english when i am wriiting in a hurry, but that does not mean that i do not know my wordings. i am of a british colony and that has imbibed the queens english in me. your back graound of irish english still made you a wonderful match to me as my wife to be.
[MiLady Agatha, by Jove, if I can speak so, excuse my French, they are still British colonies! And the Queen has "imbibed" him! MiLady please do something for them!]

my angel, my father has been making a lot of trouble with me since yesterday because i called you a nut, my mumy was not left out in this trouble. they have not allowed me to have my peace both on telephone and on the intercom in my room. could you believe that they summoned me this morning to caution me on this rude word i used on you. though, he has left for abuja, the national capital territory, where he went to attend our national independent celebration. he is one of the two men invited by the presidency to represent the nigerian national petrroleum corporation(nnpc)in today's event in the national civic centre,abuja. he ask me to tell you that he will mail you from abuja after the ceremony proper, before the galanite.
[I first thought that a galanite was a kind of moon stone related to granite but after hours of search I have found it could be a Gala Night]

meanwhile, please, try to send to me your private telephone number and the picture i was asking for, you know the ones i have here with me are those ones you
sent to my dady, they are not full pictures.

please, sweet heart, i am very sorry and i know for sure that you will forgive me for this. i promised that you will find the best life in our marriage. just come and taste.
[To taste? Berk! Berk Berk and Berk ! Spit Spit and Spit!]

well, i think i am once again tasked, to tell you that i really love you from the root of my heart. i mean everything i have told you. inspite of my young age which you are capitalising, i think my dady will tell you trully that i am not so young in thought of matters. if i am still a juvenille, i do not think my dady willallow most of his business for me to handle on his behalf.

well, i think i have started almost all the preparations for our wedding and all i need to do in
welcoming you to this home is almost ready. the entourage that will pick you up from the airport are well arranged and informed.the only thing we actually need right now is to have your flight schedulle and fix the date of the wedding.

i am very anxious to meet you here in my country. and I promised the warmest and best of a choice of marriage you have made to marry me and i say once again, you will not regrete it. you have suffered so much in the hands of lepage and you really need a rest with a kind of my type.

please, i need your flight schedulle, my love, and my babe!!!!!!!!!.
i wish you happy indenpence of your future country.,

yours ever,
gabrelle martins

Adele (Mme. Lepage)  

Subject : OK, let's forget it!

Dear Gabrelle, my little nut!

Thanks a million for your apologies. I forgive you. Let’s forget that.

After all, a nut is nice. Chestnut! Peanut! Hazelnut! Coconut! Looks like a kid’s song.

And you were right anyway. I’m probably a nut because you will have to break the hard shell to find the delicious almond inside.

Congratulations for your national day in Nigeria.

To be independent is great. It means you have no more to rely on other people’s presents or gifts to make money but only on your work. “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread” . It means that you must not be lazzy just waiting that gold and silver (and nuts) fall from the sky like rain in Spring.

Gabrelle, I’m sorry but I was so angry with you that I have canceled my flight to Nigeria. No the tickets but the dates. I have telephoned the travel agency and they said I could fly to your country Thursday next week but I’m afraid it would be too early for you Dear Mum and Dad to organize. Please tell them to keep all things at a reasonable level.

You asked me for a photo in full. Please find one attached. It was during our last holyday in Spain. From left to right: Lepage (you can cut him off!), me (blue dress), Miguel our neighbor and his daughter and Conchita, the local girl who helps me to clean the house.

Also I repeat I want to bring some presents. You told about a Rolex wrist watch. Which one?

Would you go to the Rolex site and take you pick? (be reasonable of course). Just send me the exact reference and description of the watch plus a photo of it (download it from the Rolex site).

What should I bring for your Dad? Your Mum?
I have still millions of questions!

I must do a to-do list. I’ll write more tomorrow.

Kindly yours,
Your Adele

[Image from a royalty free CD. The original picture sent to "Gabrelle" was high quality-high resolution just to clog his (their?) email box. Nasty you said? Who? Me? Why?]

Adele (Mme. Lepage)  


Subject : Please forgive your son

Dear Mr Sabastine,

Gabrelle sent me a very kind email and I’ve forgiven him for having called me “nut”. Probably it was differences of language and meanings we attach to words.

Receive my sincere congratulations for your National Day. I do hope you had good time in Abuja.

Here in France the 14th of July is our national day. It’s a special souvenir for me because last 14th of July I’ve started to write a novel – in English, yes! It’s not finished yet but I’ll give you the manuscript as soon as I’ve written “THE END”! It’s a love story between a Lad and a Lady. They first meet on the Internet. The Lad lives in Africa and the Lady in France. They are in love but soon realize it will be hard to meet in real life. But the Lad finds an interesting way to make money and thus to buy the plane ticket for France. I won’t say more, I don’t want to spoil your surprise when you read my book. Of course, you have understood that the story background comes from your early email exchanges with Lepage. I’ve written many pages when I was in the hospital in Spain just after Lepage tried to kill me by emptying the swimming pool. The only thing I can say is that I will write “For Martin Sabastine with Love” on the first page.

I’ve emailed your son that I could fly to your country Thursday next week. Is it not too early for you?

Kind regards

October 14 - it continues!


Date : Wed, 1 Oct 2003 18:05:07 GMT
X-Originating-IP: []

My Adele,

How are you today? Hope all is well with you. How about the health condition of Lepage?

please, make sure you send the monthly dependable fee so that they will be taken care of him well over there.

Well, my daughter-in-law, i have recieved yoru compalaint and i have really called the attention of my son, he is really really very sorry for such a word he used on you. He said that he never meant any harm to such effect.

Well, my son is such a well matured and responsible man and he is not a radical . i am very keen and quite sure that you two will leave with happiness and full joy of marriage. After all you are still a very young lady who need to leave in a comfortable lively home of peace with utmost relaxation.You do not need to leave in such a home of Lepage.

If you are my direct biological daughter, i will not advise you to be in that home uptill this period. You have really tried for caring for the young man for quite a long time. I must have to tell you that sine the day i sighted my eyes on the identity card which you sent to me, i have really developed a sweet love and kindness to you.

My son's interest to marry you has come to be a blessing coming to my home and my family because, we met as busines partners and now, God has brought in another blessing, of marriage, this is a double blessing. Please, i will advise you to take it easy with him. He loves you and he has started arrangiing on his own way your wedding with him. and i will surprise you people with my own preparation. You will see different calibers of people in that mnarriage.I know you will be very much impressed with the whole settings.

[Calibers? Mark 7 16-inch/50-caliber gun?]

Well, i am not at my home in lagos right now. I am in my guest house at the federal Capital territory,Abuja.Today is my country's NATIONAL DAY. I was invited by the presidency to attenD the celebration occasion of the "INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION" This is the freedom and independence we faught and gained in october 1st,1960. It is really a memorable day. i will tell you how we made the indenpendence when you come to this country. I will be back to Lagos by tomorrow.

Have you recieced your visa from our High Commission?

Please, i apologise for my son.i will also beg for my leaving. i want to have a little rest before i leave for the galanite. you are really missing a lot of fun here, my daughter. i hope Gabrelle, has written to you an apology letter? please, forgive him and teach him.

Thank you and God bless you.
i am waiting for a good news.

best regards,
Martins Sabastine

Gabrelle (Sabastine’s son)

De : "garelle _o_martins" <>
Objet : Re: OK, let's forget that!
Date : Thu, 02 Oct 2003 03:52:42 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from

Dear babe,
I am very gald to read your mail this morning. I have gone through your pictures,they look fine but i would really want a single picture of your personal self so that i will give it to the graphic experts that will prepare a magficient card for our wedding. I wuld not xpect you to keep postponding this coming because, everything is almost ready. We have little or nothing to prepare again. you know over here we use wedding planners to prepare any kind of wedding you want.

The wedding planner has been handling this matter since we agreed to have this together so they have given me details that all is ready. They want the picture and the date of weeding to conclude.

Now let us fix dates, hence,you are flying on the thurday, 9th of October, i will come to welcome you at the airport.

Then can we fix the date of the wedding to be tuesday,14th october,2003? The previous time allowed is to allow you have some rest and be aquinted with the environment.

i will not like to be tasking on this issue hence you have the full knowledge of the kind of gifts you can buy for my dady and my mum. have you made arrangement for the wedding gown as I directed you?

please, the Rolex wrist watch could be any "Oyster perpetual brand"-chain made . I am not too particular about the others.

I am glad you have forgiven me right now. Thatis what love is all about. I will be waiting for your lots of questions as you said you will ask me in your next mail to me.i hope you will ask me the kind of questions I can perfectly answer.

Please, i am also very happy that you have understood what a fruit nuts which i meant in my first mail. Please, they are very important to be presented in the occasion.

i will be waiting for your flight schedulle as soon as possible.
Plesae, send me the schedulle accross.And the single picture of yourself.
Please, my dear, i do not know how to tell you, that I love you so much. I am anxiously waiting for your response.

I miss you.I bought 6 birds for you. Two carribean parrots, and 4 other species. you will really love them.

Find attached here in my emotional card to you.
I love you.
Yours ever,
Gabrelle Martins

Gabrelle (Sabastine’s son)

De : <>
Objet : MY HEART, you have received a 2000Greetings Card...
Date : Thu, 2 Oct 2003 07:13:55 -0700

A Message From Gabrelle Martins


Please click the link below to view your Greeting Card....
Your card was sent from
IP Address


De :
Date : Thu, 2 Oct 2003 15:16:08 GMT
X-Originating-IP: []

my dear daughter,

how are you doing ? i hope you are really handling all the affairs very very well? i am happy to hear that you will be flying to meet your husband here in nigeria by the thursday of next week. this is a very interesting information. i can rightly see very clearly that you people are been happy and i hope the intoxication of new lovers will not take you people too far?

gabrelle talks nothing than you. you cannot believe that the young man has almost finished every preparations waiting for you. it is a very great imformation. less i forget, i hope you have not forgotten our main business. that is the clearing of the money here? it is from this fund that i hope to settle you and gabrelle so that you people can establish and take care of yourselves .

you know it is customary here for a father to settle the son when he gets married so that the parents will not dispurb the new family?

well, it will be very great to meet you here in nigeria and for me and the mother to withness the marriage of our beloved son and daughter-in-law,gabrelle and having acknowledge and concernt the change of the name adele martins.

oh, i will be greatly uplifted in the eyes of the lord to withness this unforgetable events.

regarding to your poem, or your romance, i think that will be one of the best editions of bestseller. it is a true life story. the protagonised and the antagonist are all a leaving withness though, in the drama, it looks like the antagonised is no more. is he hidden?the answer is left for you alone toanswer.
can i help you do answer that?

well, you get to pay me my daughter -in-law, to edit the novel for you. don't laugh.

well, i will like you to make your reservation before i can believe what you are talking. remember, if you fail this trip, you have killed my son. please, do not hurt him. he is the brightest egg i have .

well, you can still call me on my new telephone number .234-8033225824. this is my priovate number and i will expect your call at your convenient time so that we can talk better.

thank you very much for forgiven my son name to you. hope to hear from you either from e-mail or by telephone.

best regards,
martins sabastine

Adele (Mme. Lepage)   

My dearest Gabrelle,

Thanks a million for the postal card and your lovely words.
Also thank your father for his kind words.

I could book this fly:
Départ : Jeu. 09 oct. 03
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL1230) - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL587)
Départ : Charles De Gaulle (CDG) 10:15
Arrivée: urtala Muhammed (LOS) 17:55
Durée du vol: 8h40min

Tell me if it's OK for you and your Dearest Dad and Mums.
I'm sorry I can't write more. I still have to sign a huge pile of administrative forms following Lepage's illness. He's well, he's sleeping all the time but I must work! It's unfair.

Gabrelle my bird, attached is another picture of me as you requested.

Am I not too old for you? Sometimes I'm in doubt.

I've got just only one picture of you. It was during a family meeting with your Dad and Mum.

Please send me another photo of you. Like you I want to print it and have it pined up in my bedroom. I feel so lonely.

Sorry to be so tired. You'll refresh me next week!

Your Adele

[Attached another photo of the same woman]

Gabrelle (Sabastine’s son)

De : "garelle _o_martins" <>
Objet : I LOVE YOU,BABE!!!!!!!
Date : Fri, 03 Oct 2003 06:10:11 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from []

my sweet heart,

good afternnoon to you today. and how are you today. today you have sent to me the consolation of my life. the picture of my dear wife.

you said that are you not too odl for me? please, may i ask you;am i not too young for me? if age has any thing to do with love and marriage?, i do not think age has any thing to do with ours. age is simply the count of figures.

please, i do not like that alteration. i love you and I want to marry you. i am prepared to marry you and leave with you forever. my biological father and my biological mumy supported me and that is all i want. I do not want any more doubts from you.

babe, i am very pleased to inform you that your klm royal deuth flight schedulle is a great news to me. I have called my father on his telephone that i have a good news for him as soon as i come back. Without wasting time, he predicted that you have sent a flight ittinery. it is a great prediction. did you write him about the flight ittinery?

well i wish ti tell you that the schedulle is very much ok for me. i will right now go back to my drawing board to draw the dates of the ceremonies. the wedding proper, the galanite and the friends-day. it will all come with one day interval. i will send to you all the information of the dates in my subsequent mail.

meanwhile, i am ready to give you the best refreshing you can think of. the best fun is awaiting for you. i wish you the best in your preparations.

i wish you the best in love. i will like to whisper to you;,..babe.

my regards top lepage, may he sleep well!!!!

yours love,
gabrelle martins

Gabrelle (Sabastine’s son)

De : <>
Objet : ADELE, you have received a 2000Greetings Card...
Date : Fri, 3 Oct 2003 09:24:16 -0700

ADELE, GABRELLE MARTINS sent you a greeting card!
Please click the link below to view your Greeting

Your card was sent from
IP Address

[Card showing a woman with large hips sleeping in a bed; supposed to be romantic]

When I close my eyes at night,
I wish you were by me holding me tight.
I wish you could look deep in my eyes,
And tell me that I mean the world to you.
And loving me is all you want to do.
Cause' all I want to do
Is to be loved by you.
I wish you could whisper in my ear
And tell me you want me near.
Loving you is all I have in my mind,
And I will love you time after sweet time.
And when I close my eyes tonight,
I will dream of you holding me tight.


Adele (Mme. Lepage)  

My little Bird,

Thanks a million for your kind mail and your card.
Sorry for this short mail but I’m currently organizing my stay in Nigeria with you, your family and friends.
As you have seen, I’ve not booked a return ticket yet.
I’ll write you more tomorrow.

Your Adele

Pr F. Lepage

Subject: Ah ah!

Sabastine, tine, tine, Dear Martins, tins, tins,

Yourrrah yeepee yup.
Once again the bloody nurses have forget/otten/got to shut down their computer

Ah ah!

Tell me where you are with Adele my wife mine, nine, shine ah ahaha

Have you scammed her all the money she stolen me because she managed me to be pronounced ma ha ha mad?

Come on Sabastine come on. I am not mad.

It is just that extract of the Dumb Lad fish minute brain. I should not be but I did. Injected. Minute brain. Does not mean the Dumb Lad brain is fast in a minute but wee tiny. Ni! Ni ! We are the knights who say Ni!

Just to make me laugh and I need it badly tell me how much you have scammed her. Please. Please. Lease, leasing, mortgages and all that sort of things.

When I tell Adele you are a MUGU she says yes honey, of course darling, forget that, light of my life, everything is OK, take your pills. She takes me for a mad mad madaman my madam.

Ah aha. She does not know that I have opened the lid of the main sewage hole in the hospital garden. What I have seen under?

Millions, billions of Dumb Lads swimming in deep mud. Ahahaha. And I’ve seen you as well. Ohohoho.

I just could catch one with any disgusting bait on the hook. Open the skull. Extract the brain.

Aha Sabastine

Ooooooooooooooops Nurses are coming back

more later sabastardine

eat a sardine


Gabrelle (Sabastine’s son)

[Ho ho ! First time he emails a Sunday. Another scammer of the same team? Or he has found a laptop fallen off the back of a lorry? Or the Internet Cafe is exceptionally open a Sunday? Is it Christmas in Nigeria? This world is full of mysteries.]

De : "garelle _o_martins" <>
Date : Sun, 05 Oct 2003 09:05:23 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from []

dear babe,

how are you today? i have been out of the town for two days now and i will be back tomorrow. i hope tp pick up our wedding card from the graphics by tomorrow too.

The gust are now nentioned. i hope you must have used the weekend to prepare for your leaving the port of paris by thursday?

have you sjopped for your wedding gown and the other things?please, i will like to remind you that we shall need a sony camcoder camera. i will also like you to include about 5 pieces of cell mobile phones in your gift items so that we can also give some of my friends here one cell handset each in appreciation for assisting and attending to our wedding.

please, my dady called me this morning and told me that he recieved a mail from your fancois lepage.he forwarded the mail to my e-mail address on my request and the mail sounds so funny. what is wrong with that man. i can rightly believe with such mail that he has really really gone mad.

my angel, i wish to rightly inform you that i am right now very ready to recieve you in my country for our on coming wedding.the wedding news is right now been filtering all over in the circus of my click and my friends.

both my family homes and all the rest of people arround are aware of this wedding.i hope there will not be any hindrance to stop this wedding? i will be hoping to read more about your preparations to come and meet me here.

i hope you attended a church service today? i will be highly pleased to read from you soonest. take care of yourself and remember that , i love you.

yours ever,
gabrelle martins

Adele (Mme. Lepage)  

[I was desperately looking for a good reason to delay Adele’s trip to Nigeria and to waste their time a little more then suddenly the radio said “Crude oil prices rise on plans for a general strike in OPEC member Nigeria”...]


Subject: We have to postpone!

My little bird,

Alas we have to postpone our weddings. I’ve received an email from my travel agency and they said a general strike is to begin in your country and close the air space. They sent me a quotation from a Nigerian newspaper:

From Chuks Okocha in Abuja and Chris Nwachuku in Lagos

Aviation workers acting on the auspices of the National Union of Transport Workers (NUATE) and Air Transport Service Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (ATSSAN) have vowed to suspend all operational services in the industry from Thursday October 9 in compliance with the directives of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Committee of Free Trade Union (CFTU).”

Just Thursday, oh, my dear Gabrelle, just Thursday October 9, our Thursday! I’m so sad. Imagine weddings during a general strike! No electricity, no food, no transports! It would be a catastrophe.

Please keep me informed about the situation in Nigeria so that I could book on another flight asap.

In the meanwhile I will keep shopping. Ok for the presents you asked for including the camscope recorder.

Please tell your good father he forgets last Lepage’s email. I don’t know what he could email. I telephoned the hospital and the nurse said Lepage probably exploited a moment where she was very busy with another patient to access her computer she had not the time to shut down. She promised to be more careful next time.

I want to see you soon my tropical bird. Please tell those nasty workmen they resume work asap. Love cannot wait. Love is far more precious that that sticky oil.

Your Adele

Gabrelle (Sabastine’s son)

De : "garelle _o_martins" <>
Objet : Re: We have to postpone!
Date : Mon, 06 Oct 2003 14:02:46 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from []

dear love,

i have heard you well. i had wanted to inform you about the strike, but we are still comtemplating that it will not work out as nlc wish.

my reason and ideology for this is that there is no way a strike will go on while a nation like this is hosting the whole africa on a african games.

well, adele, i will like to ask you some questions right now because i am suspecting some funny games on this transaction and the so called proposed marriage.

please, can you tell me the meaning of the word "mugu"?

what is the meaning of the name "adele"?

who is mr tony and what is mr tony to you?

i am hoping to hear from you soonest before i can mail you the piece of my mind.

yours ever,

gabrelle martins

[Just converted in lower cases; grammar and spelling are far better; probably a ‘senior executive’ of the scam team. Is Mr Tony is another scam baiter?]

Adele (Mme. Lepage)  


Subject : Is that a quiz???

I’ve not the time to play quiz you know and to answer your silly questions.

And you’re probably not Gabrelle. You don’t write like him and you speak of a “so called” marriage. You speak of a transaction. Which transaction are you aware of, “Gabrelle”?

Who is playing funny games?

I’m very busy so if you’re a Gabrelle’s friend stop playing with his computer, have a breath of fresh air outside and eat more fish as Lepage would say.

Adele Bow

Adele (Mme. Lepage)  

Subject: Warning

Dear Sabastine,

Somebody must have used your computer’s son and sent me a strange email. Would you ask your son if he is sure to be the only one to know his email password and to use his computer?

Probably Gabrelle told you I had to postpone my flight due to the plans for a general strike in Nigeria?
I’m very sorry about that but my travel agent strongly discouraged me to fly to Nigeria before to be sure the local situation is OK or I could have to wait for hours or days in an airport between Paris and Lagos.

Please keep me informed of the situation in your country.

Best regards



De :
Date : Wed, 8 Oct 2003 16:37:34 GMT
X-Originating-IP: []

dear adele,

i have recieved your mail but i cannot emphatically tell you anything strange than what i use to tell you before.

of course, i believe the mail you are talking was wrote out of curiousity from my son. he is a young man, who has planned his marriage and had a failure, so there is every cause for him to be agrieved.if you were in his shoes you will definitely be mad.

he told me about another strange mail he recieved which i have told him to forward to you for your confirmation.

moreso, strike which made you to cancell your movement is nigeria strike and not paris nor france strike. you should have confirmed with me before you cancell your flight ticket. this is a very respectly family . you do not need to treat us like kids or your servants. lady,do you know what marriage means?

do you know what it means to fix a wedding and cancel the wedding.

anyway, i need to hear from you. when did you fix your next flight?

remember that i have not failed you for the fiorst time but you have disappointed me so much. this is a big slap to me. gabrelle is crying for me since he recieved this disappointment from you .please, i want to hear from you so that we sahll know what to do.

best regards,
martins sabastine

[Introducing "Tony" (not this horrible contributor but another kindly co-contributor who probably picked up Gabrelle's email on Scamorama). Tony, if you read this, all right, you gave another turn to the story but please do not spoil my game! Thanks!]

Gabrelle (Sabastine’s son)

De : "garelle _o_martins" <>
Objet : Re: Is that a quiz?
Date : Wed, 08 Oct 2003 09:42:17 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from []

dear adele,

i have nothing to tell you right now.

please, read this mail and respond to it first. how did this man get to know me.

well, i pray somthing like you do exist.

Dear Garelle,
I'm an internet friend of your dads and understand you are interested in marrying a rich white lady. I'm watching you and you better not hurt this poor lady. I plan on telling her the truth unless you
gave me a reason not to, like lots of money.


Adele (Mme. Lepage)


Dear Gabrelle,

I understand better know.

Alas you have thought I had written that email from “Tony”.

Tell me, Gabrelle, why on the earth would I have done that?

You say you love me and still believe I’m able to do that? Just that? Not better than that stupid joke?
I am disappointed.

No Gabrelle, the true question is “Who wrote that email?”. Not me, not you, and not your dear Dad of course. I’ve told nobody about us and thus someone must be interfering, spying our emails.

Thus I’ve telephoned the son of Suzanne, a friend of mine. He is professional in computers (not me!) and I told him something must be wrong with my computer, that it must have a virus or something. He came home this evening, did thorough tests and told me that everything was ok. I had to help him several glasses of expensive Irish whiskey for thanking him but at least I’m sure the problem is not on my end.

So the problem is on your end. I thus asked Adrien (Suzanne’s son) some information about how reading someone’s email without telling him of course that I suspected some foul game in our email exchanges.

I’m totally clueless about the Internet but how to write emails. I was told once to try “Google” and to type in “key words” to find any information I wanted. I tried “Google”, typed in “woman” and seen dis-gus-ting pictures. Then I tried again, typed in “horse”, and seen more dis-gus-ting pictures. I have never tried to use "Google" again after that. All that to tell you that I really don’t know the true nature of an Internet virus or how someone could manage to intercept emails.

Adrien kindly explained me that they are malicious software called “keylogger” or “Trojan horse” (I had to ask him to spell the words!) able to catch everything you type on your keyboard and to send it to a pirate so that he knows everything, your password, your private emails, your credit card number, etc.
This world is horrible, don’t you think?

I’m afraid that your computer (or your Dad’s computer) has been infected by a malicious software and that the so-called Tony is spying and seeing everything.

Note that he wrote “I'm watching you” in his email! He did not write “I watched you” but “I’m watching you”.

Thus before telling you anything more I urge you to check your own computer and your Dad’s computer for virus, etc.

If everything looks OK, the problem could be other, I mean “Tony” just got your email password (or your Dad’s) by pirating your email service provider.

Thus please, change your email address and password as soon as possible and let me know when done.

Please warn your father. Tell him to do the same.

Looking hopefully forward to learn good news from you very soon

Your Adele

[Hoping all that will keep them busy for a good while]

Gabrelle (Sabastine’s son)

De : <>
Date : Fri, 10 Oct 2003 07:07:35 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from []

My dear adele,

I am glad to understand that you observed all the points i tried to make before you in my last mail. just yesterday, the same guy tony wrote me a lot of mail. he forwarded all the corresponding mail between my father and yours husband, including most of mine coprresponding with you too.

This motherfucker , vowed never to let this marriage hold. is it possible? i ask the as hole if he is god?

Well, i think everything is in other as my dady will soon change his own e-mail. he didnt give a fuck of his pirating.

You see as i told you , you should have confided in us before you cancell your flight schedulle. dady is supposed to advise you as abig boss in the oil industry.they were directly involved in the strike affair. and you can imagine right now, the strike did not hold.

Please, when are you reschedulling your visit?

Kindly let me know so that we shall know what to do here. you threw every body off balance.

Please, kindly reach me and direct me on what to do.

I still love you and i believe what happened is just a test of love. sometimes something like that will happen to test the faith of the parthners.

I will expect your mail soonest.

Yours bird,

gabrelle martins


De : "martins sabartins" <>
Objet : My daughter in-law
Date : Fri, 10 Oct 2003 15:01:53 +0000
X-Originating-IP: []

Dear Adele,

this is my new email address.I will write you later.

Thanks And God Bless

Best Regards,

Martins Sabastine

Gabrelle (Sabastine’s son)

De : "gabrelle 4adele" <>
Date : Mon, 13 Oct 2003 05:58:58 -0400

My dear adele,

i am very surprised that i could log into my mail this morning as i have tried without sucess.

please, kindly find this new e-mail and forwrd to me all the letters you have sent to the yahoo address i sent to you last time.

i will write you more as soon as i recieve your mail here.

thank you for your patience and i appoologise for the gap in communication .

they are unforseen situations that were beyond my making.

my dady has been expecting your mail too. he confirmed you did not write.

yours bird,

gabrelle martins

Adele (Mme. Lepage)


Dear Gabrelle,

Please excuse my long silence. I have been very busy and still have a lot of thing to do.

I'll write you more later about all that. I'm too tired right now.

Thank you for your new email address. I've also noted your dear Dad's one.

That's the best way to escape "Tony". You'd have better to not open any new email from him in case it contains a virus or worse.

See you soon.

Your Adele

Adele (Mme. Lepage)

Dear Sabastine,

Your new email address is well noted. As I wrote to your son I've been very busy and I have to recover for a while. Please excuse me. I'll write more later.

Kind regards



De : "martins sabartins" <>
Objet : My daughter in-law.....THANK YOU FOR YOUR MAIL!!!!
Date : Thu, 16 Oct 2003 19:20:45 +0000
X-Originating-IP: []

My daughter,

i am very happy you write once again. i thought you are gone and left the suffereing of your heart gabrelle's sorrow here for me to suffer all alone.

please, i will be happy o hear all the arangements you havemade made for you to come and wed him and finalise this business transaction with me.

please, kindly tell me your readiness and preparaion to finish these all.

thgank you and god bless you.


sabastine martins

Gabrelle (Sabastine’s son)

De : "gabrelle 4adele" <>
Date : Thu, 16 Oct 2003 15:20:27 -0400

My sweet heart,

it is onec again my pleasure to read from you on a most comfortable atmosphere.

how are you doing and what is really keeping you so long?

i pressume you must have been really under a very high pressure that is why you cannot write.

please, could you kindly share your problems with me?

please, i really want to know the present date for the wedding because my friends and the villagers are really worried about all this situations.

they are miocking and doubtng my wish and my predicaments.

please, do not make me shame.

i love you .

yours bird,

Gabrelle Martins


Ugly contributor


Object: I have a problem

Sabastine, Gabrelle, Barrister Williams and all of you fraud artists,

I have a problem:

1) either I keep taking you for more rides
2) or I stop right now because I'm getting bored.

I have selected solution #2.

Listen to me "Sabastine":

- I have wasted your time and your money for 4 month and a half now.
- More than one month ago I have written you that I was deliberately wasting your time because you were a mugu, a filthy liar, a low level scammer, etc, but you did not believe me. Instead you thought that mad "Lepage" sent the email and I did not want to disappoint you. You were - then - so funny. You are no more.

You are just pathetic and I am fed up with you.

How can you think - yes you can, I know - that a rich senior woman could leave Paris for good and marry a perfect stranger in Nigeria? People are not as silly as you are, you know?

I could have give you a false appointment at Lagos airport and make you wait and wait and wait, and dream again you could "welcome" that poor old Adele and rob the camcorder, the 5 cellular phones, the Rolex watch, the party clothes, her wallet, her purse and her underwear while you were at it. And maybe hurt her and why not kill her.

You really are disgusting. No, disgusting is not the true word. You are a scum bag, a megaton of nose discharges, a purulent collection of fish wastes, something the pig has dragged in, formalin where generations of dead organs have floated in under the dim light shed by the greasy candle hold by a rubbish-covered smelly troll. I admit those are still not the true words but I am approaching my feeling about you.

So long "Sabastine". The police are aware of your "business" and many people have read your adventures with "Lepage" on a web site and are laughing at you. I do not know "Tony" but it's on that site he has copied all the emails exchange between you and me from the very start.

Just go to and type Martins Sabastine in the box. Who pops up first? Congratulations, Sabastine, you're in pole position. Start your engine right now and drive at high speed until the next tree on your road.

Oh, I forgot: I have made you to write "I love you my Angel" and to send Love post-cards to a man! I do hope you are not a macho. Yes? Toooooooo bad.

Bye mugu. I leave you know, I have other scammers to bait just for fun.


Paris, France

A blood-stained moon shone in a deep scarlet sky. The yellow bats sang their old lullaby. Mr. Sabastine Martins took a deep breath, shuffled his greasy hair with his filthy paws, threw a much worn cloak on his shoulders, shook off the flies and locked himself up in a wounded silence.



Well, here is...


Gabrelle (Sabastine’s son)

De : "gabrelle 4adele" <>
Objet : DONT TAKE AWAY YOUR LOVE FROM ME.Date : Sat, 01 Nov 2003 14:01:43 -0500


I found it a great pleasure to communicate with you one small again, how are you doing you honey?hope all is well with you.I received your last mail you sent to me,i could have replied since but i have not beleived that you are the one who wrote that mail to me till now.

After going through your mail i started asking myself where is the love you promise? one thing i hate in my life is this for i love a girl who dose'nt know what the love is it makes me to withdraw my love whomever i gave it.How can you wakeup one monring deceid to withdraw your love from me,please darling dont do this to me i really love you.

How can i leave you when you have giving me much to remember you.I promise to marry you i do. What do you expect me to tell my friends that bwe are not going to marry again when everybody is waiting for our wedding DATE,honestly if you really mean to break my heart i will kill myself my blood will be upon your head.

Why do you want to allow people to deceived you,you should not lesting toanybody they are nothing but "DOGS IN THE MANGERS" i am still beging you dont take away your LOVE from me i have no anyother hope than to marry you.

When i said i love you it came out from my heart of heart.Sweetheart what you have to do for me now is to peak our LOVE up so that it will not break ok.

I look forward to read your mail now.

Thanks and God bless.


Gabrelle Martins

But the only reply to our Romeo's tears was a deep silence.




Acknowledgments and Concluding Remarks:
I have received tons of emails [Exactly 2 - Local Editor] congratulating me for my adventures with Mr. Sabastine. If you have liked them, please drop me a line at (a special address only accessible when not clogged by enthusiastic Lepage's fans emails [Exactly 2, I repeat again - Local Ed] and/or by enthusiastic spammers and/or by enthusiastic Lads in Nigeria.
This ugly contributor thanks Scamorama for having kindly published this saga.
Thanks also to Lady Agatha who allowed me to pickup Mr Sabastine's email address. No thank at all to our Lads in Nigeria. And tell your friends those Lads are real but not their silly stories. And merry Christmas to all [Too early - Local Ed]. Oh well, merry Easter [Please forgive him - Local Ed].

More nuts to come?