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A hearty scam-o-welcome to Chester Nutley, business tycoon on the run!
Despite the constant need to look over his shoulder, he finds time to correspond with "Rahaali Musa", scammer du jour.

Rahaali Musa- purveyor of Dead Bank Customer scams
Madam Cynthia Sawadogo - "bank" persona
Dr. Didididier - another "bank" persona
Chester Nutley- fugitive business tycoon

Rahaali Musa

And so it begins with this initial, very legitimate looking offer--


vendredi 9 janvier 2009

20h 00 - 21h 00 (GMT+00:00)

With due respect: I am Mr.RAHAALI.MUSA. the Account Manager of Late Mr. Morris Thompson in ( B.S.I.C )Bank, here in Burkina Faso. I discovered his Dormant Account with a huge amount of MoneyValued (Fourteen Million Dollars only) he died in a plane crash with his entire family, you can read more news about the crash by visiting this website; If your are interested to run this deal with me by using your account to receive his fund, then I shall provide you with more details on how we should proceed, meanwhile 40% of this total amount will go for you as my partner and 60% will be for me, if you are interested get back to me.
Chester Nutley

Dear Sir,

I would indeed be interested in entering this transaction with you. Please send the materials needed to move this along ASAP. I was directed to this deal by a close associate of mine, and I have the financial resources to bring this to a profitable conclusion for the both of us.

Regards, Chester B Nutley, CEO

Chester Nutley

another prod...


My name is Chester Nutley, I received word of your offer from an associate on mine in the corporate power industry. I am an influential, wealthy businessman who owns many treasuries and glue factories across the world, and I am most interested in your proposal, as I have already made vast fortunes through similar partnerships. I am currently under investigation because of my tremendous fortunes, so we will need to be discreet in these matters. I would be able to invest up to $1 billion USD in your proposal if need be. I look forward to working with you.

-Chester B. Nutley, CEO
Rahaali Musa
















Morris Thompson was a real person, who died in a real tragedy. His name is frequently bandied about by scammers.

Hello Chester B. Nutley, thanks for your response towards my proposal, I do appreciate the content of your message as it proves your capability of handling this transaction properly.

I will advice you to go through the details of this transaction very well to enable you know how to participate towards this transaction since you are willing to co-operate with me towards this transaction.

This transaction needs your total honesty and for you to make a promise to me that nothing bad will happen to this fund once is transferred into your bank account.

I am assuring you that you will never in any form get implicated or face any trouble in future as a result of doing business with me as long as you keep to my instructions and advice towards this transaction.

You will be coming into this transaction as the deceased customer business partner and you will be playing the rule of next of kin to the bank deceased customer as his legal next of kin.


Morris Thompson, was 61, of Fairbanks , Alaska . He was one of the state's most prominent Native and business leaders and had been in Mexico for a vacation with his wife, Thelma Thompson, and daughter Sheryl Thompson.

Thompson retired last month as president and chief executive officer of Doyon Ltd., a Native corporation formed in 1971 as part of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. The corporation has 12.5 million acres of land, making it the largest private landowner in the United States .

When Thompson took over Doyon in 1985, it had an operating loss of $28 million. When he retired, it was generating $70.9 million in annual revenues, had 900 employees and 14,000 stockholders.

Thompson was a special assistant to the Secretary of the Interior during the Nixon years. He was only 34 when he was appointed Commissioner of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He also was a Cabinet-level officer in Alaska Gov. Walter Hickel's first administration.

You can visit this below website for confirmation of what I have stated above regarding to the deceased customer Late Mr Morris Thompson.

Let me Introduce my self better to you, I am a nationality of Gambia working with this (B.S.I.C.) bank as AUDITING AND ACCOUNTING DIRECTOR AT THE FOREIGN REMITTANCE DEPT, for over 14years, I am married and I have (3 ) children with my wife, it will be my pleasure to run this deal with you and at the end meet with you in person in your country for my own share as the ratio was stated earlier.


Well having served this bank for so many years and nearing my retirement, I deem it necessary to utilise this opportunity of the present unclaimed sum of money to help my self and my family after my retirement, through the investment I will establish in your country with my percentage in this transaction.

There is no doubt about your inability as the legal next of kin to the deceased customer and owner of the account number 2637578-2341 with the following reasons.

(a) Before the death of the deceased customer, his true next of kin was not indicated to the board of directors of this bank because of the top secrecy and confidentiality of the transactions which the late customer transacted with the various governments in Africa .

(b) Owning to his failure to indicate his next of kin to the officials of the bank, it is therefore impossible for the board of directors of the bank to verify the next of kin as well as the true inheritor of the fund.

(c) And for the above reasons, the managements of the bank authorized me officially as the ACCOUNTING DIRECTOR AT THE FOREIGN REMITTANCE DEPT, of this bank, to verify the next of kin to our deceased customer.

I am re-assuring you that all the informationŐs concerning the deceased bank customer are under my control, so you have nothing to be afraid off, all I need from you is your utmost honesty towards this transaction and to keep this transaction as top secret until the fund hit your bank account.

I shall be sending you the text of application form in my next message to enable you fill it out and send to the bank email address for commencement of this transfer into your nominated account.

If you are ready to do business with me, then provide me the below needed information's to enable me send you the text of application form.

The information's, needed are;

A. Your complete home or office address to enable me locates you in your country for my own share at the end of this transaction B. Your Age and the nature of your work and your position at your place of work, this will serve as more prove of your capability in handling this fund when it gets into your bank account. C. Your Mobile and home telephone numbers for an easy communication between us.

Finally I hope I have made the details of this transaction and my motives very clear to you, I am waiting to receive the needed details from you to enable us proceed without delay.

Best Regards
Yours Sincerely, Mr. Raha Ali Musa
Tel. 00226 75 081 858

Chester Nutley

Mr. Musa,

I am most pleased with the details of this transaction. My personal lawyers all agree this is an extremely sound investment opportunity. Though I do not believe I will be investing the entire $1 billion, I would still be willing to invest a handsome amount into this offer; a man has to diversify, after all! In the mean time, as I await your response, I shall prepare certain documents that will no doubt be necessary to move this deal forward.

As for the information you have requested:

For my business address, due to the many investigations by various government agencies, I am forced to move between my many private bunkers throughout Europe and the Middle East. These days I strictly use the internet to communicate and to trade information, using my T-103 scrambled Chinese internet connection. Nor do I use telephone, as the government has tapped my lines to listen to my conversations. Using a phone would be far too dangerous. My age is now 69 years, and though I am still CEO of NutleyCorp Enterprises LLC, it is only for formality, as I am essentially retired and living off my vast, vast fortunes of gold and other various riches.

-Sincerely, Chester B. Nutley, CEO

Rahaali Musa

A wordy reply from the Lad...












And here we go. This is the scam. There is no money to 'inherit' from poor Morris Thompson, by the way. If you didn't realize that, please go back to the main page and read it out loud to yourself.

Hello Chester B. Nutley thanks for your kind response once again, the content of your response makes me feel so good and relax in proceeding with you over this claim, believing in me that I am doing the deal with a capable person who is equal to the task.

I want to use this opportunity to update you that we shall get this transaction concluded successfully in 5 to 7 banking days once you keep to my advice and instructions at all time till you confirm this fund into your bank account.

Based on my last update over the text of application form, you are advice to open the attached document and fill out the required informationŐs before sending it to the bank email addresses which is stated below.

As soon as the Bank transfers the money into your account, I will present my resignation latter to the bank management to enable me move down to your country for my own share as the ratio was stated and agreed between us.

Bear in mind that the bank management will ask you to pay a refundable reactivation charge for the reactivation of the deceased dormant account, this charge will be asked once they confirm you to be true legitimate deceased customer, when we get to this stage we have no reason to delay the process to fasting the transfer of this fund into your nominated account.

My reason of clarifying this point to you, is to enable us not to approach the bank management with this claim and get stooped half way, it will be better we donŐt attempt the claim than to start and get stopped half way, if you are ready for this process kindly proceed and fill this form and send to the bank management email addresses.

I am suggesting you check your email box 3times everyday since you donŐt want us to communicate via telephone conversation, to enable us communicate with each other and pass information to each other absolutely, I hope you understand my point?

Whatever you received from the bank Management after you must have sent the application form to the bank, should be forwarded to me immediately before getting back to the bank management, this is to avoid any mistake from your side in order for you not to embarrass the success of this transaction.

As soon as you sent the application form to the bank email addresses ( ), Departmental email address ( ) do send me a copy of the filled application for my own reference.

Finally I do appreciate your total corporation towards this transaction and I count on you for top confidentiality of this deal without any betray at the confirmation of this fund into your bank account.

Best Regards, waiting to hear from you as soon as you sent the application form to the bank email addresses.

Yours Mr. Raha Ali Musa

Tel. 00226 75 081 858

Chester Nutley

Chester throws a wrench in the works!

Mr. Musa

I must type in haste, as I have had to flee from my current location. Very early this morning Government S.O.A.P agents raided my current location in the southern France territories, and I had to get out as quickly as possible. Do not worry though, as soon as I am settled at my next location and can set up my computer properly I will be able to fill out the documents. I am understandably a bit distressed at the moment, as my translator, Jean Luc, was captured during the raid.

You need not have any concerns about the secrecy of this deal, as the information is safe when sent through my T-103 scrambled Chinese connection. My lawyers have looked over the document, and everything appears to checks out. I will be handling the deal alone from here out, to insure privacy. As I was fleeing, I was only able to get a suitcase with around only $20,000 - $25,000 USD, hopefully this will be enough to enable the transaction to occur, as I may not be able to access by bank accounts for brief time.

I will speak to you soon, Chester B. Nutley
Rahaali Musa

Hello Dear Chester B. Nutley, thanks for your update regarding your present situation.

The content of your message makes m to feel little bad as you don't rest of mind at the moment, but since you know your way to bite the security men; I praise your moves as a smart person.

The amount you escaped with according to the banking principles will be enough to get his dormant account reactivated once we get to that stage if we are lucky enough to have the bank management approving the claim on your favour.

Please as soon as you sent the form, kindly update me to enable me monitor things over here properly to ensure that we succeed this claim.

Waiting to hear from you soon as you promised


Yours Raha

Chester Nutley

Mr. Rasa

Here is the document I am in a hurry but was able to scan this in I need to keep things moving. I am awaiting word of Jean Luc's condition, as I am worried for his safety. An acquaintance has informed me of the possibility that the raid had been conducted not by government S.O.A.P. agents, but by the terrorist faction "Black Hand", who has in the past tried to extort me for my wealth, so I now fear they may mean to harm Jean Luc, who has been a friend to me.

I will have more information soon,

Chester B. Nutley, CEO

Rahaali Musa

Hello Chester B. Nutley, thanks for your update on how you filled the form, it is perfect proceed and send it to the BSIC email addresses if you have not done that, and please try to be in safe side as you wait to hear from you friend who is trapped by those evil men.

I shall wait to read from you as soon as you confirm to me that you sent the form to their email address

Best Regards

Yours Raha Ali Musa

Chester Nutley

I forwarded the documents to the bank. I had forgotten to do so in my haste before. We may proceed with the transfer now I believe.


Rahaali Musa

Hello Chester , thanks for your update. I shall have things monitored properly at my end; once there is any move by the bank management I shall update you immediately.

I believe in all confidence that having you as my partner we will surely archive this claim successfully.

What about your friend?

Waiting to read from you soon

Yours Raha

Madam Cynthia Sawadogo (The "Bank")

**These two next letters are from the "bank"**

we are in receipt of your application claim form dated on 16th January 2009. The bank management hereby solicits for your humble patients till next week Monday 19th of January 2009 for our official response as we do work half day every weekend. The boards of Directorswill be holding meeting on Monday next week regarding to your application claim over the deposited Late Mr. Morris ThompsonŐs fund; we shall get back to you with the outcome of their meeting as soon as it ends the same Monday.
Thanks Madam Cynthia Sawadogo
Sec: Foreign Remittance Department (B.S.I.C.)























This is probably broken up to get around limits on money transfers which would otherwise require inconvenient paperwork and questions.


According to our boards of director meeting today 19th of January 2009 regarding to your Inheritance application claim, we hereby confirms your receipt of your application claim officially after mush verification's from our telex and foreign remittance department today 19th January 2009 as about 10:35GMT.

According to the banking principles over Inheritance fund and his inheritor, you are required to view our official questionnaire attached document and get back to us with the right answers as to confirm your Inheritance claim genuine.

You are required to send back the answers with a refundable amount for reactivation of the deceased customer dormant account before his money will be transferred into your nominated account via wire transfer from our affiliate commercial bank in Accra Ghana .

This policy commenced since 1999 according to the law from Finance ministry, article 10 section 1&4 of aforementioned issue, you are required to reactivate the late Mr. Morris Thompson dormant account, as his bank account has being dormant for ages.

You are advice to comply with this procedures by providing the right answers to the official questionnaire and reactivating the deceased dormant account with refundable sum of $9,750 USD (Nine thousand Seven hundred and fifty United States Dollars only) for immediate approval transfer of your inheritance fund into your nominated bank account.

As protocols demand, view below our accountants informationŐs, use it to transfer the above amount via western union money transfer Or Money Gram money transfer and send to our departmental email address your Money transfer details for immediate confirmation of your payment.

Mr. (DANIEL CHIMA PAUL) for transfer of $5,000.00 USD.
Mr. (MARCELINUS OBIORA EZEIFEDI) for transfer of $4,750.00 USD
Receiving Address 044BP sector 5 Ouagadougou Burkina Faso Africa .
Telephone: +226 50304162
Receiving Country Burkina Faso Africa / City: Ouagadougou .
You can use any thing you like to make the transfer secrets questions and response.
Total amount to send is $9,750.00 USD.

In Details:

This reactivation amount is a refundable charge, it doesn't belong to the (B.S.I.C.) management, it is still your money, it will be transferred along with your Inheritance fund into your nominated bank account, and it is simply made for reactivating the Deceased dormant account, to keep his account functional and for accessibility of the transfer into your nominated bank account.

As soon as we confirm the receipt of the right answers and your reactivation payment informationŐs your Inheritance fund will be approved and wired into your nominated account via our affiliate commercial bank in Ghana in less than 48 hours of your payment confirmation by our management.

Thanks, Yours in Services

Rahaali Musa

Hello Chester , this is very urgent information, this morning the bank management called for emergency meeting regarding to your application claim; at the round table meeting the management decides to contact you for provision of writing proof of your reality towards this claim of Inheritance.

Please if the bank foreign remittance department happens to send you any message or document, or contact you in any a manner, kindly update me or forward it to me first to enable me advice you on what you have to do, this is to enable us not to make any mistake towards this great opportunity.

Most Importantly always remember to keep the secret of this transaction from people; I am so sure that we are going to archive this deal successfully once you keep to my advice and abide with the bank procedures.

I would have called you on phone for this information, but since you donŐt use phone, I choose to keep our communication via Email until you confirm this fund transferred into your bank account, thereafter I will present my resignation latter to the bank management and depart to meet with you for sharing this fund according to our previous agreed ratio.

Best Regards, waiting to read from you soon

Yours Mr Raha

Telephone 00226 75 081 858

ATTN: Parties concerned

Here is the requested documentation.

Chester Nutley

Mr. Musa

I have completed and sent the bank form, so we are almost done.

I have switched to a T-113 Russian connection; this will continue to assure security. There is a more pressing issue however, as I have been contacted by a man calling himself "Luis". He is one of the men responsible for the kidnapping of Jean Luc, and he has told me to await instruction in relation to this matter; I fear for this situation. Additionally, due to pressures from my pursuers, I still cannot access my bank accounts or business partners, and have counted the money I have escaped with and I have only $17,520 USD. I am expecting the kidnappers may ask for a ransom, and may ask more then I have, so I am worried.

I will inform you of further updates,

Chester B. Nutley
Rahaali Musa

... won't get his cut until Chester sends the money to the "banker(s)".

Hello Dear Partners, please if what you sent to me is a copy of what you sent to the bank management, kindly write back to them and apologies to them, making them to understand that you misplaced your file where you stocked all your company relevant informationŐs.

What worries me now is that why should you reply back to the bank management without hearing from me first? I told you this earlier that whatever you receive from the bank management should be forwarded to me first, why should you reply back to them with out informing me first?

By tomorrow I shall send you the right answers to enable you complete the bank management requirements properly and on the side of the reactivation issue, I told you about it earlier and you know it will sure come to pass as to enable us archive this deal without any hindrance.

What ever may be the request of the kidnappers, can be talking care of from this deal once you come up with the bank management procedures.

Kindly inform me as soon as you sent the amount to the bank management and by tomorrow I shall get back to you with the right answers.

Yours Raha

Chester Nutley


Regarding the form I sent in, please note it was filled out with the standard S-2 information fields as a precautionary measure, this was an error, and I will be sending in the accurate form soon.

Chester B. Nutley CEO

The error has been corrected. In my mental state I misinterpreted your instructions, but this should be easily corrected now.


Chester Nutley

Mr. Musa,

Could you please send the T-540 banking forms for my records?

Chester B. Nutley, CEO

Rahaali Musa

Hello Chester, after much contemplation towards your previous attitude, I still remain unhappy with the manner you behaved yesterday over the form you sent to the bank management without my consent.

Please this deal is not token to me; I have really involved a lot of things before I could get to the stage of having his dormant account ready for claiming process.

The form you asking for has nothing to do with Inheritance claim process, if it necessary or Important, It would have being in your position before this time.

Please if you know that your situation doesnŐt permit you to concentrate over this deal, kindly update me immediately to enable me draft a message that you will send to the bank management for immediate replacement of your account details, to avoid us loosing this deal.

This transaction requires a lot of your attention as the person who stands for the claim, and it should not be taking for granted for any reason.

Please if you are still in good mode of having this deal concluded with me successfully, kindly proceed and send the below stated answers and the required reactivation charge to the bank management and send your money transfer information to the bank departmental email address, for immediate transfer of our fund into your bank account.


1. YES
5. THE NAME OF THE WIFE Thelma Thompson
7. A Daughter BY Name Sheryl Thompson.

Finally, at the confirmation of this fund transfer into your bank account, in which country do I have meet with you for my own share?

Please respond to this question soonest, it is very important to me, as I donŐt have your specific address or fixed telephone contact.

Best Regards
Yours Mr. Raha

Chester Nutley

Dear Mr. Rahha Ali Musasa

I have gotten back in contact with my business colleagues, and they have tipped me off to a superior deal. Legendary architect Olaf Henrik Yohansson is heading the development of crab shaped underwater hotel, called "The Brachyura", in Dubai. The rooms will be called "Gonopores", and each guest will have their own private submarine. The success of this venture is virtually guaranteed, and I have long wanted a foothold in the Dubai real estate market. Furthermore, Olaf's firm has agreed to aid in extraditing Jean Luc to safety, which is of great importance to me.

Additionally, I have never done a deal without T-540 forms, and seeing that this was the first thing Olaf and his associates sent along, I am pleased with their manner of operation. I have been concerned about the security of our deal, and the lack of the T-540 forms has pushed this too far, and it not a safe deal to complete, and in light of this Dubai deal I have made my decision. Our deal is off.

I am a fair businessman, and would like to go clean. I have had too many "shady" dealings in the past, and it has been bad for me. My money has been nothing but trouble for the last many years, and after this Dubai venture I am retiring and donating my wealth to those in need. If it were not for my riches, Jean Luc would not have been put through this horrible experience, and I would not have been on the run, living in bunkers for so long. This is no life worth living, so I am changing my ways. If you go through and get the dirty millions from this deal, I wish you the best of luck, as money is not all it seems...



Rahaali Musa

Thanks for dropping out of the deal, I shall get back to you with the message that you will send to the bank management to enable me present a replacement of you to the bank management.


Yours Raha
Chester Nutley


Though I will be retiring from the deal, I may direct you to an associate of mine who would be interested in completing your transaction. His name is Alex, and his email is: (hidden for privacy reasons)

He has a large amount of wealth to invest, and has expressed interest in your deal.


Chester B. Nutley, CEO

Rahaali Musa

Hello my friend Chester , my problem is not about knowing people who are so rich, my problem is to get in touch with somebody who will handle this project properly and who will not betray me at the confirmation of the fund transfer into his or her account.

I don't want to loos this opportunity because this is all I have to enable me establishes properly at the end of my civil servant.

If you are sure of Mr Alex capability and interest towards this deal, tell him to call me via this number (00226 75 081 858) to enable me discourse with him directly.

After discussing with him on phone, I will direct him on how to send his bank details and personal information to the bank management to enable them change his information with yours as your official representative.

Waiting to read from you and also confirm Mr Alex interest by hearing his voice on phone.

Best Regards

Yours Mr Raha
Chester Nutley


What has happened? I have come under investigation by Interpol regarding what they call "certain contacts". The only person I have been contacting that is not one of my known associates has been you. Despite precautionary measures, they will certainly find out about this deal, you had better be prepared to explain the details and legitimacy issues of what has been discussed.
This is not good for anyone, I should have been wary of this deal.

Rahaali Musa
How do you mean?
Chester Nutley

I am being detained by Interpol, and they will no doubt interrogate me at some point, I cannot leave. I will have to divulge the full details of this deal.
There is no way out of telling, as lying will only make things worse when they find out. You should prepare any documents you will need for when they speak to you.


Rahaali Musa

Really, the documents are Eveready to be presented to any authority who wants to go through it.

But there is something that is not quite comprehendible; you mean you who escaped with some money when the kidnappers attacked you, now fail for this Interpol?

I though you wise; now I know you are nobody before the authority.

So this is how this fund would have being confiscated by the Interpol, if actually you received the fund with your account

I am grateful to Almighty Allah for making it possible for me not to witness such disgrace from you.

Now you no longer talk about Mr Alex, you are now in the net of the Interpol, this is incredible.

Who did you offend before last year runs out?

Chester Nutley

My money will not be confiscated by Interpol, they do not have that authority; they are here to investigate any possible fraudulent behavior. Since I have not followed through on anything, I am not guilty of anything and am not worried. I will still retire soon surrender my money to others; I have no need for it. Interpol has asked for full co-operation and I am giving it to them, including all transmissions with outside parties.
I am not disgraced, as I said, they are taking nothing from me, I see this simply as a opportunity to right any wrongs and prove my innocence in any suspect matters.
No one can take down Chester!

-Chester B. Nutley

Rahaali Musa
That is good !

--And with this simple exclamation, the saga ends. Farewell, Mr. Musa--