a very short life sperm

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Sister Tushie is closely related to a member of the Foreign Office (responsible for such epic baits as THE SCAMMISH ARMADA (2003) and A REAL CHARLIE (2007), to name but a few).

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Mrs. Viktória Szentiványi, as Hungarian as she wants to be
Frank Walner, Barclays Bank (whatever)


Sister Tushie Meshuganah - Honorary Treasurer of the Holy Bagel Community
Joseph Kucker - Personal Banker, Kreplach Brothers Merchant Bank International PLC

Mrs. Viktória Szentiványi

Date: Thu, 13 May 2010
From: mrs.szentivanyi44@btinternet.com
Subject: DIVINE MISSION!!! To:

Greetings In the name of God Almighty,

First of all, I seek your indulgence to solicit for your assistance concerning the content of my e-mail, although I am not comfortable discussing it through this manner, due to lots of unsolicited mails on the internet presently, but I have no other medium to do so right now since the situation of my health is deteriorating.

INTRODUCTION: I am Mrs. Viktória Szentiványi; I am married to late Mr. Gábor Szentiványiof blessed memory a citizen of Republic of Hungary. Who was a reputable business magnet-(Oil Explorer) in United Kingdom for many years before He died of Heart Attack in the year 2008. We were married for Thirty-Five years with a child and our only son died in a ghastly motor accident last year 2009. I have been battling with both lung cancer and stroke.

My late husband deposited the sum of (£2.800.000.00) Two Million Eight Hundred Thousand British Pounds Sterling with a Bank here in United Kingdom and my name as beneficiary of the funds. After his death I decided not to remarry or get a child outside my matrimonial home.

According to the doctor, my medical report quotes a very short life sperm due to my health status presently. Maybe I may still have another 1-3 months to live, that I do not know but God can say. That is just my faith as a deteriorating cancer patient. But I pray to God to heal me so that I will be alive and see this work done as my late husband instructed me.

Knowing my health condition I decided to donate the above mentioned funds to an individual Muslim or Christian, even any other faith, so that He or She will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct herein, I want an individual that will use this fund for the less privilege ones like; orphanages, widows, also help our old ones who is unable to cater for their needs. The Bible and Qur'an made us to understand that blessed is the hand that giveth.

I took this decision because our only son who is suppose to inherit this money and properties is also late and my husband relatives has possesses some of my late husband properties and left me almost nothing. I don't want my late husband's relatives to know about this development, I know if I ask them to use these funds for less privilege ones they will use it for their own personal interest. I don't want a situation where this money will be used in such manner, this is why I am taking this decision, I know we have not meet before but I want you to consider this matter as DIVINE MISSION!!!

I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going; I know that I am going to be in the bosom of the Lord. Exodus "14 VS 14" says that the lord will fight my case and I shall hold my peace.

I want you and your family to always pray for me because the lord is my shepherd, my happiness is that I lived a worthy life and whoever that wants to serve the God must serve him in spirit and truth.

As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you more details regarding this great mission.

Remain blessed.
Yours Sister,
Mrs. Viktória Szentiványi

[This letter is typical of the CANCER format, and also includes an element of the DEAD BANK CUSTOMER format (see if you can spot the phrase, it appears early on).]

Tushie Meshuganah

Date: Thu, 13 May 2010

Dearest Viktoria,

My eyes filled with tears when I read your e-mail. What a wonderful gesture you are making to give away your fortune and I promise you that should you decide to contribute to The Holy Bagel Community, we shall respond with a similar gesture of goodwill.

For your information here are some facts about our charitable organisation:

Ngoblah House
41-90 Bowden Street London WC1 FU2 England
tel: 0207 230 1279 e-mail: tushie@xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx
Life President: The Lord Vimto CH MC OBE
Honorary Treasurer: Sister Tushie Meshuganah
Honorary Secretary: Dr Isa Wankah FRCS, AA, RAC
Bankers: Kreplach Brothers Merchant Bank International PLC

The Holy Bagel Community was established by Pastor Cecil Ngoblah in 1979 to cater for the material, moral and spiritual needs of young African students and workers living in Great Britain. Although donations were received from several African states, the Community was beset by financial problems until 1998 when a student from Zambia - who at the time was renting a room in the Community's London hostel - won £9.5 million in the British National Lottery.
The student [who wishes to remain anonymous] donated £1.5 million to Pastor Ngoblah and thanks to some wise investments the Community now owns hostels in London, Manchester and Edinburgh and maintains a fund for indigents and charitable causes throughout Africa.
Any African of whatever race, colour or nationality may apply for financial help in the form of a loan or outright gift. All applications for monetary assistance should be sent to Sister Tushie Meshuganah by post, telephone or by e-mail at the above address.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Remain blessed,

Honorary Treasurer
The Holy Bagel Community

[The telephone number appears to connect to the Serious Fraud Squad of the London Metropolitan Police.]

Mrs. Viktória Szentiványi

Subject: To sister Tushie,
Date: Fri, 14 May 2010

Dear sister Tushie,

May the blessing, favour, love and Protection of God be with you and the people of Uganda, rest upon you and live with you all forever. Good to hear from you and it is a pleasure knowing that I am entrusting such a fortune to a God fearing person and organisation (nado centre) who will not jeopardise the trust that I have reposed in you and by God in his infinite goodness and mercies will see this transaction through and also for you to help the destitudes such as the less previledged, the orphans, children in the motherless babies homes etc.

I have submitted your information to the bank and I believe that they will contact you any moment from now. Please let me know as soon as this is done.

God bless you and my kindest regards,
Mrs. Viktória Szentiványi.

Where do the people of Uganda fit into this scam???? Nado centre?? What does this mean? I may well have to ask Bishop Tossov.

But in no doubt in the fullness of time, all will be revealed......

Tushie Meshuganah

Date: May 17, 2010

Dear Sister,

I have not received any communication from your bank. Is something amiss?

Remain blessed,

Mrs. Viktória Szentiványi

Date: Tue, 25 May 2010

Dear Sister,
Here is the mail i got from the bank after sending a letter of enquiry to them on friday.
How you did not inform me on this development dear. Anyway i want to hear from you before we can talk of what to do. I am not able to stand up today i have been able to communicate you with the help of my nursing sister.

Waiting fo your word

Frank Walner

Barclays Bank PLC:
Remittance Advice.


This is a Remittance Advice received from our administrative department on your behalf dated 17/05/2010.
The indicated requirements must be submitted to this bank prior to the transfer of the contract sum of GBP£2,800,000.00m (Two Million, Eight Hundred Thousand British Pounds Sterling Only) into your designated bank account. Indicated requirements is to be collected from the next of kin RAMANAND OJHA to this office. As soon as this requrement is obtained, we will obtain the Affidavit of Claim and the Certificate Of Change Of Ownership on your behalf.
You are required to pay the sum of £500.00(Five hundred Pounds Stirlings to this office for the obtainance of the change of onership certificate to enable the effect of your transfer of GBP£2.800.000.00M.
Upon confirmation of these Upon confirmatio of your willingliness to proceed, we shall direct you to the appropriate attorney where you will pay the £500.00 for your legal change of ownership.
Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.
Yours faithfully,
Frank Walner
Telfax: +44-20339-38056.

Tushie Meshuganah
Date: May 25, 2010
Cc: Joseph Kucker

Dear Sister,

This is the first correspondence I have received from your bank.

I have passed this on to the Holy Bagel Community's banker, Mr Joseph Kucker of the Kreplach Merchant Bank International who will doubtless be in touch with your bank very shortly.

Remain blessed,
Joseph Kucker
Date: May 25, 2010

Dear Madam,

I act for Sister Tushie Meshuganah and The Holy Bagel Community.

On her behalf I confirm that we are willing to pay £500 as requested but the bank has no e-mail or address to where it can be sent.

Best wishes,

Joseph Kucker
Personal Banker
Kreplach Brothers Merchant Bank International PLC
Lampard House
69 Gerrard Street
London UR1 FU2

United Kingdom - USA - Smegaroon
Mrs. Viktória Szentiványi

Subject: God bless.
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010

Dear sister in christ, I am not the person that asked you to pay £500 please my concern is the way you are going to use the charity fund that i have put in your care.
If the bank have asked you to give them GBP £500.00 for the transfer change of ownership as i saw in the mail they sent to you, you please go ahead and pay it to them so that you will not encounter any problem from any ministry during the transfer process.

Please advise you adviser that wrote me this morning to do so, he should coperate with the bank and nothing will be lost.

Believe God as i do dear sister.

Mrs. Szentivanyi.

Tushie Meshuganah

Date: May 26, 2010
Cc: Joseph Kucker

Dearest Sister,

You have misunderstand my last message. Mr Joseph Kucker of KBMBI {Kreplach Brothers Merchant Bank International] has a draft for £500 ready and waiting but your bank has not sent either Mr Kucker or myself an e-mail address to where this money should be sent.

As we say in Smegaroon ver darharget!

Tushie Meshuganah
Date: May 28, 2010

Dearest Sister,

In case you didn't understand my last e-mail, here is my request in your own native Hungarian language:

Szükségünk van a bank e-mail címét, hogy tudjuk küldeni a pénzt.

Remain blessed.

Sister Tushie
The Holy Bagel Community

[More to come?]