January 2011

From our console to yours - a tale of Sephiroth Crescent's struggle against Strife - and Scammers.

The Players:

Joseph Sankara - Bulk Mail Lad
Dr. Lassiné Diawarra - 'Banker' Lad


Sephiroth Crescent - increasingly beleaguered proprietor of Nibelheim Nutjobs Corporation

Mr. Joseph Sankara

1st December 2010

Standard issue DEAD BANK CUSTOMER letter




The Lads like to borrow the names of real accident victims.


I know that this message will come to you as a surprise,I am Mr.Joseph Sankara. the manager of auditing and accounting department of BANK OF AFRICA (B.O.A) here in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.I hoped that you will not expose or betray this trust that i am about to impose on you for mutual benefit of our families.

After the annual auditing of the year 2009/2nd quarter of 2009,I discovered an abandoned/stagnant sum of $10.5m dollars (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand US dollars) in an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer (MR. RICHARD BURSON from Florida, U.S.A) who died along with his entire family on November 1999 in a plane crash.For more information's about the crash you can visit this site:

I don't want the money to go into our Bank treasury as an abandoned fund. So this is the reason why i contacted you so that the bank can release the money to you as the next of kin to the deceased customer. Please I would like you to keep this proposal as a top secret and delete it if you are not interested.

Upon receipt of your reply,i will give you full details on how the business will be executed and also note that you will have 40% of the above mentioned sum if you agree to handle this business with me.Also,indicate your willingness by filling up the following reqiurements.

1.NAME IN FULL:................................
7.MARITAL STATUS:..................................
8.PRIVATE PHONE NO............................................
9.PRIVATE FAX NO:.............................................

so i will like you to send to me those information's for easy and effective communication.
Upon receipt of your reply, I will send to you by fax or email the text of the application form.I will not fail to bring to your notice that this transaction is hitch-free and that you should not entertain any atom of fear as all required arrangements have been made for the transfer. You should contact me immediately as soon as you receive this mail.
Trusting to hear from you immediately.

Mr.Joseph Sankara.
Sephiroth Crescent

1st December 2010


You do not know me in person, but I have received your mail. My name is Sephiroth Crescent, and I am the head business leader of the Nibelheim Nutjobs Corporation. Currently I am looking for an extra funding for my business as I am now in direct competition with Cloud Strife, the head of the Azz de la Dumbass Company. I read your mail with great interest and I believe the funds will surely assist me with keeping my position as top tycoon!

From what I hear, Mr. Strife is unscrupulous and will resort to even the most illegal tactics to obtain what I have worked so hard for. I ensure full confidentiality in this matter and if by some chance I am compromised, I have a backup plan should we need it, but I hope we do not.

Sincerest regards,
Sephiroth Crescent

Mr. Joseph Sankara

8th December 2010




































A hint of possible legal fees down the road...

Hello Mr Sephiroth Crescent,

How are you today my good friend Mr. S. Crescent, Please i am very sorry for my late reponds to your mail.

I have been on special assigment which took several days on my visit to the village where i couldnŐt access my mail,

I was just coming back to office today befor getting in contact with your responds to my mail.

Well i have gone through what you wrote to me and could understand its clearly, anywhere please could you call me on my direct number 0022678665145?

So that we can speak to each other for better understanding and also expecting to received the required information from you

I receive your mail and could let you know that i contacted you on this transaction bass in for your assistance toward this great opportunity befor me.

I contacted you because I cannot make this claim alone except with a foreigner because the original owner of the account is a foreigner and the money is also in foreign currency.

Any account you provide is oK for the transfer as it can receive money.

The deceased, Late (MR.RICHARD BURSON from Florida, U.S.A) who died along with his entire family on November 1999 in a plane crash.

He held this account with a prime bank here in Burkina Faso where I work as an auditor.

During our auditing in the bank, I discovered that the account has been dormant and the bank recommended that after this fiscal years, the fund will be transferred to the apex bank as unclaimed bills and this warranted my search for a honest person who will apply for the fund and claim it so that we share it together as I indicated in my previous mail.

I have worked here in the bank for a period of years and to let you know that i have all procedure needed for this transaction you dont have to be worried because i am here in the bank to feed you with the information you needs for success of this fund,
When I saw this opportunity, I decided to utilize it. You have no much duty to do as I will be directing you appropriately in every step to enable us have a successful completion.

I am just an average civil servant here in the bank and wouldn't like to miss this Golden opportunity before me I want you to tell me more about your status because I am beginning to take you like a partner that is why I would like you to do your best and call me once you receive this mail on my number +226 7866 5145.So that we talk to each other for better understanding.

You will be required to be here once approval is granted in your name to endorse the Change of Beneficiary Form with the ministry of finance.You have to try your possible best on this as that will be a very big opportunity for us to know each other and build more confidence. An attorney can stand to process all the requirements on your behalf but I will appreciate if you will make it possible to be here.

I have given you a vivid account of all that is involved and think you are supposed to declare your stand to me to enable me know which steps to take because this is an opportunity I can not let go. I want you to know that this transaction is going to join our families together because I will quit my job after the money has been successfully transferred to your account and I make sure I delete all necessary information regarding this transaction in the banks file.

These information will help me to be able to locate you in your country, when I shall come to collect my own share of the fund, that is as to when the ($10.5m dollars) must have been lodged in your bank account.And please call me immediatelly you send this information so that i will forward the Application Claim Letter to you thanks.

Pls Send this informations for better onward process of this transaction;

1.Your name in full
2.Your house address.
3.Your work place address.
4.Your occupation.
5.Your marital status.
7.Your age.
8.Your picture
Personal phone:+22678665145.
Age :51 years.
Home Address: Rue 54 avenue. LOUDIN
B:P 1508
Ouaga. Burkina-Faso

I await your urgent response.
Stay blessed,
Mr.Joseph Sankara.

Sephiroth Crescent

9th December 2010

Mr. Sankara,

I am doing very well, thank you for asking. Please do not worry about your late response. As a matter of fact I have been rather busy myself and have been out of the office for some time. Meetings and business deals do take quite a long time to satisfy, I tell you!

Sadly I do not have the ability to contact you through my phone, as all my calls are monitored and the other people in my business are reluctant to believe this windfall that you have offered. They think of you as some unscrupulous dealer... but I can tell a reputable businessman from many miles away!

Sadly I will not be able to fill the form out today as I have another business meeting to go to and then I have other work I have to do. The moment I get back to my computer I will fill the form out and get back to you soon.

Again, the unscrupulous businessman threatens me. I also have this to deal with, I hope you understand.

Sephiroth Crescent

Mr. Joseph Sankara

10th December 2010

Hello Mr Sephiroth Crescent,
Yes'My Good friend,Mr.S.Crescent i received your mail as you stated and also understood what your wrote to me,
Anywhere on this very issue i will like you to have every confidence on this transfer for the matter of fat,i am here to conduct and pass all the informations to you that will help us finalise this transaction of the total fund and also make sure that the fund gets to your direct bank account in your country.
Now Mr.S.Crescent,I am waiting for the requriement information from you for the good proccess of this transfer as you wrote me,
Because this is an opportunity I can not let go. I want you to know that this transaction is going to join our families together.
These information will help me to be able to locate you in your country, when I shall come to collect my own share of the fund,
Please Send this informations for better onward process of this transfer.
I am expecting to hear from you soon thanks.
Stay blessed,
Mr.Joseph Sankara.

Sephiroth Crescent

11th December 2010

Mr. Sankara,
I indeed do have every confidence that the transaction will go smoothly. My company is making it difficult, however. All my e-mails are now monitored, and I already tried four times to send you the information but it was just bounced back with a message stating that such information is too confidential to pass on to anyone else. I fear that my colleagues are treating you with very little respect. They hardly know you and should give you some consideration.
On top of that, my rival Mr. Strife has put up notices about a waning crescent. A strange tactic, I am sure, but I cannot help but feel uneasy at what he is planning. Several times whilst going about my daily business I notice him peering at me over his newspaper, or sat two or three tables away at the local coffee shop I visit regularly. Somehow I feel he is up to something. I will set a few spies on his case.
I hope that my colleagues will give you the respect and consideration you deserve. It bothers me to no end that they are not, and I will have words with them. As for a bank account, I think I have one with Midgar Savings & Trust which should satisfy that part of the transaction.
Sephiroth Crescent

Mr. Joseph Sankara

13th December 2010

Hello Mr Sephiroth Crescent,
Yes i receieved your mail and everly couldn't really understand by sending mails that always bounced back or rejected or mails well' on what you have writing to me.
i want to let you know that this very fund is not what i can play with or jumping up and down i have clearify to you really what is involve on this very issue,
So Mr Sephiroth Crescent, My name is Mr Joseph Sankara i am here expecting to receieved your full data information this information will help me to be able to locate you in your country, when I shall come to collect my own share of the fund,
Dear friend really we don't know each other or haven't meets befor but for the fat that this is an opportunity for us to know each other and build more confidence.
I should advice you dear to fellow mine instruction get the information to me immediately because this is not much enough time to be wasting for nothing thanx.
Expecting to receieved the requriement information from you.
Mr Joseph Sankara.

Sephiroth Crescent

14th December 2010

Mr. Sankara,

I am awfully sorry about the inconvenience my company has been causing. Luckily I was able to get onto another internet connection so I can send the required information. My colleagues worry non-stop about the security of my information, and therefore have prevented me from doing so via the company internet connection.

Anyway, here is the information, as requested.

Full name: Mr. Sephiroth Solitho Crescent
House address: It is a place called Crescent Manor, and does not have a properly listed address. It is somewhere up in Inverness, Scotland.
Workplace address: Nibelheim Nutjobs Inc., Springmeadow Business Park, Cardiff
Occupation: Company owner and director.
Marital status: Single
Age: 26
(sadly I cannot attach a picture as I have a very large aversion to cameras.)

Again Mr. Strife makes me feel uneasy. I caught a glimpse of him walking around the company building, seeming like he was taking notes on something. The information I received back from my spies was inconclusive. I can only hope that he is not trying to deliberately overthrow my company. I just found out that my PA was scammed out of £125,000 by Mr. Strife, and he has refused to answer all my calls. My colleagues think I worry needlessly, but I know for certain that Mr. Strife has something planned.

I understand that we have little time to waste, and it is best if we conclude this business quickly. I assure you that I have my full confidence in the conclusion of this transaction, and I am rather looking forward to meeting you.

Sephiroth Crescent

Mr. Joseph Sankara

17th December 2010

Hello Mr.Sephiroth Crescent,
How are you today'I realy hope all is fine, I was haven some little fever which i was taken treatment over its and i am now ok dear!
Yes i received your mail and the information you send through the mail is well ok!
Please today its not possible for me to search for the Bank Application form to send to you,because they is no enough time for me in my office, But i will make sure you received it tomorrow morning ok?
On the other side of your mails concerning this very man Mr.Strife you do mention always about him what business you do have with him?
Because i dont want any thing that will timish my image in this country please you should clearify to me about him very well dear Mr.Sephiroth Crescent,Now i am at the right side to let you know my ability on this very transaction at hand.
Because i have already invested lots of money to arrange for some of the information that will help to finalise this fund transfer into your account, Now i want you to abide on my instruction on this stage we are now concernning the Application form you will received any time tomorrow ok?
For the good success of the transfer because i am given you my words that once you fellow my instruction we are going to achived this goal thanks.
Be of good corrage my dear the success is in our hands.
Mr Joseph Sankara.
Sephiroth Crescent

18th December 2010

Mr. Sankara,
I am doing very well, thank you. I am glad to hear that you have recovered from your fever. At least I was able to send the necessary information. Again I am sorry for the delay.
My business relationship with Mr. Strife is not a very positive or productive one. He is one of the most unscrupulous dealers I have ever come across. He was at first respectable. Small, yes, but respectable. He started out as a computer software designer. But as he progressed he noticed that I was growing my enterprise at a rapid rate, and that was when he turned to the unscrupulous dealings he does now. He only thinks of lying, trickery and deceit, and he will stop at nothing to obtain hard-earned, legitimate money.
Once again his efforts have scammed another £300,000 from my PA, and £175,000 out of my business account, and my financial team are working around the clock to stop him doing any more damage. Unfortunately the efforts I am putting in to try and stop him are eating into my profits and I fear that my business may not last much longer. If you have any more affordable solutions to stop this insanity, I would be glad to take them on board.
He left a cryptic message with my receptionist this morning, and it read 'the waning crescent is nigh'. What could this mean?
Also, I received the application form but I will have to fill it out later as I have several meetings to go to, and I also need to see personally to arranging a little talk with Mr. Strife.
Sephiroth Crescent
Mr. Joseph Sankara

22nd December 2010

Hello Mr.Sephiroth Crescent,

I am happy that you have realized that this is one opportunity we should not miss because this is a free money for us and from the way I have arranged it, we are not going to have any problems of any kind hence I am going to delete all traces regarding the transfer once the fund is transferred.

I have received your message and has agreed to work with you since there is a trust between us.

This is a opportunity which I do not want to miss. I am repeating most of what I said before so that you can understand and step in to actions quickly.

You are not supposed to fear when I am in front of this matter.
I want to assure you that no other person is knows about this transaction with me today except you and I but be assured that you are safe.

Believe that trust is required before we can achieve anything. Have you filled the Application form which i send to you?

Please if not you should make sure you filled the form as soon as possible and forward it back to me so that i will verify it and make sure there is no misstake recorded befor sending it to the bank email address (

I hope to receive your working i.d or any valid i.d from you because things like this will cement our relationship and ginger us to victory in this transaction. Sure!! i will be expecting to here from you immediately you recieve my mail ok?

Best regards
Mr Joseph Sankara.

Never send a copy of your (real) ID to such a person.
At the very least it may be used as collateral in another scam.

Sephiroth Crescent

22nd December 2010

Mr. Sankara,
I am glad to hear that you are taking precautions to prevent any tracing of this transaction. I am also glad to hear that you will work with me. Good business partners always work together, that I have learned from experience.
I appreciate the fact that you are trying to lessen my fears, but Mr. Strife is not the kind of man to drop an opportunity to cause mayhem and misery when he seizes it. He is now not just siphoning money from my business and my PA, he has now started siphoning it out of my colleagues' personal accounts. I dread to think of his next motive.
However I will tell you this. The company firewall blocked one attempt to hack into my company system, and I immediately tried to trace the source. It came back inconclusive. I have set a computer specialist on the case to see if he can make any sense of it.
Sadly I have not had time to fill out the application form as I have been busy trying to chase up the situation with Mr. Strife, plus I had several company meetings to go to. The workload I am having to put up with is very stressful and I am reaching the end of my tether. At least my mails to you are a way for me to unwind, as you are the most pleasurable businessman I have had dealings with to date, so I thank you for making my stressful life more bearable.
Although it pains me to type this, I feel I have to tell you. This afternoon when I came into the office to go to a meeting, I found my receptionist lying on the floor in a pool of cold blood with a message scrawled on the wall. It read: 'You could be next'. I do not know what I have done to deserve this. I am unsure if Mr. Strife is to blame for this, but it seems likely as I have heard he would submit to murder to get what he wants.
I am trying my utmost to fulfil my end of the deal, but these complications are making it difficult to do so. Rest assured that this is not your fault at all. I am making sure that no-one discovers this transaction.
Sephiroth Crescent
Mr. Joseph Sankara

30th December 2010

The murder doesn't seem to make much of an impression on him.

Dear Mr.Sephiroth Crescent,

Please i'm very sorry for my late response,I haven't not received any application form from you,which i send to you ever since to filled,

Sure! this application i have already send to you is an officail document that can not be opposed any how and i want you to filled the form first and forward it to me for to verify it very well befor you can send it to the bank ok?

And by sending the form to the bank director of foreign remittance department bank of africa.

I will be expecting to received the filled application form from you so that i will instruct you what to do.

But for the perfect success of this transaction is your trust and coperation indeed and you fellow mine instruction for the good success of this fund to your account.

Please immediately you send the form to me you should informed me by calling my number or you can send text message to me so that i will go through it and make sure that they is no misstake recorded,

I will be waiting for your next message .

Mr.Joseph Sankara

Sephiroth Crescent

1st January 2011

Mr. Sankara,
Again I am sorry for the delay. My e-mail has been having some problems and I had tried to send you the form earlier with little success. Hopefully it will send now. I filled it in on the computer as I have not got enough time to print it out, hope this is alright.
I just received word back from the computer analysts regarding the hacking attempt some time ago. They managed to get a lock on the IP address and were able to trace it back to a computer that I know belongs to a good friend of mine. But it makes no sense. Why would my friend suddenly hack into my company internet?
I do however have some good news. I just got my new receptionist today, and she is a wonderful woman who always asks how I am doing and gets me coffee when I need it. However with this, there comes a great worry. What if she is murdered just like my other receptionist was? The thought chills me, but I must not let it show.
And lately some inspector has been making a daily habit of checking my office. He never checks anywhere else. I begin to think that he is up to something... but I do not know what. I am surrounded by chaos and distrust in my own workplace... perhaps I am too young for such a heavy job. I am on the verge of resigning for good... but something keeps me going.
Well anyway, hopefully our correspondence won't be so stressful,
Sephiroth Crescent
Mr. Joseph Sankara

3rd January 2011

Dear Sephiroth Crescent,

How about your work over there i hope its well, Please i received the filled Application letter you have sent to me for verification it is very very ok! indeed,

Hello Mr Crescent however untill this time i could not speak with you on your mobile phone what is hiden in this case which i have been expecting to speak with you together with your ID not yet receieved why?

Please i realy want to speak with you really so that we can communicate to each other for better understanding because this very fund is all what i depend on now.

As I indicated in my previous mail that I have worked here in the bank for a period of years now without achieving anything that is why I dont want to miss this golden opportunity befor me,

Now i want you to make sure you send the Application form to the director of foreign remittance department bank of africa(B.O.A) direct E-mail:
( make sure it is attentioned to Dr.Lassiné Diawara so that it will be given an urgent attention.

You are advised to sign it and send the Application form immediately you got my mail so that by this early days of the week here the official director of this bank authority will look into your Application and commence the rectification of your fund ownership on your behalf.

And pls i advised you to sent your currect number to me for easy communication ok?
Please make sure your signature is well registered,

I will be waiting for your next message thanks.

Mr.Joseph Sankara.

Sephiroth Crescent

4th January 2011

Mr. Sankara,
Happy New Year to you as well, my friend. My work is going fairly well despite all the constant chaos that Mr. Strife is causing me and my company. I am wary of phone communication since lately I have been getting some very hateful phone calls, of which the nature is too terrible to describe. I would prefer to keep all our correspondence through e-mail. I also did try to send a scan of my ID card but the other members of my company caught me trying to smuggle it back home and have confiscated it and put it in a safe that I do not know the combination for. What is the point of being a company director if your company works against you?
I will send the application to the bank soon, once I finally obtain permission to attach a scan of my signature to the form. I ask you, I have to ask permission even just to make a coffee for myself! I get the feeling that someone else is running this company behind my back. I am still deciding whether or not to resign.
On top of all this, I find that Mr. Strife is now going as far as to spray hateful graffiti on my walls, and that is costing me greatly to have it cleaned. I have also found one of my most trusted colleagues cruelly butchered in one of the company toilets, with a message written in his blood on the wall: 'Keep your guard up. This could be you.' I begin to wonder if I will end up bleeding to death in my own bed. I am not sure if the murderer is the same one that murdered my receptionist some time ago. I have set some special agents on the case.
Sephiroth Crescent
Mr. Joseph Sankara

5th January 2011

Hello Mr.Sephiroth Crescent,

How are you and your family, I pray that everything is fine with you,How is the situation of things?

Yes i received you mail this morning and all the content you wrote to me concerning your delaying on this project i have accross with for so a long time now!

I've been expecting for your response since my last mail to you that you must have sent the Application form to the bank.

Please be informed that this transaction requires mutual understanding and a sense of secrecy,

The officail Body's of my bank call for general meeting this mornning been 05/01/2011 I have been expecting your application form must have been disclose from the board of director's.

But Mr.Sephiroth Crescent i didn't had any or such a program issue table from the general bodys of the bank which made me to understand that the bank have not yet received the application form from you or you have not send the form to the bank!

Dear my good friend i huge you to send the application to the bank they is know need of wasting time for no reason because i am waiting to hear from the bank officails that someone apply to this very bank for the cliaming of this very fund but after the end of our today meeting,

I didn't hear of this case mentioned.

Please if you have not submit the form please kindly do so befor the bank transfer the funds into the bank treasury as unclaimed bill.

Also stop this delaying because I have invested a lots on this project i have read your application which you filled and i told you to send it to the bank emails immediately,

So make sure you send the application to the bank,

And then inform me immediately so that I will fellow the situation right here!

l am waiting for your response thanks,

Mr.Joseph Sankara.

Sephiroth Crescent

6th January 2011

Mr. Sankara,

I am alright, but my situation is still dire. Sadly I am still dealing with Mr. Strife and all of his horrible siphoning of hard-earned money, plus the murders of some of my very trusted colleagues.

Your attitude concerning my delay is very disconcerting to say the least. I have told you of the current situation, and this is what is causing my delay. I have been working day and night to fulfil what you have requested of me, but other complications have been preventing me from being as prompt as I would like. I have far too much on my plate right now and to hear from you that my delays are unfounded is rather heartbreaking. I am doing my utmost to do my part, please understand this. I will send the application off immediately after I mail this to you. I have not wasted time, but have been constantly chasing up all these concerns and fighting to retrieve my colleagues' stolen money as well as trying to correspond with you. I have already had to stand in as a representative for my PA at court.

Unfortunately these delays cannot be avoided so there is little I can do on that front. I am reluctant to hire anyone to follow this up because I have very little trust in most of the people I work with. Therefore these delays are going to remain, but I will endeavour to keep them as short as possible.

Please understand the stress I am going through right now. As a fellow businessman I am sure you have had to deal with such circumstances yourself.

Hopefully we will get through this,
Sephiroth Crescent

Sephiroth Crescent

6th January 2011

Sephiroth Crescent dutifully contacts the 'Bank'.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this mail to send in an application for the transfer of funds.
Please see the attached file.

Sincerest regards,
Sephiroth Crescent

Mr. Joseph Sankara

10th January 2011

If it wasn't obvious that this is a scamalicious proposal, Sankara drives it home.

Hello Mr Sephiroth Crescent,

Thanks for receiven your mails.

This problem between you and mr Strife has not stoped? why should you still haven this very problem with this mr strife please my dear you should be carefull because people are very dangerous.

I am happy to see that you are a responsible person and that has made me to trust you.

It is better we start the transaction now because this is the time we are going to conduct fresh revision of files for audit in my bank and it is possible that other people may see the fund.

Thank you for your interest shown in this transaction but you will understand better after reading my explanations below because my message came to you concidentally and moreover, I cannot write a message like this through our bank email because of the nature.

Your race or background has nothing to do with this transaction because what matters is for you to give the correct information when required and I will guide you through.

Do not take this transaction to be a joke because it is my life. I am very happy to have heard from you.I want all your correspondences with me to be made through this i.d because I need everything to be secured.

The time frame is the best time to do the transaction because after the long years of absence, the bank has decided to transfer the fund to the treasury if unclaimed at the end of the fiscal year which will elapse in 2011 that is why everything has to be done speedly if you wish that we make a success in this transaction.

I am also happy that you have some ambitons like me which is the more reason why I started this transaction.

The owner of the said fund was a gold merchant and he got the money from the proceeds he made while he was mining in Sierra leone before the war broke out there. I will give you further informations about him later My concern is for you to keep absolute secret.

I have given you the details of the transaction here under to enable you know whether you can run the transaction with me.

I have been putting things in order before getting back to you and also I was praying over the transaction because I do not want to get in to any wrong hand.

I do not know you before but your carefulness in responding to my mail interested me that is why I decided to give you all the details to know whether you can make the transaction with me.

I want you to know that if you are serious towards this transaction, we are going to make a success.
I want to know whether you have the capacity to receive this money when transferred to your account but my concern is for you to maintain absolute confidentiality.

The gurantee is that I am working in the same bank and will also serve as an insider on your behalf.

I am sure also that no one is coming later to ask you whether you are the real next of kin or not because I studied every thing before contacting you and moreover, I cannot involve myself to danger in the same bank where I am working.

I see this as an opportunity for me to be great and I want you also to be honest with me after the fund has been transferred to your account.

I want you to know that you were not the person I had in mind before sending out my message but another person that bears similar name like yours who was formerly living in my country but I couldn't get his email address when I searched for it and in place I got yours.

Best Regards,

Sephiroth Crescent

11th January 2011

Hello again, Mr. Sankara,

The problems I am having with Mr. Strife are far from over. It is beginning to take up so much of my time that I have been forced to sign myself off from work with stress, and I am up to my ears in legal paperwork and massive costs for attorneys, court fees and the like. I have tried to be as careful as I can but he still constantly hassles me and is starting to make my life terribly difficult. I do not know what measures he has in place, but I am losing the court cases to obtain back what is rightfully my colleagues' property. Now he has started gloating about to everyone else. His attitude disgusts me. I am losing my patience, but I cannot give up and let him get away with this!

Of course, the sooner we start the transaction, the sooner it can be concluded. I have already received a mail from the bank concerning this matter and will work on that the moment I finish chasing up several more court cases. I have no intention of taking the transaction as a joke, not now, not ever. Hopefully everything will be sorted before the end of the year.

I am making sure that every aspect of this transaction is confidential, therefore I have upgraded all my internet security software so that there is much less chance of compromise.

I see that I was not quite who you had in mind, but at least you got someone to help you with your business.

Sadly, Mr. Strife is still determined to make my life a misery outside the courtroom. He has traced my house, which as I have already told you, has an unlisted address. I found several of my potted plants and windows had been smashed, and hateful graffiti appeared on my walls. I was coming into my dining room and there I saw one of my butlers lying murdered in his own blood! There was a message on the floor... 'It will be you next'. I fear for my very life. I can only hope that we finish this business before my time is up. I know my days are numbered. If the business is not finished before my time is up, I will give you the instructions you need to keep the funds safe so that they do not fall into Mr. Strife's dirty, scamming hands.

I pray that I will last until the conclusion of the transaction,
Sephiroth Crescent

Dr. Lassiné Diawarra

11th January 2011

The 'Bank' responds!









Mr. Joseph Sankara

12th January 2011

His English becomes less coherent.

Hello Mr Sephiroth Crescent,

How are you' Sadly' to hear about this case with this mr. strife is still generating more higher!and also chassing for know course?

I am not realy happy on what you are passing through now, living miserable life. Please take care of your self' Of course,the last excutive meeting held on monday your application have been table down!

And i hope that the bank must have contacted you directly please you should always update me once you receive their mails for enlighten me and altogether knowing what is going on'in the society.

Please keep me informed immediately you hear from the bank ok?.

Please do not keep silence you should know this fund is all of my life please make sure you update me immediately You Had from the bank.

Waiting to hear from you soonext thanks.
MrJoseph Sankara.

Sephiroth Crescent

13th January 2011

Mr. Sankara,
I am not doing very well, and I am beginning to become very, very angered with everything going on. I lost three more court cases over the time period since your last mail and once again I find myself in a terrible situation. I have several more court cases to attend and I have been forced to borrow money from my bank in order to pay the costs. I wonder how Mr. Strife somehow manages to make himself look reputable even though he has such a depraved way of working. Thank you for your concern, but I will worry about myself later, once I obtain back what rightfully belongs to my colleagues. I no longer care that I am neglecting my own eating and sleeping patterns, I will do whatever it takes to fight for my colleagues' rights! My new butler worries that I am losing weight and am constantly tired, but as I said, my own needs come later.
I have received a confirmation mail from the bank and have a form that I will need to fill out, but by the time I got back and was about to fill it in, I had basically collapsed in my computer chair and fallen asleep, and my maids had to carry me to bed.
I found a note attached to my front door this morning, and it read 'the waning crescent is almost upon us'. I will have to figure out its meaning later.
May I last until we conclude this business,
Sephiroth Crescent

Mr. Joseph Sankara

18th January 2011

"Sankara" doesn't get paid until the "Bank" gets paid.

Hello Mr Sephiroth Crescent

How is your work and of your family i pray for good health for all,
Pls i wish you and your family happy days and joy I have been on special duty since last friday!

Please Mr S. Crescent have you head from our BanK?

Please keep me informed immediately you received any information from the bank.

Because for the past two days they is emergency meeting concerning your inheritance form So i beleive the body of the bank must have been contacted you by now,

Please dont keep silence you should know that this fund is all of my life please make sure you update me immediately you had from the bank.

Expecting to hear from you any time thanks.

Mr.Joseph Sankara.

Sephiroth Crescent

19th January 2011

Mr. Sankara,

My work is very stressful and far from over. These court cases are taking up so much of my time that I have had no time to myself. Mr. Strife must be trying to wear me down until there is nothing left, but I must stay strong not just for my own sake, but for my colleagues' sakes. I have finally managed to win one case, and have successfully obtained £100,000 that was scammed from my PA. However that was only a small proportion. I still have a long way to go. I somehow think that happy days and joy are not on the agenda. Not for me, anyway.

I have heard from the bank but have had no time to respond. I am doing everything I can to make sure that you obtain your share of the fund but my circumstances are making it immensely difficult.

Still, my butler constantly fusses over the fact that I am barely eating and sleeping and fears that I might die. If one such as myself has been driven this far, how much longer will I last? I have stopped caring about myself and have kept others' needs placedd far above my own.

It pains me to say this... but I feel I must tell someone. I have just found out, through the local news, that my dear mother was murdered. She was the one who encouraged me to start my own business and do what I wanted, but now she is no longer here. I am still grieving for her, and her funeral is in a day or so. Thankfully no court cases fall on those dates.

I can only hope that whatever little I have left is enough to see me through,
Sephiroth Crescent

Mr. Joseph Sankara

21st January 2011

Hello Mr S. Crescent.

I am so glad to hear from you despite the bad news you give me regarding the death of your mother, indeed I'm sorry, no word in the world that can comfort someone who has lost her breast, but i feel with all my heart, and your pain becomes mine.

I missed you a contact with me, I thought that something had happened to you concernning the issue between you and Mr Strife

How is the court cases you are taking about i hope all is fine, please you should be very carefull about your self am not even happy on all this upstacle coming to you please and please you should be carefull ok?

On the other side of our transaction how have you gone through it have you heard from the bank?

Please you should keep me informed for better understanding i really want to hear from you my dear Sephiroth Crescent.

Expecting to hear from you soon thanks.

My Regards

Mr Joseph Sankara.
Sephiroth Crescent

24st January 2011

Mr. Sankara,

Thank you for your concern regarding such a delicate matter, and I am currently still grieving this loss. I was hoping to contact you yesterday but I was far too upset to even concentrate.

There is still a lot going on between myself and Mr. Strife, and I was almost attacked on my way out of the courtroom by someone whom I am guessing is affiliated with Mr. Strife. Luckily my PA was on hand to get them away before they could cause some serious damage.

Unfortunately my friend, the worst has happened. Mr. Strife has hacked into my computer systems and has discovered our correspondence and the existence of the huge fund. This morning, there was a note on my doorstep, and it read 'the waning crescent is now'. I cannot believe my own stupidity! I thought he was gaining an interest in astronomy, but it turns out that they were cryptic messages all pointing towards something disastrous happening to me!

And so the trap closes on me. I must now give you the instructions that I was hoping I would never have to give, and these will ensure that the funds will not fall into Mr. Strife's hands. Firstly, you must tell the bank that someone is about to try and drain money from them. If they ask for credentials, the person responsible is Mr. Cloud Strife, Company Director of Azz de la Dumbass Incorporated. I will delete all the mails from my computer so that I can further protect the fund, and you should do the same. If by some chance he does decide to fly out to the bank, then you have to urge the bank to move the funds to another bank and quickly. You have to tell them why, and also remind them that it is as requested by me. Also, you may have to fashion yourself a new identity so that he is no longer able to trace you.

Please understand this, I am doing this so that the fund is still protected and so that you are also protected. No doubt Mr. Strife's men are coming to find me and extort the information from me. I will remain firm and tell them false information, which should hopefully give you time to arrange what I have requested.

This will probably be the last time you hear from me. Already I am looking around me, seeing if they will come. I hear footsteps approaching my private room. I pray that this mail reaches you and that the fund remains out of Mr. Strife's scamming hands.

I only hope that what little will I have left is enough to save us all.
Sephiroth Crescent

[To be continued? In any event, this fulfilled our fantasy!]