Either "Donald Mike" is a consortium of losers, or just one loser.

Ralph Ramburger faced off against a "Donald Mike" in MONEY BROTHER.

"Donald Mike" wasted (more of?) his time trying to scam Lonslo Tossov in SOCIAL ENGINEERING.

And here he is, trying to scam RayNaz, she of a thousand faces, in A TALE OF AMOUR AND REDUX. Today she poses as Dee, high school girl looking for online friendship. This was short but sweet. In a sick way.

BTW, did you ever figure out if Mike or Donald was his given name, or vice versa?

No, we didn't - but then neither is his real name. But you knew that!

Donald Mike

Received: from [] [Malaysia]
Fri, 24 Feb 2012 12:47:47 PST

Dear good friend am Donald Mike 46years old, a citizen of Iceland but i currently based in London i,am single and open minded man an engineer living alone in my own apartment i hope you don,t mind to have a good relationship with me thanks waiting for your response soon


He sends a picture, maybe he found it somewhere, but obviously NOT him, looks like a pretty nice fella (It's not the Lad--but you knew that...)



I am writing this from my aunty and uncles computer, because I am here to take care of their plants and tropical fishes. They are on vacation until Tuesday morning, when their plane comes back about 11.
I was straightening the desk, so I checked their email, and here you were! If it is OK, I will write again from my own mail account, at my mom's house. Dad is in the Army in Afghanistan, so he's not going to be a problem.

I want to write to you and I don't want them to know about you. I am 16 years old, a junior in high school, and on the Varsity cheerleading squad. I am just a kid, but I kind of like older guys, they have their heads on straighter than

the boys my age. All these boys around here just talk about cars and surfing. And rock music. It's boring.
I can't believe you want a friendship with me! I hope I'm not too young for you? We could be penpals (or computer pals) for the time being.

Answer this by tomorrow, and I will give you my e-addy then, so we can write more. You're a really good looking guy, and I think we can have fun writing to each other.

Donald Mike

He writes again a few hours later, in the"newspeak" of the texters...But...

Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 18:59:46 -0800 (PST)

where r u frm pls


I wait til Monday to write back...


I m frm lttl twn n BE. I wz brn n a big twn, bt we mved.

I dn't no u rte in Twitterspeak, bt lt's go bak to rel tlk. Is nt confusin lk ths.
U cn cll me Dee. S ur 1st nam Donald or Mike?

Donald Mike

So he "writes" back (half the words are OK)...

Received: from [] [Malaysia]
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 09:50:31 -0800 (PST)

where r u from

Gotta reply...

Wy do u kepp askin me ths same ? And what is your first name? I told u, I live in a little town in BE.
We are happy in BE, and we have our own ball team, the "WeeBees" They aren't winners very much, but we love them, and they play a good game. GO, WeeBees!!!!!


By Saturday, I'm getting worried...

I know I am just a kid and maybe you think I'm too young

for a relationship with a grown man, but like I told you, I like older guys. I even had a dream about you, it was so real, I cant believe it. I hope you dont think you will get into trouble by writing to me, I wont tell anyone, not even my best friend, Amy. If you are serious about a friendship with me, I will get my own email address, and we can write to each other, as our own secret.

I borrowed my Uncles computer because I told him I have to write a paper for school. That's why the email address is his.
Please write back and let me know what you decided on this, I sure hope you are OK with having me for a friend.


He dropped me like a hot rock. I guess I'm not his type...