Imaginary Roommate From Hell : Dear Landlord

This is the same scam as the JOB SCAM, which is really the same as all the other scams.

Also see The Innkeeper Case Study.

Also see Gumtree Forums for examples of how a rental scam is carried out. Capsule version:
- scammer demands deposit
- scammer says 'You don't have to send the money order to me, send it to a friend of yours, just tell me the money order details'
- scammer shows up Western Union before your friend does, and collects the money order using the details you provided

February 2007

Hello ....

My name is Ron Stewart and i am the Sales rep for Andrew Parker Arts and Craft...we have an Obligation of bringing some reps to your city and i have to confirm and affirm how it goes with the apartment thing,because i belive it seems cheaper that hotel bills..

We seem very interested in getting this appatment ...pls do get back to me and let me know if it still available and al due protocols...Ofcourse this rooms are to be lived in by our new found rep and they are all Females....

Get back to me with the total cost for three months and let me know all neccessary conditions ....and after awhich when we get your response a proposal of payment will be sent to you and all neccessary things will want to be met.....

Hope to read from you soon and as soon as it can be....
December 2006
Received: from []
From: babe jadett <>
Subject: Re: roommate

my name is tracy,im 22years of age and i work with a charity organisation in UK and im presently on field work somewhere in south africa but will back next month,my position in that organisation is that of one of there operations officer,please tell me if you will be my preferreed partner,

all the info you need about the room is on
When will you be here to see the room and decide to take the room?

babe jadett <> wrote:
** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
** More Info:

saw ur advert in the room.pls u will have to mail me with the details of the room to include rents and utilities.But let me just give some hints about myself.My name is tracy and i work with a company based in uk and we are into film making and shooting and are working presently with unicef in sub sahara africa and will be coming down to states soon just to spend my holiday there .I would like to move in next month.i would like to rent for a long term period .I really need a place to put my head when im back to the states.i am very nice and loving person,fun to be with.i dont keep late nite.most importantly i am respectful of other's privacy,time,and personal items.what form of payments would you like?Please let me know your mind on can mail via this adress mail,please free to contact me thru the above email,thanks and have a lovely day
Hope to hear from you soon.

Everything about me and the house is on my website:
Please provide your full legal name, address, and pictures of yourself and complete the application at

I got your mail and I also try checking out your profile.I am not in the states.Don't know if I mentioned it but I'm a but its on a contract basis.I got the job cos it'll enable get the much money I need to be on my own.My contract terminates in less than three wks but all that is needed for my room is already on ground.I'm presently doing some african shopping so that stocking my room wont be a big deal.The lot is mostly fabrics and antiques but some gift items are included. Anyway,that's about my career but back to the place,you have to tell me more about the area b'cos I wont be able to check it out in person.
Please,reply this mail today if you can so that I'll give you my payment plan/package.Also,what kind of job do you do?What kind of music,cos I like pop and classics.Tell me some more about your self.Also pls send me some pics of the house if available so i can have a real sense of what the place look like.
Do have a nice day.

great! i'll be expecting you next month then.

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Subject: Your rent advert enquiry

I came accross the posted rent advert.i ll like to know if its still available.I am in london as at now where i just finished my professional programme and relocating.kindly email me again with the below details so we can proceed and have some thi= ngs done concerning the Rent.

Kindly email me with

I will be expecting to read answers to the above questions asap.

Received: from []
<-- Starcomms Nigeria, Dial pool two assigned to Lagos subscribers
Thanks for the quick response. I will be glad to inform you that my dad aftermuch agreed to pay the requested amount { PAYMENT FOR THE FIRST MONTH RENT AND ITS DEPOSIT STARTING FROM MY MOVING IN DATE )and my staying will be for the lease period you require,which will also be paid on the first of every month. Also it might be of your interest to know that a check will be issued to you in an excess amount,in which the excess fund of 'after you might have deduct your original amount will be sent to me via western union transfer. The excess amount is meant for my travelling allowance,feeding and other expenses. kindly get back to me with the underlisted information so that the payment can be issued out Asap.


Also i will be moving into the apartment on the 1st week the rent fee start counting and i will be very honoured if you could furnish me with the required details so that we can proceed on payment.I was born on the 01/05/1983 and attended Woolwich College : Graduated in 2001 (GPA: 3.5) and thereafter proceeded to the University of Bristol ; A.A., Advertising, Pensacola, Bristol, 05/2001-05/2005, (GPA: 3.25) where i just finished a year ago.I just finished my 3 months professional course in Strategic Alliances from the Goldsmith University London where i am now.I live with my parents here in london for now .My home/parents address here is :

xx swetenham walk
SE18 7EZ

November 2006
Subject: Roommate in Califonia

My name is Elizabeth, I am emailing you regarding your Ads on, I am interested in your room and i would really appreciate if you can email me more info about the room, is it still avialable?, I am in the Uk now requesting informations about the room, Email me back for proceedings.

Hi my dear my name is Miss Cynthia Woo I am currently looking for a room to rent and saw your id at please i want to know if this room/apt is still available at the moment...
I am happy and willing to be your roommate if only you can help me hold the room until I come back thist month being November. I am a home girl right from my native country in Nassau Bahamas. I do not have any pet but I love them if they can be friendly and not wild. They can be friends if you are not around and they protect too, lol..
Meanwhile, I am only looking to know if you can still come a bit down so that I can be able to pay for many months. I will like to see your pics and know some hints about you (your likes and dislikes) I will scan and send some of my pics on request. In addition, I will like to know when the room will likely be ready because I will be moving it whenever I finish my contract here. I do not smoke but will allow it if it is done outside.
Presently, I do not have any friend around the area but I believe that friends can be made under a second. In term of serious relationship, I have a boyfriend who is living in Houston Texas and he will be coming to see me at intervals but will not going to stay overnight since he work mostly night. As I told you earlier, I am in Africa now for a promotional modeling and I will be back to the US on or before 30th November, 2006.I will be coming with my BMW, car and I will need a parking space for this. Packing space has been the pivot of my search since I really need a place to pack this car.
Moreover, concerning the payment, the agency that I am working under will be sending the payment to you via check immediately I authorize them to do so. They will be taking care of my rent and hospital and other welfare bills until October 2007. This does not mean that I have to stay all this time with you (but I may if I find the environment conducive) I just want to state here that I am not a kind of girl that live in an untidy area or flirt around boys. I like moderate volume of music because of my studies. For my age, I am just 25yrs of age and I am originally from Nassau Bahamas. I graduated with my first degree from the lacrosse university where I studied accountancy.
Hence, some of my likes and dislikes are as follows...Dislikes in Roommates: Smoking in the apartment (I am not a smoker and hate the smell it leaves on everything). Slobs (I am not obsessed about cleaning, but like to keep things looking nice), People who I cannot trust with money and my other stuff, not locking the apartment doors when you leave (this neighborhood is safe, but a girl cannot ever be too safe) Likes: Nice, cordial people, people who clean up after themselves, people who are respectful to my property, trustworthy people. I've been told that I'm polite, and laid back, I'm a nice woman thatÕs easy to get along with, IÕm passive and I've been told that I'm funny, and a good friend. I am straight not les or gay. I like going out to the beach, dancing, movies, happy hour, and church on Sundays when I can and well I like to enjoy life and treat people with respect
Finally, I would like to know if you are actually the owner or not? Who am I suppose to pay to. Please I will drop here until I hear from you today, as I will be ever glad to answer any question that you may like to ask me
Yours indeed,
** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
** More Info:
So we're trying to get some renters... and our craigslist ad keeps getting us stuff from scammers. This one gives us a loooooong sob story as the pitch to rent to him/her. Hey there,
Am Beteny Brooks 25 yrs old born in Montreal,Canada.I attended University of Montreal and i finished my course early last year and graduated as a photographer My mum died when she was about to gave birth to me and i never knew my mum....i only see her in pictures and often in dreams my Father died in an auto accident couples of years ago when he was coming back from Work,this was the sorrowfull and painfull moment of my life.So since my Father demise,i have decided to be a very good person in life and also a very religious person so i drew closer to God.

My dad was born in Oxnard california and i once visted oxnard when i was 16 and i planned to relocate back to the United States Of America cos america makes some one to be very Good and smarter in work...So i planned to relocate back to Us from Canada cos it is where my Parents were born.

Am always a busy person and i do my business internationally....i do photographing for governors and prime mi ninsters and my first trip this year was to united kingdom and i currently moved down to nigeria in west africa some days ago and am currently in victoria island lagos now for a bussiness trip...Am also telling you all this cos you sound like a very honest and trustworthy person.

Africa is one of the best in arts and indeed a loving place to live since have been for some days now and i will relocating back to the states before Xmas & New Year and i saw the advert about your Room or appt and am sincerely intrested in it. Please I will like to have answers to the following questions below:
I will like to know the major intersection nearest your neighborhood. like shopping mall,Churches,bus line e.t.
I will like to have the description of the room, size, and the equipments in there.
I will like to know the total cost for the my initial move as in first month rent and if you accept deposit.
I will lik! e to know if there is any garage or parking space cos I will have my o wn car come over.
I will like to have the rent fee per month plus the utilities.
I will like to know if I can make an advance payment ahead my arrival that will be stand as a kind of commitment that I am truely coming over and for you to hold the room down for me.
I will also like to know Your payment mode.

I will be very glad to have all this questions answered with out leaving a stone unturned...

I am sincerely interested in the room as advertised I need answers to my questions above as soon as possible so as to arrange for you to get the money prior for my arrival as the company client I worked for before I quit wants to arrnage for the payment. As I will like to make an advance payment ahead my arrival so that you can be rest assured that this is real since I am not in the state presently.If you think I will be a good roommate to you and you are interested in me kindly email me directly to my private ! email box...
October 2006
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Date:Mon, 30 Oct 2006
Subject:$350 Share master bedroom

please send picture of the interior , the cost and your terms, i am female coming on business from UK, i will be in the United State in November 2006 but i need apartment to stay for atleast 6Months to enable me carry out my business .
Do not be bother about money because i have sufficient fund available from my client, i need the room before my travelling. I am decent, neat, respectfuly, no pet, i also will like to meet and learn from new things from People, i like to read and write short story, I am single female christian , i deals with Used cars which i buy and sell in Africa market.
Hope to hear from you again.
October 2006
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006
My name is Alice and I am 25 years old from North London, UK. I am a very tolerant person and down to earth. I am open minded and highly responsible. I am looking for accomodation. I want to find out whether your rental is still available. Please get back to me with the features and any other extra details i might need to know and also i need to know the deposit that i will be paying before i arrive, I look forward to hearing from you ASAP.
August 2006
Subject: Response To Your Apartment

my name is Jennifer Collins from London,UK. i am 25, Work for i am coming to the USA for about 6months vacation and research studies. let me know how much the room will be per month with utilities. nice pics,if available. get back to me,if the place is available,