Scamorama welcomes back Witold Padarewski, last seen in P.P.P.P.S. IT'S A SCAM.

[In a similar vein (THERE'S GOLD IN THEM THAR HILLS) the mastermind of the Pierpont Project supposedly got a Lad to send a 5-gram sample of actual gold for assay.]

David Koffi, aka Koffl Divid, aka Koffi David; has imaginary gold for sale
W. Padarewski, no relation to either composer

Koffl Divid
Return-Path: <>
Received: from unknown (HELO User) ([]) ( Ghana Telecom ADSL DYNAMIC ADDRESS EXPANDED POOL )
Reply-To: <> From: "Mr divid koffl"<> Subject: gold for sale
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009

Hello Sir

Attn Please:

We are a small local miner here in our village, Affiliated to Twumassi Mining Company from our own family Land in Obuasi, (Ashanti region), Tarkwa (Western Region) Kibbi (Eeastern Region) all in the Republic of Ghana.

We are looking for interested prospective partners who are willing to do enter into our mining business with us as our associate who can sign an agreement with our family as a parner and also market for us our product in their respective countries, so that we can have expand our trading capacity abroad,

We have 22+ carat gold dust, 96% purity and we have a large mining area which we would like to expand on.
Currently we have over 160kg of alluvial gold ready for sale to interested buyer(s)
If your interested please send your reply so that We can start a proper communication for effective implementation of this partnership/trade,

Thanks for your understanding.

Thank ok

Koffl Divid
W. Padarewski

[The intended victim is almost too enthusiastic!]

Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009

More information please, I would like to buy Your Company, not only Your gold.

sir W. Padarewski
Koffl Divid
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009

From: divid koffl <>

Sir W. Padarewski,

Thank you so much for you urgent response towards my proposal, Note that we are not selling our company all we ask is for partnership.

But please be informed that we are in West Africa, Ghana to be precise, we do not have the gold finance as required by the FED/International Metal Legislation.99.5% or better.
What we seek is a partner/Country representative in North America/South America.

Someone who would be able to represent our interest internationally as you have indicated your letter to give our product value when it enters into the international market.

We do have a gold mine being operated by at a medium scale, a capacity of 122kg monthly using manual operational methods but the potential of the mines has prompted us to seek partner in the Gold trade and also an investor in our mines. whom we are ready to ship our products to a partner/Representative in his country of residence.

I have enclosed below our product quality and quantity as 4th August 2009

. Product: Au Gold dust
Quality: 22 carat
Purity: 94%
Available quantity: 170kg as at 4th August 2009.

We are willing to give a reasonable price if our Representative/Partner does have the know how to get our product a good price internationally.

We will wait to receive your comprehensive information if you would be willing to enter into business with us.

Koffi David.
W. Padarewski
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009

Fine, but if You seek for a partner (merchant) AND an investor, I can help in those two. I don't know how You got my e-mail and where have You found it, but You are lucky.
My company is investing in copper mines in Brazil and coal mines in China. We could invest about 1 MLN USD in Ghana to enable gold mining with use of mining robots.
As for now, all I need is a scan of Your ID [when You will send it, You will get mine too]
Koffl Divid
Return-Path: <>
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009

*Dear Sir W. Padarewski,

My sincere thanks for your prompt response.It would quite valuable for both parties when this is concluded.

We are medium scale mining family in collaboration with a mining company here, where my family does have a majority share holding, We( the company board) has agreed to enter into a partnership/investors agreement with credible and reliable buyers of our product.

Sir, we do have a mining capacity of 90kg monthly using manual labour and depending on weather conditions.

Presently, we do have 220kg made to be exported to a credible buyer, this would have enable us procure the necessary mining equipment to increase our output, but since you have mentioned your interest in the Investor/partnership and injection of capital, we can have that quantity shipped to your designated address for sales. I shall have the modalities laid for your consideration.

Regards to your request, i have laid out our company/family details and requested ID.
Alongside this email is our available product, purity, quality and other relevant documents.
I would advice that you avail me with your contact information to make it possible for me to call you and discuss further modalities.

I shall look forward to entering a partnership/investor agreement with you.
David Koffi.
Twumassi Mining Company Limited.
CT146 Tarkwa Western Region Ghana.
Telephone:+ 233- 261136029*

bunch o documents

[This shows more-than-average effort. They found, stole, or bought and altered business forms, instead of the usual inkjet affair.]

W. Padarewski
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009

Thank You for the pictures and documents [I believe that they are genuine]... but I was asking for Your ID
I need Your personal data and ID scan for my lawyer-he will make an agreement forme and You
[I must buy everything according to law, because I am investing my companies money]

Sir W.Padarewski
Koffl Divid
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009

Sir W. Padarewski,

Here is my ID and also my fathers ID, i will wait to hear from you as soon as possible.


David Koffi
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009
Subject: Re: gold for sale from David Koffi, Revert Urgently
From: divid koffl <>

Dear Sir Sir W.Padarewski,
I sent you the requested Identification a few day ago, Endeavour to acknowledge lt and we need to have your response as we are keen to proceeding with the transaction.
I also await your ID and contact address, and the agreements from your lawyer as you said.
David Koffi
W. Padarewski

[... kindly arranges a flight to Zurich for the scammer, and sends a scan of 'his own' passport]

Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009

I have attached my ID (passport) below,sir.
And I have been talking to my lawyer...He is currently in Switzerland,in on of my company branches.
He had organized a meeting of you two in Zurich. This is very important, because those agreements can not be made via Internet (we are talking about 1 MLN USD deal)
Your flight from Accra is already paid,
You just have to show your ID in the information at the airport and say that You are invited by sir W.Padarewski and O.J. Simpson [that is my lawyers name]. I will join You two in Zurich and we will officialy sign all the papers. Just after that, we will begin to change Your littlemining company into a great international bussiness.

Your flight details:
Departure: Sunday, 30 of August, 1 StopoverDuration of flight: 17 hours 50 minutes
Departure17:30 Sunday, 30 of August
Kotoka (ACC), Accra - Ghana
Arrival05:50 Monday, 31 of August
Dubai International Airport (DXB), Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Emirates (EK 788)Aircraft type - 343
Run by: EmiratesClass - First
Connection Change plane.
05:50 Monday, 31 of August - 08:40 Monday, 31 of August
From Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport (DXB), Dubai - United Arab Emirates To Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport (DXB), Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Time of stopover: 2 hours 50 minutes
Check with the airline for the boarding time and gate!
Departure08:40 Monday, 31 of August
Terminal: 3 Dubai International Airport (DXB), Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Arrival13:20 Monday, 31 of August
Terminal: 3 Zurich (ZRH), Zurich - Switzerland
Emirates (EK 87)Aircraft type - 77W
Run by: EmiratesClass - First

We will be waiting for You at the airport in Zurich on monday, my friend.

David Koffi

[Oh dear, the scammer is not convinced]

Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009
From: divid koffl <>

Mr. Padarewski,

Call this a coincidence or just an over sight on your path. Not everybody has low IQ like yourself.

I schooled and worked in England for 10 years, before relocating to Ghana, My Son is a British Citizen, so i should know what a British passport looks like, my mother happens to be a Journalist in the United states and my wife works currently with Emirates in Ghana. [not a reassuring thought, if true]

My brother in-law works in Geneva, as i send you this email, if you doubt this we have just verified that address.

I want to thank you for wasting your time not mine. I do not play pranks, i am a genuine gold sellers.

David Koffi .
W. Padarewski
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009

"i am a genuine gold sellers"

Yeah, that proves that You have a high IQ value :P

I have tried to find Your "company" on the net, or even at the GEPC registries...I have found only fake or broken pages.

You are just a poor scammer sir and I was pleased that I could get Your silly e-mails :]

I always wanted to have a penpal from Ghana.
Have a good day!
If You can't catch a mugu, try to catch HIV (it's easy) :P