As everyone knows, in every business, the real money is to be made in supplying the competitors. (US Gold Rush of the 1840s = blue jeans, shovels and liquor; War = weapons; Software = how-to books.) Here is the latest piece from Groseille-Héloise-Justin Ptiderpourlaroute (that wacky French conglomerate). Scammers, take note! This could be just what you need. Not available in any store.

Here is a mail I sent to a whole lot of scammers, with a HUGE picture, just to cluster their inbox (here is a much smaller size)... Since I had forgotten the enclosure, I sent it again ....

Dear Friends,

You may be surprised by this mail since you don't know me, but I know you and your reputation.

Since scamming is becoming a full time occupation for lots of African families, we, Editions Internationales GUTEMBERG pour le Continent Africain S.A.R.L., decided that this opened a new field for edition, we therefore are proud to announce our latest book "SCAMMING FOR DUMMIES". In simple words, to make it easy to understand by the dummiest of the dummies, it should ease beginners' work and allow them to avoid costly errors. This book is an investment for the future. Learn to take advantage of modern technology, and make a lots of money with no other effort than some immagination (not even yours !).

Here are some of the chapters to be found in SCAMMING FOR DUMMIES :

Chapter 1 - The Scammer
- What is a brain and how to use it : fictional for some
- A good scamner IQ is never over 20, with picture of a scammer brain.
- A thinking brain is not a must : the reasons why.

Chapter 2 - The Cybercafe
- How to select a good cybercafe
- How to get help from the cybercafe people
- How to escape drinking in a cybercafe
- How to select another cybercafe when yours has been closed down

Chapter 3 - Technical Help
- Two fingers are enough for your trade (to type, I mean)
- How to unblock the key used to type capital letters .
- How to put it back when you want to scam again.
- How to send 1000 scams a day

Chapter 4 - Your Scamming Background
- Title : Choose between Dr. or Mr.
- Should you be a man, a woman, or both ???
- Choose the country you come from
- Choose your parents and their horrible death : the top ten.
- What is a better choice, government feud or rebels ?
- A selection of refugees' camps to pick from

Chapter 5 - Vocabulary
- What adverbs to use to draw pity
- What adverbs to use to arouse greed
- Do you need more than a 75 words vocabulary ?
- How to get help from a scammer with a IQ above 20

Chapter 6 - Finance
- What amount seems sensible to draw attention
- What is the best percentage to offer for an optimal result
- A selection of the best banks

Chapter 7 - Legal
- How to find a nice law firm name
- What fee to choose for your Lawyer
- How to select a good lawyer's name

Chapter 8 - Miscellaneous
- Should I call on the phone ?
- Can I ask for presents for the Authorities instead of actual money ???
- A selection of the best presents to pick from
- How to lure your victim to your country
- What insult to use when it fails
- What happens when you get caught
- Soliciting through cell phone text messaging: Does it work ?

... and many more !

Attached is an overview of the whole subject. please let us know if you are interested.

Maybe, you, as a well known proficient first-class scammer, would like to help us on our crusade and share your experience as a scammer, give much needed advice to the upcoming generation. Please do not hesitate to tell us all about it at xxx@xxxx .fr or write to :

Editions Internationales GUTEMBERG pour le Continent Africain S.A.R.L.
33, rue des Nains Primés
75008 - PARIS - France
Tel : (33) 0892 68 45 35


For a great follow-up, see ONE SCOTCH, ONE BOURBON. A Lad took offense to the above helpful book outline.