I wanna be a money laundress

Conor O'Prolite has appeared in excellent baits:

BE A GOOD GIRL ALWAYS: a scumbag scammer posing as a contract killer tried to frighten money out of Conor's young god-daughter, Agnes and then shake her down for her laptop.

TO EACH HIS DULCINEA: another scumbag scammer tried to extort money from Conor's distant relative, Conoro (who insisted on corresponding in Spanish).

I MIGHT JUST SPEAR YOUR LIFE: A scammer tried to frighten money out of Conor O'Prolite himself, which, no.

Now, Agnes is back for a brief foray against a 'black money' scammer. Her strength of character carries the day.

Agnes Slapper - 10 year old "victim"
Dr. Edward Jackson - of "Umenco Private Lab Services". He forgot what his name was half way through. :-)

Dr. Edward Jackson

This is just to inform you that our company can clean out black money called anti-breeze (stained money) bank notes.

If you have made a kind of currency making business that your money is stacked we can help you clean the money we have helped a lot of people all over the world in this matter.

You will not be charged for any chemical for the cleaning of your money but you must bear in mind that 30% of the total money cleaned will be our commission after cleaning all the money.

If you really want us to help you in this matter you must understand the rules and get back to us if you are okay with it.

We provide chemicals for anti-breeze bank notes currencies such as us.dollar, euro, pound, and many local currencies.

please contact us to discuss how we might help you.

Email: dredward.jackson@live.com

Mobile: +447 (0) 3592 3095

Contact Me Now.

Dr. Edward Jackson
For Umenco Private Lab Services.
Hi Dr Jackson.

What's black money? I'm only ten and I've never heard of it. I'll ask my Pa if he has any, if you like.

Agnes Slapper (aged ten)
Dr. Edward Jackson
Dear Agnes Slapper,

Black Money is any money that is unclean or dirty, so you can tell you dad that if he or his friend has any kind of black or dirty money, our company can clean it out for him.


Dr. Edward Jackson.
+447 (0) 3592 3095

For Umenco Private Lab Services.
Gee Dr Jackson, that sounds like a really neat idea. Some people are really messy, huh? There's a $10 bill in my purse with 500 written on it in biro. I guess it would look really great after you've cleaned it up.

Dr. Edward Jackson
Dear Agnes,

Thanks for your mail. Its unfortunate that we don't clean such small amount.

Take care.

Dr. Edward.
Gee, that's a shame. How about $50? There are a couple of twenties in my Ma's purse that are pretty crumpled.


[No reply, so.....]

You are a horrible man, not answering my last email. I hate you!!!!!

Agnes (aged 10)
Dr. Edward Jackson
Sorry Dear Agnes,

We can not bear the expenses cleaning such a small amount. We clean from 100 of thousands and above.

Dr. Edward
For The Company...
Dr Edward

I'm sorry I was so rude. Ma says I shouldn't be having tantrums at my age, She's right, and I'm trying to act more like a grown-up.
I wanna be a money laundress when I leave school. It sounds like a really really interesting job. Do you need to need to go to university, or is it easy when you know which chemicals to buy?

Agnes (eleven next month)

[That's all. Lads don't tend to deal with 10 year old girls for long. No idea why. :-) ]

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