do do that chukwu that you do so well

This could have been added to the appeals to evangelists page, but it has some plot twists that seem to give it individual interest. This is the kind of judgment call that keeps a scamologist up at night.

From : Mr. TO-CHUKWU
Tel: 225-07-86-36-48


Dear Sir,

I -although you might start todo not know where to start up writing this doubt who is writing, it's me pastor Christopher Elam attached to a local Church here in Abidjan. Last month a certain woman came into our church to worship with us. After the service she demanded to be introduced to the head Pastor as well as the Elders of the Church.

However, she introduced herself as Mrs.Sabien Nguenda Marlyse-wife of former Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Sierra-Leone. Who according to her, has been arrested by the Military Government of Sierra-Leone along with those been detained by the United Nations Peace Keeping Force for various war crimes. As you are aware of the series of political tension in Sierra-Leone in which top military officers and politicians were either imprisoned or executed, as a result of their respective involvement.

The woman was asking for assistance from the church to help her remain in the church premises.The church however did not hesitate to grant her request. To the church greatest surprise, a week later the woman met the head Pastor privately and opened up her main problems.The head pastor was startled when the woman took him to where she kept Two Sealed Trunk Boxes-and confided with him that they containing valuable Treasures ($22million US dollars and while the other sealed box according to the woman contains an unestimated high graded quality Gold dust)

Fear griped the head pastor to the bone, and was at verge of alerting the police. It took me several hours to calm the head pastor down and from taking such measure. At the end ,the only alternative option left for the head pastor was to order the woman out of the church premises in order to protect his dignity as a man of God.

As for me I am just a lay man who is not even exposed ,let alone discussion a business of this magnitude-All I was able to do was to arrange with an Insurance Broker (without giving him the details)who advised me to take her to any security and finance company for safe keeping here in Abidjan.This was however perfected,as they were successfully lodged with a security company without letting the authority of the security company know the actual content of the sealed boxes.

Now one major problem still remains and that is on how to convey these consignments and the woman out of Africa. To be honest this is far beyond what I can do in Ernest to my God ! Looking at my stand here and considering my level of exposure-I really don't know where to start to negotiate for this kind of contact on her behalf, since it appears she is under hiding right now in Abidjan.

My request therefore is not in any way mandatory-but simply appeal to you if you can by any means be willing to assist her. All she want, is to get these consignments out of Africa-and the condition for this assistance is basically between you and her -either now or upon her arrival According to her ,the husband has asked her to source for a foreign investors with honest report who will assist her in all capacity. As you know , as a man of God ,I should have my limitations in this matter; although the woman has suggested that you can as well visit her here in Abidjan, and at least to make an-on-the -spot assessment of the said consignment in question.

Finally, it is my sincere prayer that you accord this information the secret as well as the urgency it deserves.

Tel: 225-07-86-36-48