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february 27 2014

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These sprinklings from the collection highlights a disturbing incidence of cancer among 419ers and their spouses.

The scammers seem prone to religious conversions, and speak in strikingly similar terms: "I have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really cared for anyone (not even myself) but my business." So stop and smell the roses.

Here are displayed the scammer's "name", the illness prompting re-evaluation of life choices, time remaining for karmic re-balancing, sum available, the purpose to which the scammer hopes you will put the imaginary money, and where it can be found.

A Kindly Contributor in France remarks:
Your ongoing presentation of disturbing demographics leads to only one conclusion : marriage to a 419 scammer is dangerous to public health. And since your statistics confirm that this health risk has gone beyond the boundaries of a single country perhaps the W.H.O. should be asked to take preventive measures.

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ill personcancer typelife expectancysumpurposemoney's at/comments
February 2014
Rosemary Sankoh
unspecified ailment a few months unspecified amount cancer research institutes, churches, orphanages home, handicaps, widows and widowers and other deserving charity organizations unspecified location
Chow Genji
cancer few months unspecified amount the poor and needy unspecified location
Mrs. Al-Ghrari
partial stroke few months unspecified amount it's all for you unspecified location


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