Why do I carry on like this? I guess it's part of the whole thing. One likes to type stuff.
Regards and merry Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Stuart de Baker Hawke (JD)

[JD may refer to a legal diploma, or juvenile delinquent, we are not sure which. We would never dare cross S. deB. H.]

This guy "Wesley" spammed two of my baiting accounts on the same day. Stew de Baker Hawke aka "Old Car" and Lex Chiltern.

Nothing unusual about that. I suspect a few of these guys get mail accounts harvested off Scamorama. It's good thing.

He is a bit boring most of the time so the following is a bit edited. I left out the first few mails to and from Lex. The Lads mail was the same as he sent to Stew and Lex was just lying in wait. As I type this on the 8th of December Lex is just begining to put the boot in. However we start with Stew. wrote:


First, I must apologise to you for using this medium to communicate to you about this project.

I am a highly placed official of Government of Nigeria

<Blah, blah, blah.>

My committee - The Niger Delta Development Corporation(NDDC)
oil sales revenues
payment to foreign and local contractors
The revenues under our control
in need of a foreign contractor
Forty Nine Million Five Hundred Thosand United States Dollars($49.5m)
foreigner to open a Non resident or offshore account with the bank
receipt of a favourable response from you.

<usuall stuff cut down a bit>

All other modalities have been well taken care of in the smooth and sucessful transfer of this funds.We are aware of our government concerted efforts in disabusing the minds of people who would offer us assistance in this type of situation as the funds are un traceble.

Please disregard this mail should it not meet with your approval. Yours faithfully,

Wesley Ogaga.

I had a sense this guy was going to be a bit dull. So I tried to see if I could get him to give up early.


Wesley, please don't apologise for giving me this opportunity.
I have been looking for something like this deal for a while.
Please get back to me as soon as possilble.
I have had experience of international money transfer before but I am now retired.
See below for a list of things I know about this sort of stuff


Did you know that Phil Darko is now well known to be gay? Also a mugu from enugu called Kalu (Pius Patrick) f#&ks goats? Welcome to their club. As you are the one thousandth 419 scammer to mail me (famous anti scam fighter by the way) You can have your choice. You can be well known in your country (I will find out where you live later) as being gay and saying Jesus is gay. I will show you how I do that later. Or you can be a goat f#&ker. Which do you choose for your fellow thieves to know about you? Perhaps you would prefer to be a pig f#&ker? Choose any animal. Farmyard only, lions etc are out.

Now I don't have anything against gays, or goats, pigs, etc for that matter. But the lads hate this sort of thing so I use their flaws against them. It's only fair. Did it put him off? Are you reading this? He's a bit keen it seems. wrote:







Oh well! That seems alright then. Not a scam after all. :o)


Dear Wesley

Come are you REALLY trying to tell me you want to give me nearly 50 million dollars?


I mean why would you want to give it to me?

If you really want to, well fine, no problem just deposit it in my bank account.

CHIPS NO: 0008
ABA NO: 021000089
A/C NO: 36003318

Now, don't expect I will be holding my breath waiting for the money to appear in there. However if it does turn up and you want a share of it just let me know. I'll send you five million in any (reasonable) method you like :o) After all I wouldn't want to be seen to be greedy would I?

So put the money in the bank account and get back to me. We can go on from there.

Stuart Hawke

That was a fake Abacha bank account by the way. wrote:

Dear Mr.Stuart Hawke,

Thank you for your mail.All issues raised are well understood and let me use this opportunity to explain to you what this is all about.

As I told you in my first mail this funds came about as a result of over invoiced contract because I am on the contract review panel of the NDDC(niger delta dev.commission) which is in charge of developments project in the niger delta region of Nigeria.

The reason why we need your assistance is that as governments officials we are not allowed to keep foreign bank accounts and we intend to transfer this funds overseas for investment purposes. We have decided to give you 10% for this assistance.

So in this regards,forward to me your company name and addresses and you telephone and fax numbers for effective communication and also to put the neccessary documents in order to enable us make this transfer.

Kindly reply as soon as possible.


Wesley Ogaga.

A lousy 10%? No way. Stew de Baker Hawke won't even get out of bed for 10%. He only gets out of bed to type this er! "stuff".


So you are not a crook you are just going to steal this money?
Is that right?

Also you want me to help you steal it for a lousy 10%
Make it 30%

Also you expect me to believe that you just picked me out of all the people on the planet. None of you there know anyone who can help you steal so you try to find a stranger on the internet.

Talk about desperate.

But for 30% I will help.

You have the Bank details you know my name is Stuart de Baker Hawke.
Just deposit the money and I will believe you. But you won't. Beause there isn't any.

Stew Hawke wrote:

Dear Mr.Stuart Hawke,

Thank you for your mail.I am very grateful and happy that you are sceptical about this as I understand and know the activities of fraudsters in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

I have discussed this with my partners and we have agreed to give you the 30%as we have no choice.It is out of necessity that we contacted you and as it is outside myself and my partners,you are the only person that knows about this.So I expect that you keep it as secret and confidential.

In regards to your company name and address,this is for proper documentation as we have to register your company name here in Nigeria so thaat all papers will be in order.Or that we can use your name to register one.For the telephone and fax number is for effective communication.

Hope to hear from you soonest.


Wesley Ogaga.

Well now 30% that's a bit better. let's see 30% of nothing is? Oh, you do the math. I'm just an old car.


Well Wesley I would have thought that IF you were serious you would READ my mails to you.
Like the one with the bank account details.
You know with the company NAME at the bottom of the bank details.
Seeing as it is a company account I sort of thought you would have noticed.
Just deposit the money.

Stew Hawke wrote:

Dear Mr.Stuart Hawke,

Thank you for your mail.I really appreciate your effort to help us in this transaction.Let me state clearly what we intend to do, Since you have given me approval to use your company name.

Firstly,I'll have to register it with the coperate affairs commission,thenregister it with the NDDC.All this registration will be back dated then we will pay the taxes for the years which it has been registered in Nigeria.All these I'll send to you for the records so that when you are asking for the release of your funds you will be able to present them to the authorities.

Kindly,let me have you fax numbers as I will use to send to you all the necessary documents.,also with your number so that we can be communicating faster.I want you to keep this as very confidential and discuss this with no one,as knowledge of this to our government will jeopardize all my years of service.As long as you keep to my instructions we will have the money in no time and there will be no problem as we have worked this out in a way that it is 100% risk free.

You can call me on my private phone number anytime 234.803.381.1344.


Wesley Ogaga.

Well that was the end (?) of Stew and Wesley. Lex takes over It was my fault I was busy and got confused and forgot to mail him back. I may do so later but as you will see below I doubt he will reply. I'll try it now though just to see what happens :o)



What is going on?
I am getting strange e-mails from someone pretending to be me.

Sorry I have been away for a few days. But then I come back to all sorts of strange mails that seem to be warning me about you and this transaction.

I thought it was a scam all the time. Remember?


OK sent. Now we take up the story with Lex. As you will recall from the intro I will leave out the first few mails. Let's cut to the chase with a bit of a lead in. wrote:

Dear Mr.Lex Chiltern,

How are you today?I hope you are fine.I sent you a mail some days back stating what my partners and I agreed on as regards your 20% share for your assistance.Let me know by mail or call me on my private number 234.803.381.1344.

Expecting to hear from you as soon as possible.


Wesley Ogaga. wrote:

Dear Mr.Lex Chiltern,

How are you today?I hope you are fine.I have sent you two mails in regards to my earlier proposal to you.Kindly reply to let us know your position.




Sorry I wasn't sure you were serious.

For 20% I will certainly help you.

What do I do next?

Lex Chiltern wrote:

Dear Mr.Lex Chiltern,

Thank you for your mail.All is set what we have to do now is to put everything in order.

Kindly send me your company's name and addresses and your personal phone and fax numbers for effective communication.Myself and my partners are very grateful for this opportunity you have given us and i swear you will not regret it.

You can call me on my private phone number 234.803.381.1344. I expect tohear from you as soon as possible and i expect you to keep this as confidential and not to discuss it with anybody.

Greetings your wife and family.


Wesley Ogaga.


You know Wesely I think I have had enough of you now.

You are are too boring to make a good story to post on the internet to amuse the readers.

You are to stupid to do anything except spout the standard scammer crap.

What to do about you now though?????

Oh well I will think of something.


That should put him off. One would think. But no. I guess I will have to think of something to make this a bit more interesting. Later. wrote:

Dear Mr.Lex Chiltern,

How are you today? I hope fine.I am writing to know if you got my last mail to you after your last mail.I requested for your company name and addresses and also your private phone and fax numbers. As I told you we have to register your company,the money for these will be made available by myself and partners.

Kindly reply as soon as possible to enable us swing into action,cause time is not on our side.


Wesley Ogaga. wrote:

Dear Mr.Lex Chiltern,

I want you to know if you are not serious about this transaction that you should stop sending me all your rubbish mails and let me look for someone else to help me out as I have told you all there is to do.



Dearest Wesley

How can you possibly think I am not serious?

I have sent you all the information I can provide that you have asked for.

However it seems to ME that YOU are the one who isn't serious.

One day you want one thing the next day another thing.

You say that a lot of money is at stake, that we have to move quickly. Then you piss about asking stupid questions and blaming ME because YOU can't get it right.


Say do you know someone called Hawke? He mailed me and told me he was "taking over" and that I should stop mailing you. He seemed to know a lot. He said he could fake MY mail address and yours. He said the REAL owners of the money would get in contact with me.

Honestly, I find it hard to know who is who and what is going on.

Have you ever heard of the company at this address?

Hawke tells me they have the money in two trunk boxes in Amsterdam.

This is all very hard but I am still wanting to help you. Do you know what is going on with all these e-mails? It is very confusing to me. I seem to get two different things to do every day, from all sorts of mail addresses.

Trust me Wesley you are NOT helping me to help you.

I am almost ready to give up. Except that I want the money :o)

Are WE on the same side or NOT? Who is Hawke? Who are the others?


Sorry gentle reader about the order of the next two e-mails but that is the way the lad sent them to me. Now then, this next one is LONG. I have never seen such an epic from a Lad before. It is to long for me to be bothered editing the format. It fits on the page. That's enough. Poor old Wesley. Are you starting to feel sorry for the poor lad yet? No? Don't worry I haven't finished with him yet. Perhaps "The Old Car" has a few more (read many) tricks up his sleeve yet :o)

Don't forget about those goats :o) wrote:

Dear Lex,

My compliments of the season to you. I am sorry about deley in communicating you the necessory details needed in this transaction as this was as a result of our poor communication network.

Let me use this opportunity to once again on behalf of my colleagues and myself express thanks for your response and positive disposition to our proposal. In the last few days and since the receipt of your last mail, we have deliberated on your interest and offer of kindly assistance in the actualisation of our proposal and just yesterday, we concluded our deliberations as well as the final review of modalities for the success of this business. Let me also use this opportunity to reassure you once again, of the genuineness of our proposal. As you read along, I believe you will come to know of the seriousness of this endeavour to which we are highly committed.

I have been mandated by my colleagues to communicate the resolutions reached to you through this medium. It has been one hell of a task typing this letter off-line as I had to do it myself because of the confidential nature of the transaction. It is my belief that a detailed and painstaking explanation as such will aid your informed judgment as far as assisting us is concerned. As will be made clear to you, we attach a lot of importance to the legitimization of the transaction process, so that there will be no adverse effects to any party to the transaction in the near or distant future. Considering the nature and magnitude of this business, a review of the modalities for its successful, hitch-free execution is necessary. Moreso, you must understand that I refrained from providing details earlier until I have had full consultations with my colleagues in order for me not to take any unilateral action or make committments that will be ineffectual.

Hence, we have taken into consideration every detail. In this letter I shall endeavour to make every detail available to you. Notwithstanding, should your require further clarification on any aspect of the transaction, do not hesitate to call me on 00234-803-381-1344. For record purposes, I want to state explicitly here, that your own share of the fund will amount to Nine Million, Nine Hundred thousand United States Dollars (US$9,900,000.00) Only, representing 20% of the funds to be transfered. You may be wondering why we had chosen to be so generous with the sharing arrangement by offering 20% of the fund. In our own view this is justifiable as we have already spent close to US$200,000 with a further US$300,000 (which we have already mobilised) to be expended before the funds can get into your account. As you can see we are taking all the risks (financial and otherwise) to ensure that the transaction succeeds. This does not detract from the fact that your role in the actualization of this proposal is quite crucial, and instrumentally, you are an indispensable factor to the success of this endeavour.

The fact is also that offering you such a generous commission will serve as an incentive to dedication, trust and honesty on your part. It is our fervent hope that you will not be tempted to run away with the fund or try to sit on it. In due course, it will be clear to you what your role is, how you can contribute effectively to the attainment of our collective objective and our full-proof plan for the actualization of the proposal; that is, after reading this correspondence.

In my own estimation, I believe strongly that providing an honest, true and fair view of the current situation as well as a background to the transaction will further enhance confidence. In this wise, I shall endeavour to put across to you, in a very frank manner, the situation in my country. This is for the avoidance of doubt, and to forestall any misunderstanding or misgivings. The mutuality of trust and confidence will also be enhanced when the exigencies of the transaction are fully understood.

However, I must clarify the point that our relationship as far as the transaction is concerned is not formal or official. Otherwise, we would expose our involvement in the transaction. Thus, there cannot be a written contract between you on one hand and us on the other. However, let it be clear that your principal role is to act as a front for us while we use the privileges and opportunity of our positions on the commission to transfer the fund in your name so that you will be seen as the bona fide beneficiary of the fund. As I explain further your role and essence will be made clearer.

It is worthy of note that there are so many people who have engaged in genuine transactions of this nature. For instance, Mr. Gilbert Chaggoury, a Lebanese businessman was a well-known front and points man for late Gen. Sanni Abacha. Today, he wines and dines with those in position of power and authourity in Nigeria. It is reputed that multi-millionaire American Marc Rich earns extra-ordinary income from business deals of this nature. Multi-National Corporations are not left out in transactions of this nature. If you are conversant with the anti-trust proceedings against ITT, you will know that it was indicted for transactions of this nature in many third world countries (including Nigeria where is saddled us with an obsolete telecommunication system for which it collected and obviously over-bloated sum). For those third world governments that refused to allow such transactions as this to take place it was alleged that ITT sponsored the overthrow of these 'unfriendly governments'. Recently, Mr. Branson of Virgin Atlantic was involved in a multi-million dollar contract for the rehabilitation of the now moribond Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) and the Nigerian Airways. I do know for a fact (because I have priviledged information) that this contract was over-invoiced to the tune of over US$250 Million. This money went into the private account of the Vice President (Alhaji Atiku Abubakar). Mr. Branson acted as a front for the Vice President in this deal.

This is a pointer to the fact, and reinforces the fact that genuine transactions of this nature exist, and do take place not only in Nigeria, but also all over the world. Or how else could it be explained that late Gen. Sanni Abacha transferred billions of dollars out of the country through foreign fronts. I will like at this juncture to recommend you to a website, which contains sufficient informatiion on how the country was run during the Abacha era. Go to and use the search engine there to search for 'Abacha loot'.

The fact that you were recommended by an associate of my boss, who incidentally is a returning diplomat, a widely traveled man who has served in various diplomatic capacities in the United state and the United Kingdom and for many years and was responsible for commercial and consular affairs of Nigeria's diplomatic missions, is quite instructive. I do not know your relationship with him, but our resolve to execute this transaction using your kindly assistance is borne out of the fact that he (your referee) has expressed implicit confidence in your ability to deliver. He also trusts that you will respect the terms of the proposal and uphold the confidentiality of the transaction. More so, he has agreed to take full responsibility in the event that you unilaterally decide to sit on the fund. Granted that the original copies of the relevant documents showing ownership of the fund will be in our possession, he (your referee) has assured us that we can trace you through his diplomatic contacts, should you attempt to run away

Scam-o-note: here it starts to look like something copied from a newspaper, and very interesting it is.

the origin of business deals of this nature can be traced to the independence era (early 1960's) when the British Colonialists left the governance of our country in the hands of their cronies and trusted allies. Owing to the political exigencies of that time, national leaders and politicians continued the exploitation from where the British Colonialists stopped. During that period, almost all of the funds transferred out of the country ended up in the vaults of British banks, while the British Government turned a blind eye to these happenings because of the affinity and 'cozy' relationship between the nationalists leaders and the British Authorities. At that time, as it is today, these politicians had the support of a culture value system that emphasized wealth, no matter the source; and the British Authorities who provided safe havens for the stashed funds.

Immediately preceding this era was the period of the Nigerian Civil War. This period was one of unbridled transfer of funds out of the country, because the level of accountability with regards to public funds is always low in a period of war or a state of emergency as it was in the period spanning 1967-1970, coupled with the fact that the country had just attained independence. Still, at this point in time, the activity of the transfer of funds was essentially restricted to a tiny clique at the highest level of government. In fact, under the guise of prosecuting the war, it is on record that over 850 million British Pounds Sterling's (1960's value) was transferred out of the country. The only marked difference between the independence era and the civil war years was that the tiny clique had extended to include top military commanders, while the military was at the helm of affairs.

After this period came the era of the 'Oil Boom', i.e. the energy crisis of the 1970's. At that time the country was literally awash with 'petrodollars', and Nigeria then was a major player in crude oil production having just emerged from a 30 month long civil war. Then, efforts at post-war reconstruction became perfect opportunities for top government officials to transfer large sums of money abroad. Such was the situation that the Military President at the time, General Gowon boasted openly that the country was so rich he didn't know what to do with the money. Thus, expectedly, those at the helm of affairs 'helped' themselves, and today most of them are the political godfathers of our time, who determine the fate of millions of their fellow countrymen.

The situation has been like that since then, and actually reached a peak in the last 13 years of military dictatorship under Generals Ibrahim Babangida and Sanni Abacha. It is a well-publicized fact that General Abacha in a bid to outdo his predecessor transferred over US$3 Billion out of the country through foreign fronts. His predecessor, General Babangida has a personal net worth estimated at about US$5 Billion.

In just four years of civilian democracy, the level at which Government officials, especially senators and legislators (most of whom were Gen. Abacha's hatchet men), have amassed wealth is unprecedented in the history of this country. Recently, the local media was awash with reports that in just four (4) years of democratic experiment, the government has expended well over US$25 Billion in the maintenance of public officers and institutions at all levels of government.

This is hardly surprising. President Obasanjo is known to have headed one of the most corrupt governments in his first term as a Military President in the late 1970's. So who is fooling who? The only thing that has changed is the bottle. The wine is the same old one, because it is a glaring fact that the leadership in this country is being recycled all the time; and we are not deceived by their hypocrisy.

The general impression here at home is that the anti-corruption drive of the Federal Government is effectively grounded. Owing to his antecedents as a former military Head of State, the President does not possess the 'moral standing' to prosecute his anti-corruption drive. The people believe, and rightly so, that the government is involved in wasteful 'sloganeering' and dissipating 'rabble-rousing'. The conduct of top functionaries of this government, especially political office holders are grossly at variance with the much-touted anti-corruption stance. Even the controversial anti-corruption act has been watered down by the Legislature because many of them were indicted.

Characteristically, the indulgences range from flaunting of wealth to neglect/dereliction of duty unprecedented in the history of this country. In the Federal Legislative Houses the primary duties seem to be legislating for the interest of private pockets. It is quite unimaginable that local council chairmen will travel out of the country and display ostentation as if they are oil sheiks. The general impression is that it is still business as usual. Nothing has changed. Recently, the World Bank/International Monetary fund in their country report on Nigeria berated the government for the lack of transparency and accountability in the so-called loot recovery efforts.

At the moment the entire nation is at a loss as to the actual amount that has been recovered from the estate of the Late General Abacha. Daily, the public is fed with conflicting and misleading reports, to a determined end. For instance, how can one man (The National Security Adviser) be saddled with such an onerous responsibility of recovering billions of dollars, and without any independent check or balance? This same man was part of the whole rot. During eight (8) years of Gen. Babangida's reign he was his closest confidant. How will it be ensured that bias is eliminated? Obviously, a part of the Abacha's fortune must have been diverted into the accounts of currently serving government officials. Recently, a deal was struck between the Nigerian government and the Abacha family. There are tell-tale signs that even the President himself may have been given a share of the Abacha loot.

This is where he seems to jump back into his own fake personality. Yes, well, we can see how all that would lead to a lack of civic feeling among the non-rich. But keep your hand on your wallet just the same.

As members of the NDDC, we are strategically placed to ensure a fail-safe execution of this transaction because as a probe panel instituted by an act of the National Assembly, we cannot be probed. Moreover, the transaction will seem not to have taken place, as all records will be erased on conclusion. This is after the entire transaction process must have been duly legitimized and concluded.

Please do not misunderstand me. I make no excuses, and I have no apologies for what I am doing. But it will be foolhardy for us to stand by and allow this opportunity slip by us. As a matter of fact, it will be very naive of us to hand over this fund to the government since the same government has not acted on the recommendations of our committee's interim report, and will probably not. A concerted effort is been made by the government to cover up influential people indicted by the committee's report. I am almost certain, that our final report will be consigned to the archives to gather dust, like many others in the past.

By virtue of my position in the NDDC, I have come across classified reports which estimates that at least 40% of funds transferred out of the country in the last 15 years end up in the Americas and Europe, without trace; and the US State Department has admitted this much, lending credence to these reports.

Lapse back into index card mode:

We do know for sure, that of an estimated US$400 Billion earned from oil export alone in the last 35 years, over 15% have ended up in private pockets. For instance, during Gen. Babangida's last couple of years in office over US$20 Billion was earned as proceeds from oil windfall during the first Gulf War. But in spite of a panel report indicting him of complicity in the transfer of the monies to private accounts abroad, no action has been taken against him. In fact, the panel report was recently reviewed and doctored to create the impression that the funds where mismanaged and misapplied. What a slap on the wrist!

And return to scammer mode:

Let me once again emphasize the need to maintain the strictest level of confidentiality and absolute secrecy in prosecuting this transaction. We recognize this as basic and essential to the success of this business. We therefore crave your indulgence in this collective enterprise. We are career civil servants who are still in public service and are only taking maximum advantage of this lifetime opportunity to secure the future of our children in an oligarchic society where the overlords are systematically and tacitly manipulating the resources of the country to achieve total control.

We would not want to be directly or indirectly linked to this transaction that is why we earnestly seek your assistance. Should I detect any hint in the course of this transaction that you have breached the confidentiality of this business I will have no choice but to unilaterally discontinue further correspondence with you.

To achieve the objective of this transaction, 100% risk free, our strategy is to work in such a way that the fund (US$49.50Million) is released as contract payment for a contract that would be officially perceived to have been executed by your nominated company in favour any of the Federal Ministries or Parastatals, while the true nature of the project is known to you and us alone. To achieve the objective of officialising the entire process of the fund's transfer, we already have all the necessary connections and finance to procure documents from the relevant government ministries, and parastatals, which will show your nominated company as the bona fide Contractor/Beneficiary of the fund. For the fact that the contract for which we shall be making payments claims was awarded between 1997 and 1999, the certificate of incorporation for the nominated company will be backdated to 1996. The contract that we have already identified and reviewed is for construction works on a housing estate in Abuja under the Federal Capital Development Authourity (FCDA) and the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing.

Notwithstanding, we will exchange ideas to come up with the best possible solution. As part of the mandate of our committee we are responsible for the review and assessment of all contracts executed during the Military era. We have already over-inflated the contract and we shall be making the claims for payment on your behalf as part of the consortium of firms that executed the contract. The incorporation of the nominated company in Nigeria makes it a corporate citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This qualifies the company to do business in the Country. Secondly, we shall register your company with the Registrar of Contractors at the Federal Ministry or Parastatal (in this case the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing and the Federal Capital Development Authourity) from where the contract will originate.

Thereafter we shall obtain a Certificate of Contract Award showing that a contract was indeed awarded to your company; a tax clearance covering a period of at least three (3) years; a vetting approval from the Attorney General of the Federation; and Exchange Control Approval Order from the Federal Ministry of Finance as well as other relevant documentation. For obvious reasons these documents will be backdated to accommodate the time lapse between when the contract was executed and now.

The following highlights will foster a greater understanding of the modalities for the actualization of the transaction:

1. The source of the fund to be transferred emanates from the over-invoicing of a contract already executed in favour of the Federal Government of Nigeria through one of its Ministries. At this stage, I believe it will be improper to give you the co-ordinate reference of the contract we intend to use, as there is no commitment from you thus far.
2. The contract is concerned with the construction of 1,500 completely detached, single units Medium and Upper Scale Housing Scheme in Abuja, the Federal Capital. This happens to been the largest housing development scheme in tropical Africa.
3. Our committee has already reviewed all aspects of the contract in question, which is why we are certain that we can make claims for payment to the relevant authourities on your behalf.
4. A consortium of foreign and local firms originally executed the contract in question. Our intention therefore, is to present your nominated company as a part of this consortium of firms that executed the contract and that certain aspect of the contract were actually syndicated to it (your nominated company).
5. Owing to the fact that the contract has already been executed and commissioned, there is absolutely no need for a fresh contract between your company and the Federal Government.
6. We shall be responsible for procuring all necessary documents that will show to the relevant authourities (here in Nigeria and the recipient banking authourities) that your nominated company participated in the execution of the contract, and that on the conclusion of work payment to you has since being outstanding. These documents as I had earlier explained include the Contract Award Certificate, Certificate of Job Completion, and Contractor's Registration Certificate etc.
7. All other participating companies in the consortium of firms that executed the contract have already been paid their entitlements in full. We shall ensure that the records in the relevant ministries will show that your company remains to be paid.
8. We shall pay a backlog of relevant taxes, fees charges and all other due obligations as proof that your company is a responsible corporate citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
9. You should have it in mind that the relationship between you and us is not formal, but an informal one. Otherwise, we would expose our involvement and jeopardize the success of the transaction.
10. Your role is to act as a front for us while we use the opportunity of our vantage positions on the board of NDDC to ensure that we present you as the bona fide contractor/beneficiary of the fund.

You and we know the true nature of the transaction alone. We all have a shared obligation of ensuring that the confidentiality of the transaction is maintained at all times. To sheik this responsibility will mean that we are courting danger as confidence in any other person who is not a party to the transaction may be misplaced and consequently lead to jeopardy.

By virtue of our positions in the NDDC it is ordinarily part of our mandate to validate all contract payment claims by contractors executed between 1993 and 1998. Hence, we shall have no problems in promptly validating claims relating to this transaction. Thereafter, all the documents earlier mentioned including approvals will be forwarded to the relevant paying authority for payment. The 'thrust' of the approval of the fund's release as contract payment starts at the NDDC of which we are constituent members. This is where our unflinching confidence on a 100% risk free and successful execution of this transaction rests.

You will agree with me that the above arrangement would cater for all forms of legitimacy on your side in respect of the funds arrival in your account. Moreover, a vetting approval will be issued from the office of the Attorney General; Federal Ministry of Justice stating that the funds be transferred into your account is not drug-related. Ordinarily, on a contractor's request, this vetting approval together with other documents of evidence of source of funds can be sent directly to the receiving bank. This process is a bank-to-bank transaction. This would take care of any 'eyebrow-raising' from your bankers should they be inquisitive on arrival of the funds in your account. This should also adequately address the issue of receiving money from abroad without any transaction. As is evident from my explanation, the plan for the execution of the transaction takes the issue of legitimizing the transaction and maintaining a high degree of confidentiality as top priorities.

Please be informed that, as customary procedure, the entire file of the funds transfer will be returned to us at the NDDC for cross-referencing and safe-keeping as sole custodians of all files relating to contracts done for the Ministries, Parastatals and Statutory Corporations within seven days of the confirmation of the funds in your account.

We would also like to inform you that our share of the proceeds would be used by us in the importation of agro-allied machinery and petroleum prospecting equipment, as we cannot afford to bring such an amount of cash money into our country. Also, part of our own share of the fund will be invested in real estate, stocks and commodities futures. Since we would like to invest in a stable economy your advice will be very useful and we are prepared to pay for your services in this regard. You will agree with me that the procurement of the machinery, equipment mentioned above and the investment of the fund will take care of the problem of remitting our own share of the fund to us.

Please understand that all internal expenses will be taken care of by us while any external expenses (telephone bills, stationeries, taxes and sundry expenses) incurred by you will be reimbursed to you after the transfer from the 10% of the fund to be set aside for settling such expenses incurred in the course of bringing this project to a 100% risk free conclusion.

As a first step to the actualization of this business please send to me as soon as possible the following information:
(c) TELEPHONE & FAX NUMBERS - confidential numbers please
(d) Any other information you may deem helpful to the smooth processing of the payment and remittance of the fund since we have not recieved any of the above mentioned details.

Meanwhile, be mindful of the fact that speed in the execution of this business is crucial to its success, especially as a political dispensation is coming to an end while another is begining. This information will enable us to use your Nominated Company name for the processing of the relevant documents so as to legitimize the transfer of the fund.

I look forward to your prompt and positive response.

Heartfelt Regards,

Mr. Wesley.

WOW! Now I know all THAT, I HAVE to believe it is all true. This Lad is trying hard. He seems NEVER to give up. Should I dissapoint him and give up myself? Stew Hawke, Lex Chiltern. give up? Oh well we often do but maybe this Lad is good for a few more twists yet. I can only hope to make this into a classic worthy of putting on Scamorama. Most baits I don't bother with that. Far to many good baiters publishing. But poor little Stew want's a GOOD one. Before he dares send it in. Looks like a good start, I'll send it :o) wrote:

Dear Lex,

By now you would have gotten my mails on modalities for this bussiness.

I am writing to let you know that the so called Mr.Hawke or whatever his name is a fraudster and you should dissociate yourself from them.Do not respond to any more of thier mails as you will regret ever having dealings with them if you continue.There are a lot of scamists trying on the net to swindle people of thier money stating opportunities like this our own to defraud them.So kindly ignore them.

Expecting to hear from you.



WHAT! Stew de Baker Hawke a FRAUDSTER?? But, but, but, I thought he (me) was trying to help me (Lex). Confused? Not yet I hope. :o)


Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 00:07:00 +0000 (GMT)
From: "Lex Chiltern"
Subject: Fwd: It's a scam man (From Hawke FYI)

This is what Hawke sent me last.

What do you think? It's a bit strange.


Note: forwarded message attached.

Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2003 15:52:09 -0800 (PST)
From: "Stuart Hawke"
Subject: It's a scam man
To: lexchiltern


Why don't you mail me back about those Nigerians who are trying to steal your money?

Never send any money to unknown people on the internet whatever they promise you.

It IS a scam.

You send it you LOOSE it. GONE.

If you think you can afford it, fine, send the money to me. I will give you the same return those guys will. NOTHING.

Perhaps I will even send you most of your money back.

Hey that's a better deal really. Send ME, what $3000.00 and I will send you back say $2500.00. That's better than the crooks. they will keep the lot.



Don't worry I have the same FAKE pictures of boxes of money that they have . I also have a FAKE name at a free mail provider. I can print any FAKE document on my printer the same as they can.

I have MORE fake bank accounts.

I have MORE fake secutity companies.

I have MORE fake boxes of money.

Because of all that only I can offer you this one time discount.

SEND ME all your money, morgage your house, borrow off your friends and family. Why not? you were going to send it to those Nigerian crooks anyway.

My SCAM is cheaper.


Simply place $100.00 US dollars in a brown paper bag. Walk out your front door. Give it to the first poor person you meet.

OR send ALL your money to me and for a LARGE commision I will do it for you.


When you realize you have been scammed and there are no millions to be had I will send most of your money back to you. Minus the $100.00 for charity and a bit to pay my costs.


Or you could just wake up a bit and mail me back for more details about how not to get ROBBED.

Up to you

Stew Hawke

No, Stew didn't write that specially. Its by Ira Toole (me as well) A real warning to a victim who wouldn't listen to sense. Yes he lost his money. But in my defence, all I knew was his mail addy and that he was being scammed. Ordinary warnings were ignored. I tried, I failed.

Now then at this point I would like to get the above on Scamorama. I hope the Lad might see it there and call me insulting names or something.

In the meantime gentle reader, please feel free to drop "Our Wesley" a line or two. What is it with him and those goats anyway :o)

I wonder if he will reply? I bet a picture of a big box of money that he does.

Just in. Dec 8th as I type.

Oh by the way "Our Wesley" didn't get that last mail (above) from Stew. It seems his mail box is full. So my mail box tells me.

Now how could THAT happen?
A "twist" to make his life harder?
Now gentle reader would I do a thing like that?

Could I? Would I? fill a lads account with er, um, er, lets call it SPAM. Just to make his life more difficult. Nah! NEVER. Would I lie? Nah! Never. What two fake names? A fake bank account, Would I ever lie?

Ye of little faith.