Scam o Rama 60

the safety of our various families matters most [ Usman Bello ]

Received in the UK. Another letter with a follow-up. The original letter is your basic Usman-Bello "do you want to be a crook like me and my father" letter, somewhat snipped here. Then the follow-up - very interesting. It is the first we have seen which really starts to peel away the scam.


...present difficulties involving the transfer of $60M. ...My name is USMAN BELLO the first son of ALHAJI ABUBAKAR BELLO. My father is a very close associate to the late General Sani Abachaās family. ...According to the reports, the late General looted about $4.3B. This is a wrong figure compared to what my father told me, that he transferred over $2B through him alone. ...Meanwhile, I need your urgent assistance to immediately transfer the $60M owned by my father... ...I have spoken to the Director of Foreign Remittance who is very loyal to my father...My dear friend do not be afraid, it is absolutely risk free and also a way for you to uplift yourself. ...I am ready to give you up to 30% of the funds after transfer.

Should you be interested and need more explanation, call me at once on Telephone Number, 234-1-7752725. When you call ask me for my motherās name (NENE) to ensure that you are speaking with the right person. OR simply send a fax to 234-90-408143.



Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 15:41:45 +0100 (BST)
To: (kindly contributor)


I thank you sincerely for your prompt response and the willingness to execute this transaction with me. I would need you to treat this transaction with utmost confidentiality due to its nature and also establish a working understanding between us. It is with these and trusts in each other that we can successfully conclude this transaction.

Be informed that I have spent the last two months to fine tune the best way to finalize this transaction without encountering any problems. Now, I have resolved to execute it because the modalities to successfully transfer the funds have been put in place.

So, it is better you understand that this is not a childās play and as such I would need your total commitment and cooperation in all ramifications. Most of all, you have to be financially credible to take care of the funds once it is transferred into your account.

If you are convinced that you can handle it, I would need you to immediately send me the name of the company you would like to use as the beneficiary and your direct TEL and FAX numbers. On receipt of the above information, I shall employ the services of an accredited attorney to prepare a deed of assignment in your companyās name that will show that the contract was sub-letted to you by the original company straberg italianospa. I shall send you a copy of this deed of assignment which you will sign and return back to me by fax. On receipt of it, the attorney would take it to the Federal High Court of Justice for Notarization and Stamp duty to give it a legal status. After this, he will take it to the Federal Board of Inland Revenue for certification. As soon as it has been certified you will be regarded as the bona-fide beneficiary to sum of $60M, which emanated from the sub-letted contract originally awarded to Straberg Italianospa. Note that the entire documents will be backdated to measure up with the time the original contract was awarded. All these measures need to be taken to ensure that the deed of transfer from the original company to you is legal. You will agree with me that besides the money the safety of our various families matters most.

[ Pause for mental health break: this last part seems pretty threatening to me, how about you?]

Also, I want you to know that this entire operation is going to costs us a lot of money. So, once you have embarked on the transaction with us, there would be no going back. It is better we do not start at all than start and abandon the transaction half way.

[ So does that.]

Immediately we have put the above in place, I shall send you a letter of application for the release of funds, which you shall transcribe on your letterheads and return back to me by fax. On receipt of the fully endorsed copy, I shall hand it over to the attorney to enable him tender it to the International Remittance Department of the CBN for approval. Once it is approved, it means that the funds are due for transfer. The entire process is not easy but achievable due to the bribes and tips we would have to give to people in key positions..

THAT's where the scam really begins. You pay the "bribes and tips" - to "people in key positions", i.e., whoever REALLY wrote this letter.

At this point, I like to inform you in confidence that the Director of Foreign Remittance Dr Rasheed Mohammed is fully behind the finalization of this transaction. This means that as soon as the attorney have tendered the letter of application on your behalf, Dr Rasheed would be able to approve of it in no time. So, our chances of success is as good as Gold and the entire transaction is risk free since we are following a legal way to create you as the beneficiary and also we intend to destroy all documents regarding the transfer as soon as the funds have been transferred into your account.

Meanwhile, you shall be required to speak with Dr Rasheed as soon as we have applied for the release of the funds so that he can educate you on how he intends to transfer the funds into your account without problems in future. Letās take one step at a time to avoid any mistakes. All, I can tell you now is that we would both have a course to celebrate in the end if we have a working understanding and trust in each other. Besides, with the involvement of the Foreign Remittance Director, we cannot achieve anything short of success. Awaiting the required information and please, call me on receipt of this message.


Keep far far away. What else can we say? We really don't advise you to play with these guys, but we thank the kindly contributor of this letter nonetheless.


1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100 | 101-120 | 121-140

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2. Strictly Confidential (Dr. Andrew A. Okoya)
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12. Attention President/CEO (Kayode Bello)
13. Participatory Financial Transaction (Engr. Bruno Adams)
14. Urgent and Beneficial (Dr. Usman Bello)
15. Business Proposal (Bello again)
16. Business Proposal (Egobia Jude)
17. Strictly confidential/Urgent (Bello Abubakar)
18. Yours faithfully Joe Obaseki
19. Sign and Stamp Peter Usman and Alhaji Haruna
20. Yours faithfully Mr Charles Ibru

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21. From Dr. Kotoko Kassim
22. Capital Flight (Olu Jacobs/Dr shafi.L.obajare)
23. Petroleum Trust Fund (Dada Bello)
24. Confidential Business Proposal (Olamide Davies)
25. Overinvoiced accounts, yada yada [Dr. Odu Kabba]
26. The suffering masses of the Niger Delta (Kenneth Birabi [P.hd])
27. Mr. John Abah wants to give you 5% of $30.5million!
28. Usman Bello, or is it Bako the tune of US$21.5M [ also Dr. Teco Aloma, Dr. Moses Ukuta, Dr. Usman Atiko ]
29. Engr. Alex Edusa, or is it Edu the tune of US$21.5M (oh yeah, and Dr. Teco Aloma)
30. Life Time Opportunity from Dr. Idiamo
31. offshore account anywhere safe
32. FIFA World Youth Championship (Dr. Yussuf)
33. Urgent Business Execution (gulp) (Abu Waziri)
34. Request for Assistance (Alhaji Hassan Y. Mohammed)
35. Although this letter may come to you as a surprise... (Mr Hakeem Suleiman)
36. Although this letter may come to you as a surprise... (Dr. Hassan Ahmed)
37. Compliments of the season (Dr. Shehu Bin)
38. Trust Fund for Alms and Ammunition (Omar El-Dagash, Lukmon Idris)
39. This contract was over invoiced (Dr. Sheriff Lawal)
40. The nature of your business is not particularly relevant (Dr. Kingsley Ude)

1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100 | <101-120 | 121-140

41. We did over-inflate the contracts (Mr. Kingsley Chiugo)
42. Floating in the suspense account [Mr. Mark Yemego]
43. we will not want to miss this opportunity [Dr. Patrick Osunde]
44. Dr. Ahmed Sani wants your money (ditto Dr. Mahmud Sule, Dr. Pepple Ada, Dr. Aminu Tanko)
45. In search of a reliable and reputable person ( Dada Musa )
46. Major Hamza AL- Mustapha is currently being detained (Taiwo Adams)
47. I was to meet you in your country in the course of a government delegation (Francis Osshoma, Ph.D.)
48. capital investment [Martins Opara]
49. quote this reference number (ve/s/09/99) in all your responses [Dr. Philip Giwa]
50. My letter may come to you as surprise (Dr. Benjamin Luwa)
51. My brother Maj. Hamza El-Mustapha and his mistress in Lebanon [Col. Zaki El-Mustapha (RTD.)]
52. NNPC and Ghana liquefied gas project [ Mr. Tunde Darocha ]
53. Harcourt and Warri refineries [ Dr.El-Baba Linkon Ph.D,FNSE,mni ]
54. When I consulted the internet...your contact email came out [ Saliu Mukhail ]
55. my only hope now is this available us$50,000,000 cash ( Lady Maryam Abacha )
56. Nigerian football association, $12.8M [ Prince Adeola Hopewell ]
57. Federal Government Contract Review Panel ( Dr Paul Obi / Dr Solomon Igbo / Mr Henry Aigbe )
58. Communication via Email is insecure for this Deal [ Usman Bello ]
59. let Honesty and Trust be our watchword throughout this transaction ( Dr. Sammy Eze )
60. the safety of our various families matters most [ Usman Bello ]

1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100 | 101-120 | 121-140

61. $20M lying around going to waste [Mr. Michael Okon]
62. Nigerian Federal Ministry of Works and Housing - a measly $16.5M [Ike Olarotimi (Engr)]
63. the trust reposed in you at this juncture is enormous (DR. Okonkwo Yemego)
64. we have been reliably informed of your honesty and ability [Dr. Adams Powell]
65. Confidentiality is our watchword, mutual trust is our beacon. (Dr. Usman Bello)
66. I am Dr. Fred Ikem, king of stings. Look upon my works, ye mighty...
67. Call me that we can get intimated [ Dr. Chris Okonkwo ]
68. Federal Government Contract Review Panel with bells on ( Dr. T. S. Adepipe )
69. My getting your address is the handwork of almighty God [ Dr. Henry Emeka Oha ]
70. this point of Victory, which is not too far away ( Engr. Garuba Bello )
71. in my search for a trust worthy and sincere person [ Engr. Peter Jacobs ]
72. Bello rides again: something went wrong with his Swiss bank account
73. I am a staff in the Federal Ministry of Mines and Power ( Frank Odili )
74. I was a moslem until a 18months ago when the master Jesus met me [ Audu Bamiayi ]
75. preference to demanding or accepting bribes and kickbacks (Dr. D. Osayi)
76. Though my father died a natural death ( Lamin Bangura )
77. Ministry of Petroleum Resources, $30M [ Dr. Demola Johnson ]
78. oblige me details of your bank account [ Engr. Sani Muyiwa ]
79. a suitable percentage (%) will be mapped out ( Usman Tanko/Tanko Usman )
80. please keep trying till you get through ( Mr. Ben Alabi (MNIM) )

1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100 | 101-120 | 121-140

81. the operational word here are secrecy and confidentiality [ Prince Dr. Williams Amadi ]
82. Save Our Soul - 30% of $300M ( Zinab Abacha )
83. my country has no reward for hard labour and honesty [ Dr. Joseph Wayas ]
84. please treat it like a blood brother affair ( Dr. Chinaka Steve )
85. I am only trying my best not to be noticed by my government. [ Saleem Abdulsalami Abubakar, Dr., Uche J. Williams ]
86. It might surprise you why we choose you ( Dr. Jude Obi )
87. It is with heartful hope that I write [ Mrs. Anne Henri K. Bedie ]
88. this is only known to you, myself, and the widow Mrs. Maryam Abach ( Musa Muazu )
89. Nigerian Ministry of Aviation $36M [ Mr. Joe Wilson ]
90. Upon the recommendation of your goodself - 30/10/60 of $32M [ Bello Giwa ]
91. Through tenacious effort and well-expanded energy - 25/65/20 of $43.5M, hike! ( Dr. Sunday Okereke )
92. payable by solar draft or cheque in your name $17.3M [ Murtala Orinami ]
93. trustworthy businessman-qualities which are hard to find ( Mr. Paul Onyema, p.h.d Holder )
94. Of a Lori, to a Lori, Olori [ Engr. Richard Olori ]
95. Ein Ausländer, Verstorbene Ingenieur Johnson Creek ( Mr. Ade Olatude, Diplom Kaufman odudu ola )
96. Johnson Creek's hearse rides again... [ Paul Isimeme ]
97. Advise on lucrative areas for investment ($14.3M) [ Engr. Abel Ubekwu ]
98. ...the care of an obscure foreigner ( Amadi Howells ESQ / Polo Anyanwu / Estelle Djeri / Linda Akabo / Ahmed Tanko )
99. I need your assistance urgently - Orient Petroleum ( Martins Osagie / Alego Hassan ?)

1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100 | 101-120 | 121-140

100. All I request from you is a foreign account [ Dr. Ola Akins ]
101. FMPMR - a measly $18.6M ( Dr. Andrew Onyeije )
102. Bye and God Bless [ Dr. Emeka Bako ]
103. O, woe is me - 25% of $31M ( Dr. Jacob Owo )
104. That's Johnson JUAN Creek [ Rafiu Momoh ]
105. ...deep business relationship ( Dr. Rufai Garba )
106. Former chief chemist of the NNPC [ Pastor John Owo (b.Eng.Chem) ]
107. Undeclared windfall sales of crude oil, 30% of $15.5M ( Pat Uche )
108. Total ignorance of the business world, 20% of $22,054,000 (Lucky Kennedy)
109. Return of Turn Around Maintenance, 25% of $24M [ Mr. Phillip Asiodu ]
110. Thank you and God bless, 10% of $20M ( Dr Olu Cole )
111. Request for Assistance, National Economic Planning Commission, 30% of $18.36M [ Dr Paul B. Giwa ]
112. We believe that good people like you still exist in this world, 40% of $35M ( Dr Usman Musa )
113. A new life: Sweet heart, My name is [ Sanni Ahmed ]
114. My deepest prayers for you - 30% of $20M ( Mustapha Hassan )
115. I am not so vast in huge investment opportunities ( Mr. Michel Bumbo )
116. But this one is different, really! 10% of $20.1M - after tax [ John Momoh ]
117. I will not want my identity revealed [ Mrs. P. Mobutu Sese-Seko ]
118. Very urgent, please self my soul ( Susan Usman Bello / Mariam B. Wase? )
119. Mrs. Abacha gets a PhD ( ?% of $50M )[ Dr (Mrs.) Maryam Abacha ]
120. Ministry of Mines, Sierra Leone - 25% of $36.5M ( Captain Smart Ahmmed )

1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100 | 101-120 | 121-140

121. To be precise, I am David Johnson - 10% of $85M [ David Johnson ]
122. Return of Nigerian football association, some unknown % of $12.8M ( Dr. Dele Johnson )
123. Petroleum trust fund money release order - 27% of $32.7M [ Dr. Sam Okobi ]
124. Sierra-Leone Mining Co-operation, $30M (Paul Williams)
125. This is our life and I trust you with it [ Mariam Bola Wase ]

Your contribution?