or, Different Strokes for Different Folks

updated march 30 2013

Selections from previous years:
Samples dating back to 2002

These sprinklings from the collection highlights a disturbing incidence of cancer among 419ers and their spouses.

The scammers seem prone to religious conversions, and speak in strikingly similar terms: "I have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really cared for anyone (not even myself) but my business." So stop and smell the roses.

Here are displayed the scammer's "name", the illness prompting re-evaluation of life choices, time remaining for karmic re-balancing, sum available, the purpose to which the scammer hopes you will put the imaginary money, and where it can be found.

A Kindly Contributor in France remarks:
Your ongoing presentation of disturbing demographics leads to only one conclusion : marriage to a 419 scammer is dangerous to public health. And since your statistics confirm that this health risk has gone beyond the boundaries of a single country perhaps the W.H.O. should be asked to take preventive measures.

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For scam-mavens and scam-o-challenged alike.
ill personcancer typelife expectancysumpurposemoney's at/comments
March 2013
Elizabeth Sinbi
cancer of the lever and stroke six months $2.5 million helping of the needies security company Vault in Cote D'Ivoire
Paul Sanders
cancer maybe a month amount unspecified Charity location unspecified
MRS. Desiree Kakou
breast cancer and a rare Heart Disease maybe a month $5.2 million Charity and adopt my only Child Emmanuel a bank in Cote d'Ivoire
February 2013
breast cancer 4 months $11.4 million LESS PREVILLAGED ONES; ALLAH - BUILD HIS TAMPLE a bank in Cote d'Ivoire
Mrs Larisa Kone
cancer 2 months $2.5 million orphanages, widows and and also propagating the word of God (20% for you) security firm
Mrs.Marie Smith
cancer of the bone marrow, (blood) 4 months $2.5 million motherless babies homes, widows a reputable bank/ security company
Basheera al-Mukhtar
cancer 6 months $millions orphans, widows a reputable bank/ security company
Maria Lopez
Lungs cancer (It has defiled all form of medicine) a few months $30.5 million assist children of conflict (45% for you) a Bank Security Volts here in Spain
January 2013
Nannie Johnson
cancer a few months €6.000.000 the work of God (20% for you) a bank in Cote d'Ivoire
Mrs.Maria M.Victor aka Maria Mark
cancer some weeks $10.5 million (and no cents) the good work of the lord a Swiss bank; contact Bar William Johnson
Mrs Grace Smith
(A Portugal national)
esophageal cancer a few months $20 million charity (30% for you) a finance House abroad
Mrs.Rebecca Lemonde
a blood cancer and Parkinson diseases a few months $5.5 million charity (10% for you) location of funds unspecified