Lonslo Tossov, late of the KGB, is now a valued Foreign Office asset who has figured in many exploits on this web site.

His contributions to Foreign Office group projects include A REAL CHARLIE, THE SCAMMISH ARMADA , UNITED WE LAUGH, HOW THE WEST WAS WON and others too numerous too mention.

He also sometimes acts in an advisory capacity, as in GO SPEED RACER.

When not wasting a scammer's time, Lonslo can often be found at Annie's Bar, nursing a flaming custard.

DONALD MIKE, lonely "Icelandic" expatriate (by way of West Africa)
LONSLO TOSSOV - Foreign Office agent and bon vivant

Donald Mike

Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012
Subject: hello

Dear good friend am Donald Mike 46years old, a citizen of Iceland but i currently based in London i,am single and open minded man an engineer living alone in my own apartment i hope you don,t mind to have a good relationship with me thanks waiting for your response soon

Scamorama had independently received a "Donald Mike" mail, accompanied by a photo possibly coaxed out of a previous victim, for use in further scam attempts.
The IP address was in Malaysia.

Lonslo Tossov

Date: February 21, 2012

Hi Mike

Good to hear from you, I am single businessman working within the seismic monitoring industry, open minded and I love deep fracking.

I hope we can become friends. You look very handsome, I attach my pic.


Donald Mike

Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2012

Hey Mr Lonnie
Your mail was well noted? How are you doing today i hope you are fine well the most important thing about is our friendship is trust and honest it will surely help us in future if we happen to being kind and faithful to one another i can bet with you nothing shall stop us to forge ahead i like your photo too you are handsome man.

Anyway where are you from and am ever ready to transact a business with you cause i want to quit as soon as possible for a security reason.I hope someone can invest in your country thanks waiting to hear from you soon
Yours sincerely
Mr Donald

Lonslo Tossov

Date: February 23, 2012

Hiya Donald

What sort of business is this. I hope you are not asking for fees. I am only after genuine meets and friendship. If I wanted to pay for anything else then I could go down the docks and shout at the sailors.

Yesterday I went to a Village People evening at the Smegaroon Social club. I drank so many pink ladies that I forgot myself and got vomit all down the front of my leather chaps.


Donald Mike

Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012

Your mail was well noted? Well dear if there,s any fees we are going to join hands together and pay for it okay.I would like the bank to transfer the fund for my investment there in your country and i want you to being honest and sincere when you received the my money into your bank account soon.

I want you to provide your bank account info so that the bank will commence their duty as soon as you received this fund into your bank account there i will start coming to meet you one on one there.

Kindly provide me your Account Info thanks waiting to hear from you soon
Yours sincerely
Mr Donlad

"Donlad" ? Don... Lad... it's almost a Freudian slip...

Lonslo Tossov

Date: February 28, 2012

hi Donald

Do you like Judy Garland? I have always wanted to wear those red shoes. weird huh?

I still don't know why there shouold be fees, I thought we were just going to be friends. I bank with Brokeback Ltd btw.


More to come?