updated december 18, 2009

You may get a Dead Bank Customer letter from a Chinese banker. He isn't. Chinese, or Taiwanese, or Korean, or Asian anything, or a banker. He might actually be in Hong Kong, but most likely is still not Chinese. But you knew that.

Jim Gates (hunter of giant mutant kangaroos), had a brief exchange with a "Marco Lee" in YOU WILL ROO THE DAY. "Marco" didn't seem to know much about China.

These entries would have been equally suited to the
Dead Bank Customer Memorial page.


December 2009Mr. Henry S.
Hang Seng Bank, Hong Kongcustomer not nameddeath unspecified

December 2009Mrs Chung
wife of... "a powerful retired executive of once one of the biggest manufacturing company here in Asia"details omitted

December 2009Jun
I have a business of $14.5million for you, contact me for details.

December 2009Mr. Tsai-Yuan
Taiwan Business Bank$18M USDdeal unspecified

June 2008Mr. Chen
a staff of Bank of ChinaHamadi Hashemcause of death unspecified

busy with other stuff

June 2005Mr.Simon Wong (again!)
Dah Sing BankMr.Mauricio Jose De Matosautomobile accident

March 2005Mr. Zhang, for a change, MINISTRY OF HEALTH CHINAno one dead! 
"Help me embezzle"

March 2005Mr Wu
[]from Asiano one dead! 
I am one of the defectors from Pyongyang and I am currently residing in Ireland.

Feb. 2005Mr. Xiao[])Bank of ChinaMr. Robert Riceairplane crash; diedinterstate

Feb. 2005
received in Germany
Mr.Srichai Popesrichaipope@netscape.netWin Hang Bank LtdMr. Choice Brianboat mishap

Jan. 2005Mr. Jun
([])Hanivitbank or Bank of Korea
(seems confused)
Late Mr Andrew Phillipsghastly plane crash

Jan. 2005Mr.Liu
([])Dah Sing Bank, Hong Kong Mr.Mathieu Jean Jacques PolMarine accident

Jan. 2005Mr. Mr.Tum Private Banking Asia Pacific, BangkokMrs.Melodie Adolphin (who died along with his entire family)tsunami

Dec. 2004Mr.Chen
("a bank in HongKong"Mr.Lawrence Hestercause of death unspecified

Dec. 2004Leu
( of China,Shenzhen BranchMr.Lawrence Hesterautomobile accident

Nov. 2004
received in Netherlands
Mr. Jun Chengjun.cheng43@laposte.netBank of Korea or Hanivitbank
(he seems confused)
Late Mr Andrew Phillips 

Nov. 2004Mr. Zhang Wenkanguklottos66@yahoo.comMINISTRY OF HEALTH CHINA
ooh, not a bank!
over-invoiced bills!
ooh, not a dead bank customer!

Nov. 2004Mr.Simon
Dah Sing BankGen.Hassan Faziauto-mobile accident

Nov. 2004Soo Cho"Philip" <>
CHO HUNG BANKMr. Phillip Morrisauto-mobile accident

Nov. 2004
received in Germany
Mr. Simon
Hang Seng Bank Ltd,Sai Wan Ho BranchGeneral Ibrahim Moussa or Major Fadi Basem
(switches from one to the other)

Nov. 2004Mr. Wang
Bank of China, ShenzhenMr. Robert Riceairplane crash

Sept 2004Mr. Cheung
HANG SENG BANK LTD.Major Fadi Basemkilled during the war in bomb blast that hit their home

Sept 2004Mr. Cheung
HANG SENG BANK LTD.Major Fadi Basemkilled during the war in bomb blast that hit their home

Sept 2004Mr.Qin
HANG SENG BANK LTD.Mr. Richard Naultautomobile accident

Sept 2004
received in Germany
HANG SENG BANK LTD.General. Ibrahim Moussawar

Sept 2004
received in Germany
HANG SENG BANK LTD.General. Ibrahim Moussawar
(also see Feb. 2004)

Sept 2004
received in Thailand
Mr. jian wang
X-Sender-IP: (proxying for unknown)
(MYNET, Istanbul)
"a reputable bank in turkey"unspecified dead bank customerautomobile accident

Sept 2004Mr.liu[]China Metallurgical Import & Export Henan Company(CMIECHN)no one dead this time
"seeking representative"

Feb 2004MR. WANG
HANG SENG BANK LTD.General. Ibrahim Moussa (Iraqi forces and also business man)war
According to the ScamBase, Mr. "Wang Qin" (or whatever ad hoc teams are behind him) is the most prolific imaginary Chinese banker in the 419 biz.

Feb 2004Mr. Lee Chow FIRST BANK LTD. (Hong Kong)Mr. Smith Lawrence?

Feb 2004CHAN HON LAMchl2@smithattorneys.orgBANK OF CHINA (SHENZHEN)Jarold Freemanplane crash

Feb 2004MR.XULIN TRUST COMMERCIAL BANK, TAIWANMr. Smith Lawrenceautomobile accident

One "from" Korea, just for fun:
Feb 2004Mr Sang-Duck Lee?Korean Exchange Bank, SeoulMr. David MooreBAC Airplane crash

One "from" Malaysia:
Feb 2004Mr.Javed Ahmed commercial Bank, LahoreMr.Swuen Kuangautomobile accident

One "from" Macau:
Feb 2004Mr. Zhang Finibancocontractor with the Oman Oil Companyautomobile accident